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Wednesday, May 9,1012


Police arrest man over friend's death at Gwarimpa UHllinutd from ptMJe I Ructin-;. Gwanmpa Police Divisional Officer, Chief SUperintendent asarles Mom. said Immcdialdy the matter WlU Rportcd to the police, they moved into action mdllrnstcd him from wllefT he was hidinl _ He Aid the susp«t bas been handed 0'Itt to lh~ Fer Crimina1lnvesti~tlon Department at the wcckt:nd for dctalle!d lnVC$tigation. The ~Jcc officer advised people to live in petce' and avoid laking lawl inlo


Randy pastor's confession stun magistrate (O(ltiflum tivm patft I ~.btpleadedguntyandChlcfMa8 -

lstl"lltc Mr riam Nyada 5e:ntenccd him to

months imprisonment without fine Option.. TI,e court also ordered the pastor to pay N4 000 as (Joe for the orren«. A ffiOFbet' of the l1miIy after the ruI mg Aid that the victim just gave birth to • babyan.1 her beauty stunned the palitor, who dimhed on her. SUI:

G1~fClgwalada ((]IllIllicil


20 H.ajj sklt~ By Abub.u l Sadlq lui! CWAGW.\l.ADA Afn.Coundlofd)e FCT has ~ 20 Hajj snt slots allocatcd 10 II the FCT MU!lim Pilgrims Welfare rd. in~te.ld of 60 slots. ary of the council, AlhaJI Usman Ylhaya. ai the wcckcnd Aid the Fer Min· ister of S'ate, MB. Ob)UIDoke AltinjKie, hu diredcd Ihe office oflhe Muslim PiI, gnl1l5 Wdrarc Board to give 60 sloLS of Hall seaLS 10 cnch area counciJ so Ihat they scU It to people at the gnt.Urootli, adding that the Instead a1localcd only 20 slou to mtending pilgnms from GWlIgwalada. AccordIng to him,the council had elrlicr bcfon' IhoC' prcsC'nl directorolFCT Muslims PUgrimsWclf.uc Board, Alhaji Ado Fulcari, assumed ..mce, applied for 40 sloLS, which he said W.IS granted. Hesald the coundlls ccmpletcly handiappcd It. give; forms to people io Ult' an~a (tu.!' 10 limited seaLS, adding thai tht' C(lUni iI hu the highest population of II1tendln@p;lgrims. Inc Ini niSIt'r dlm:tffi thaI 60 Hajj furms m{ u1d be sold dilTCtly to t he pcopk It !UTa ( I uncils and before tht'n. Gwag. woUad. ar~ council had applit'd officL1.JJy fOf 40 forllL" which Wa5 granled 10 us even bt'fo~ thl director call1t' in But to our dismay. 20 Hajl forll1S ....en: 5<:nlIO the coundl, whid, wt rejected: ht' said Thl' cUJndl's scribe howt'Vtt nOIt'd that the mO\'4 by tht' FCT minISter or stale to SI,-ed:ra! I\t'on Haij $t'aU issuance Ihrough lun cOUl'ells wu qUite commendable but \Vonde",,' why some peorle an: trymg to ubUl.tgt' lffeITorts W'lrh II' gn the rnaioo of FCT dlreclor of M .1!1l11l5 Welfare Pilgrims Board, Alhij' MIa F;ubrl, WI5 not successful but a SOUra' ~I Ihe board Aid the board wUJ mflJre lit II every area counCils gets 6O.sIots ofHa'j SUI ••


Com unity decries drugs shortage in clinic B, hodo o.nieI ScH. Humin V.hlya " Abubotk.r Sldiqbah

RESIDENTSofRimba community in Aba;i Area Counal have complained of shortage of drugs al the community's health centre. Village Hcad of Rimba. Chief Ndana Ship:ounl. lamentt'd thai since the health cenlre was established, drug shortagt'5 hive been a prevailing problem. He why the only health centre in the community which 5Crvcs olher neighbouring villages such 115 Ganyakpa, Dlt'gbcche. Pachua, Rimba Gbagyi and Ebagi lacks: drugs.. According 10 him, non a'~it' of drugs In the health centre hll!'i ttJtnCd the plact' into a mereconsuillngOf refcrnt cen· tre. where patients are examined and given prescriptions to buyoutside the com munity. He said that palicnLS usually go aU the w.y 10 Abaji town and Gwag .....alada to buy drugs since they are no in Ihe community.

The traditional ruler ooSC'rvcd that tht' lives of sick ~rsons., cspedalIy pnognanl women arc at risk during cmcrgency situations. They abo appcaled for a borehole. adding thaI the only one in the community brou down six months ago.. Traditional head of the community, Chief Ndana Shipama. said an appeal of the WIltt problem has bccn madt' to the council authorities and they arc a ....,uting

then- POSItive response. He called on the coundl to come to the aid of the comnlunily by repaIring the faulty borehole and constructing nt'w ones. When contacted, Press Secretary to the council chairman. Umar Salihu Kombo, explained that thl' Federal Capilal Ik\.·dopment Authority (FCDA) hu a pro· gramme called 'Drug Revolving Scheme: under which government supplics drugs and the communities pay for them. He said thaI once such drugs are exhausted. the money r«OUpcd from the sales IS used to gel another supply.

Acco rd ing 10 him. a committee made up ofheahh personnel from the commu· nilYs health centre, youth leaders and eidus from such community arc usually saddled with the responsibility ofsdllng the drugs. He explained that whatever proOtlhal is generated from the saks oftht' drugs is usually used for the devdopmenl of the com munit y. On the issue ofborehole. tht' press sccrt'tary s;lId thai the cou ncillor reprcst'nl ing the ward Informed the coundl that he had eadiu repatred the said borehole before it broke down again. adding that Ihe matter has bun reported to the councils facility management committee and something would be done about il soon lie said Ihallhe coundl ha.s liken lhl' slatisties of all MDGs borehole proj«ls tha i have broken down In the area and submitted same 10 the MOGs desk officer 10 ensure Ihat they are made functIOnal agillin for the pflJple.

DAILY TRUST, 09 MAY, 2012  
DAILY TRUST, 09 MAY, 2012  

Rimba farmers lament over fertilizer diversion