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Tuesd.y.Sept.mbor" .2012

Ex gov's aide defends e-wallet distribution of fertilizer wiD aIkrw the: ruJ farmm 10 bmdil Uom 1M {FStUtt wiliu bcfort when fMjority of the bend'1tiarieI of the Khcmc "'~ DOC Carmen but


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busuwssmcn who ~sdIlhe products 10 !"ann. tn at aorbitanl pric.a.

"Now. the procas ilso tnnspar=1 thai: lID the Wmcn need 1110 go and pay at the: bmk and then go 10 the roUect;on centres With the ¥UUChm and co8ect thrir li:rtiliur. The method is }'ICIdmg results 1.5 apcacd by pcmmcnl ~ though there an JliI1 roonu: ror





Association assists irrigation farmers with N15mloan


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ScUm AssocIaUon of NlgcnL Mile 12 Markee. Lagos uJd yemnby Ihilt iI Md dormtd NIS million loUSlSt Irrigllbon fiUlnel'S In the northern pan olthccoontry. AlhaJI Mohamm<d, the Tru5lee Clwrnun orthc ~ CWIOO, whodiscloscd thu In an mtCTVkw In ~ Aid thilltlhc SCS'u", was 10 compiemml thc Fcdmtl Govnnn~fs Agncul

tun.! AgtOOa.. -rht assoaatiun IS doing this 10 awst furno'S who don', have enough monq to purdwe: fat! hun and other inputs and (arm

InB eqwpme:nl and abo to ~ vmt food saroly In our toClrly. · We ~ not giving out the monq' 10 tIw fan~ on mlercsl

basts but we mlard an agr« men! with RICh rllftnO'S ~ we

WID be boylng their (arm produu. And as we are buymg lhar produce, we wiD be mnovmg our ~(rom!han iruI.~Wly

till out monty b complete; the dWrllW1 uplaincd (NAN)

Enhancing agric transformation through women


daily trust, 11 september, 2012  

Ex gov's aide defends e-wallet distribution of fertilizer