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Wednesday, Aug ust 10. 2011


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Fadama 3 distrib.u tes farm imp-I ements in Kano From Abbas fll!hi.u yusut Kano

projrc:t h~ helped md supporttd 145 community usodalions with N 1.39 miIllon for


IN 0100 to boost !he productive apadty of farmers In this }T:MS rainy season, lh~ Fad111 de\-dopment proj«t. Kano State has launched the di!:tribution ofrarm implements to Fadamacommunity Assocation (FCA) in Kalin Cirl town ofGuko Ioc:aI government area ofthest.ate. The lmplemcats dlstributcd include 40



40 insecticide ~nkIers. L2

bulls, 1.2 hlXS and 12 plough$. The KanoSlatcConunls:sionerfor AgricuIb.ueand thtw'aI Re:sou.ras. Hajla Banb Sarti said the Fadanu II I devdopmmt project was introduadbysovcmmmtinordertosupport gooc:ilgriaJlluni yield. toclimlrnlle lhesuffering of Wmm. aIlevblc povmy, idleness and



SIle said: -The Fadamiil developmen t

the purchase of farm Implements. the programme hu also led (0 the construction of RNlds, culvms and othcn:' ~chalnnan,intmmmanagcmmtcom­

rniHCfE of Garko LoaI ~t. Rablu AbdutkadirH3fbauAklthcloc:algao.unmmt 15 among the 20 LGs in Kana Stale bendining from the project and il hiLt also provickd jobs

lothe}oblc:ssln theloal p~mL The leader of the botd'JCi:uics and chairman Fadama Communlty ASIsodalioo, Malam !.sa AbduI\ah said they had 13 associations and under each of the a$5Odations, Lhey had 2S mcnbtts and all have benefitted Ae said if p«Ijects like this \¥OOId be introduct'd. il v."OUId have hem easy for thccommon rmn and-povmy v.VJJd be ~uced to the barest minimwn.


Farmers to get N1bn facility T HE Knno State G<»wnmml would has secured a N I billion Imn ror the fanners in the stale with a single digit interts! 1"OI1e. the 5talco Deputy Governor. Dr AbduUahi Ganduje has said. He was spnking al a workshop organlud to sensitize fanners on how 10 scrorc agrk u hunJ loans In Ule slate. He sald the Slllle, in itsefforts to , uppon agrtC\J! tUfe. has given United Bank for Arrica (USA) the mandate 10 obtain the luan from thcCentn18ankofNlgma (CBN) and fann ers Uf: Up«led to utilize 1m schnur fOr ~ bmdll oflhe society at large. • The slate Commissioner for Agriculture. Dr BaRb ~i


said the state Houscof Assembly passed a resolution for the

stale 10 participate in the schf:mc thcrcbygivingll lcg;d b,adcins. adding thai the~ for 1M fund utUll<lllon have been Identified IS poultry, rtsheries, rice cultivallon and Il\"CSlock enterprise. She said a general arnngeme nt has been made for the repaymcml of th e loan with each ~nenciM1' cJ(p«ted to maintain an accou nt with unA and a1soa mandatory deposit 0(30 percent of the approved loan prior 10 draw down which wID ~rve as cash collalen! and Stlbsrqumlly the bmdidarfa will makt: monthly repayment fOf"a 24 months' period. TIle fanners expressed satisfaction with lhe scheme. adding that rmancinghas been a major hitch In agricultural dnoelol'ment and hoped the scheme would go smoothly as planned

Baudli "leases N30m (Ounterpart funds to improve agriculture [RIm Ahmed Mof:ammed, Baud!! BAUODStat.cGovemmcnthasapplVYClltbeimmcdlalt:rdeasc ofN3O m.illioo toSassakawa Gob:II2000as itsONDlclpart rund-

lng tmvards improvingagrituttural dcvdopmmt in tJEstatr.. Governor \sa Yuguda said this when he ~ the Eucu· tM Director arSas:sakawa Africa Association, ,. It. o.rtstopher ~1 1n BaldU. He said tbc ~ip


provickd llaunch-pad for 15laIes BSADPISG-2OI1OO prognrnme


The ~aw.xred thrSG-2OXI and aD othcrdndop. me-d prutnmofhis~ tostmJg!hm the 1nstirutIorW.dis::tiwnmoCthe BSAO fir higb-1nt:I ~of

fanners whidI wid mmprisc mostly1'll'Or'lMn and the)-cnh..

The.EecutfycOim:rorofSassabwa Africa Associ:Ition. Mr:. Oumophcr ~ saki his organisation has been in Africa (Of the past IS )ftfSopcrmng in


l~ gO'¥'Cl1XIf who was rqnsmtcd by his deputy. Alhaji Sagir Aminu Saleh. :.:aid out or these dbts and CUUJ1\cd with U»ccom1l\hmen( of this adminislration

He cxpbincd thai. so far. the: SG-2000 has o;pcndcd S20 miIIon in the 40 countries out of which NJOO miUion was spent in


&>< .,.,..,.. "..., &>< ",""""",,


_produdMIy;o,. ......

cmp5 has risen to the mlnlmum international s::andard ~ from Il\OOS~hcctare!llo5tons

10bclK.1M lDaopsprocr:s$ingand

provision of tpproprI3Ie machineries In a bid to mC:J\~ the muncry frnm an itnpcJrm to aporte" of IOod and other cash oops. He thrrd'orc. pIcdgm the


While mnmcnding the SG-2000 fanners and ~5CII5On tnInIng. G<Mrno< '" Yugudo

noecd that C)\'U 10 fronl lime cxtmsionstaff~obtaIned BSc


~ in Agriculture from Ahmadu \3dk) Un.lvmity (ABU). Zaria and BaY'!Itt 1.JnMrsity Kana (BUK) through the: dbts IX



comnUtmcnt ofhis organization 10 give &uchi Stlte spcdal con-

GOVERNOR tbtllh,m Idm

Women to establish cassava factory in Kogi


• • • Farmers to get N 1 bn facility


• • • Farmers to get N 1 bn facility