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DAIIYTRUsr WednecHy.Oct~

25 news report



lauchi injects$7.215m on fertilizer production 'tom, ~t !'Md MoMmmed. Sau<",

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10 mJUrc thai 1M of Inadequate fer1UiLCf f.rming in the ~llc

bqond the


of funds for ,he .0<1 subKquenl sale of o farmtn., tm thai Is yd to addrtll

>1m lIale ~"unC'nl hu f.r:ru1izef chmlKm

..215 million for 1M Ilzcr bkndinA Cool(»ll) ~~K fttlillm" (or alts I )e growth cnn.n«mrnt n the 20 IJ cl'OJ'pl ns llc sale commi15\or1n Alhln Tat!"u


~Iuch l

FertRlzer 81~lng ComJM"Y in openolJon

them support durin! the dry

coopcnlivoe .oclcties has bem

"""" On the 10ft 1o.n g"mled

reduced 10 I. 2JS. oul of whkh 274 are women coorc'rlilvu Ihus rq>rcscnlins 22 percent of lhe

to wmen cOOptntive .odeti~ lhe said the ministry has recd~ • total or 2. 000

commissioner awUcaUol1J from





addl,,! that growth enhancnne'lt (armen haW' bttn wilh subsld.ud md KCds through the lem inttndcd loenJurc IClIk rumen hl'\"e unlil.e

coopC1"'auvoe societies With a total rcqUHt of on'r N7 bdhon as the


( (

-II is tstJmtlN thai ovtr 30, 000 rarmcn will dJrcctty benefit rrom tM loan racilitT_ 1be quahfted cooperatlVCI arc


Finance purch~






of aces. grains NIOO

It is estimated that over 30, 000 farmers will directly benefit from t he loan facility. The qualified cooperat ives are made up of crop farmers, cattle breeders, food processors and marketers at 7 percent interest rate

NI bilhon lhe Itale govcrnm~nI KCnscd from tM fedna! ~rnment

loan bf:nr.Ociaria,

million. caJlKity

fumttl N8JO building r(W C~ralh"H and BASDP ulemton Ilaff N2] and of oil mills for 20 comp.nies by TIny Oti N.g..lJd N27 nullion.. Othen arc Bauchl ftate

f<w the

croppmg JorUOtI.. He aplaiMd


that aher of the

made up of crop Farmen. altk breeders. rood pnxHlOfJ and marketm; al 7 percent Interesl r.l.lC,- Mohammed Ald. He pvc a bJcakdown oftlle loan diJburxmml as FarmftS

million. while loan rKOVcry and opcntiolllli COIit tHcs N20 million, thus giving a total or NI billion acceucd by the state SOftmmmt. Eff"orttospn!ttothcchlJrman

As5ocb.Iton. Alhajllbbl Akuram.

....-as not succDsful but •


scale farmer In the slate, A1hall AIt.)7ib Mahmuud lamentrd that large JC.Iic (Irmns In the §laIC tw.1!: not bmdiltcd (rom thC' ~waUd fc'tdittf distribuoon and loan system __ hkh he AId _ I

plan by the redcnl


in coDaborIlion WIth nnc1han gomnon 10 frustrate IarJr Kale fiumm In the north ~11uI~. la~ farm In Baoch., J haw ] 14 Mctlru ollanch for miIIC. I havt 160 h«tud In Katagum for MWel.l!uinn COfn, ba.ns de and I havt 120 htctaru

fur flU m Zubo.l..aJI )"Uor I ~ OWT 2.700 IMp of rice in Zubo hue !hili Y"' - cWnl gfll Slnzk beg of fffldlUf from sm-rmmmc Thq .wei ~ shooId arpmech them thruugh coopmillW IClOda. We haw fulfilled all tOOr rf'qUnftMnts they did not 'Aly an)1hlnllo us up 1111 oow,- heuid. He was \W)' opUm15tK that whtn the fm11i7.a' blendmg company staru full rroducllon. farmcnmthcstatewdlbcrchn-cd ofthcJ"Oblmuofshorlagealthc

i~r.:~::!Jr:J[::~::~~~=:;;;:~;;;:~~~MX ~"'~iUand~'~~~''' ~~M~''~~~i~ ~''~'~'~"~iu~n. ~m:o> ~~::~~__________...

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Bauchi injects $7.215m on fertilizer production