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DAlLY TRUST Tuesday. March 6.


AGRICULTURE FG, States meet on agriculture transformation agenda IyfllY A. IWSMI

REPRESENTATIVES of lhc FedenJ GO'lil"mment .nd 1M 36 Rates h.\~ met in Abuj. to Mlleubtc ItnlCBtcI toward .ttammg the

Agricuhu~ Traruformatk)D

Agenda ollht present administration. MbiliItf of Agricukw-t. Dr:. Adcsuu Abowumi Slid II thr mtd-

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of b«um1t'l! sdf sufJ'Kimt In food

production u 1mA" the chaJ.kntp; ofthcKdorve trlIed with all ten"""""Akinwumi who mel with the J6 stalts conuTlis5ioncn of agricu/tun • tht wcchnd in Abuja. said If the 00UlIlIJ' had mainlalncd Its placr In agriruhun: u It was in the 60S. !he I«toI' would haw yiddtd grnI result and~ Slobilion on. rarI1

in@ was to ddibenle on the rnliza-

.... "'' ' """"""'' T"",,,",,,othrr lion ~ (ATAl and tadJe

"""""" """ .. , W><mpIoy-

mmI whkfIls CUfTalIIy ~ times hplMn ~ Wkii'f'lotUklIL. Moina told the commiIIioncrs tNt it is time lOr aUto start kIoking at agriculturr U I bu.sinc:. CIJMbk of cnaui~ nIlionaI xcunty beca.c ~ IKUriry starn with IOod

bMisinaddiliontoaarinB,IobIb miDlomofN~

0«Unty """liwscock."'" and"" riSh""""'" among bothers is

l it: said It was ~tabk: tIw Pte: TINA It. HASSAN

Cashew Association establishes production scheme in 10 states TH E National Prallknt of Nallonal Cmht'W Association of Nigt'n.(NCAN), Mr Toia Faseru, hassaid IMt the lS5OCialion ","OU1d establishing Special Cut- Pr0duction Scheme (SCP) in 1m 00ignat~.5tatt:l of the federallOfl. Faseru who disclosed thlli duro ing the reuntilag-offfOf the Nige n.n cashew-season 20121n KWlIra ~Iale list~ th~ pilot statu as Abla, Crms Ri'lt'r. Kogi. KWlIra. Oyo. Nassa.rawa, Own, l"~III. Akwa lborn and £.do. Faseru Aid the parllclpalmg statrs ","OUld ~ making availabk 1.000 hectart'S of land for the


NDE gets Poultry Project, funds to tackle unemployment frM ........ Sbownp.~9M

TIlE Urludl American


foundation (BATNF) hIlS "'lilt and handed ovn. Poultry r;.llleJpmt Jk\'dcpnlml ProJCCl to the' N,Uonal I)lRCtorale of Emrtorffinll (NnE) for managmKnl and

susllin.bUity. The dutctonle also sot NJ

miUioo (rom the foundation for the dr«tivt mllnagemmt ofw project 10 cnJU~ Its sustaln2bihlY Located '" Im.fon communlt)' in Ai:urr lIionh Local Govttnmml AraofOndoState. lhcpouJtryhas the production cap;Kily of 1 pool try ptns equ wed W'llh &~M:ralon. deqJ well. stonge tank and other facilities n«d~ for 1M operatIon of a succf'slul poultry business. At 1M hand-ovn ceremony, the Eu'(ull~ Dim:tor. BATN Foundation. Mr_ G~nga lb1kunk th.t the dooatioo wu. dem-

onstratioo of how public pm'Jte partncnhip can be mgmdem.t to pt'OIlJOtelOdocconomicdrvdop m~nl through erllpowerm~nt of you ths and YOU"! adults. lie apbiMd Ih.1 the obt«. live of RATN foumb.11OIl was 10 partner with NDE in empowering gradll.ltesofthe Rural Agricultural Ocvdopmcllt Training ScMmc (RADTS) of the NOE. AccordinS to him. within the lut one rt'ar. BATN Found.altOn and NOE enrolled 20 graduatu of the NOE training scht:me in pnctia.I poultry production and rna.rkding.


Dim:tor - ~

National I)ircclonte of EmP'oY. mml (NOE). M.J1am Abobaka, ~Iolwnmed whowu ~Ied by Ott:f Kunk Obaran. said ttut th~ NDE has 0Yn" 1M yean been banling 10 solve the unab.aled youth UIltfllpktyment challenge

through vadous inlav-mlion stratcpo which IncIu<k-: Skill Acquisition Training. Enterprise Creation and TralUi~nl Job Place-

lie said lhat und~r th~ kheme, a procnslng pI.nt would ~ atablish~ in nch of Ihe slatt'S to be fed by the c.shew plant. liom, .dding fhat the scht'mt' would pfOYld~ .bout 25,000 jobs as YI·dl aJII crelte opportunity for the counlryl tttmlllg unt'm plored youlhs lie laid Ihal .parl from crt'al Ing new jobs. the scheme would abo promote enlreprt'neunhlp as It IsstructUred to makt' the work·

USAID, IFPRllaunches women empowerment index


housddd. based on asking women thaI limited funds have imide NOE to Sftk. coll~;on (rom GovcrnmWI and Non-Govcmmmtal Organl. ulionJ. Ine Laudable ~ture of BATN Foundation 10 mtpOWff our unt'RI~ youdu In Ondo State is highly 'J'Pf«bl~ and equally. wdcome devdopmenl

and mm the Arne SW"'o'q' questicn. A_ '" IFPRI ....... '" its oommwuation otrar Sarah IntI1ltmChuh. ~ed !hal the inda ixuKdoo woo-.m beawc~pla.y • crD:aI in agnruhural powth



rn ownen of the farms. fhe President wd the Gov ernor of Kwara State Abdulahi f'1lt.i Ahmed hiS given tht' go Ihead for tht' KM:me 10 Illrt off In Kwara I tale Fllgging orr the sea.5OJI, Gov· ernor Abdulflt.h Ahmed. who was represented by the Commissioner of Spec,,' DUlles, Altyu Mohammed $aId thll KWira was one of the mlJOr producen of ca~ht'w IIIlhe counlry. The governor 11.50 stat~ thaI "'Wlra state would be pltlyUlg I leading rolt In Ihe C>pec11.1 Ca~h~w Producllon Scheme as preM'nled by the National Casht'w AUOCII lion ofN,gena In a goodYl11i Mill ISleT of Tf1Ide Ind Invt'Stmenl, 1'-Ir Olusegun Avnga olin! o n NUN to IrllClJlaie SI'"teglt'S Ihat would enhanct' the "roduclton Ind procnlilng of CIS hew in lhe country_ Repr~nled h) a director In the Minutry Trade. Omololu Opecw~, Aganga. s;Jld the 2012 cashew SC'lson would be the beglnnmg of. paradigm shift m the history 0{ c.uhew mdustry m Nignu...

worthyofemul "lon~heAid.

Euculive Governor of Ondo Stalt'. Gov Sq:un Mimtko. rq'l~· sent~ by Comminloner of Agri cuhure, OndoSt.te. Eng Adebola Olu",-.femi said thllthe Inillallve byBATN FoundalionuW'dlutM amount donal~ 10 NDE would advanct' the fighl Ig;tinst unern· ploymml amongst th~ YOUlh in Dndo Stale..

A ~inda t.tut ~ meaRUe the

degff'c fA womm5 dilPOWUII1eI1I in deYdop{ng countrirs tw hem

"""""" '" "" """'''''''"""'"

b lntnnaIlonal dtvdopmm in con· junction wU the Inlt:I'"1UbonaI Food Nicy Raeuch Indule (lFPRJ). The inda bcuSt'd on rM crileria b Inta.9.Im1lmI tha.t include dtcmons O¥ef agricultural income. powft"O¥eI'" prnductiYe raoums. we fAtimt'.leadenhipin commurulyand dtdsiom O¥er income. Women an: ooruidem:S to bt' m~If~~~e ~in fow~thefMareu.

The ludell abo tBa inloconsidml lion the ~ d women compared with rum in the arne


in cIndorin8 cauntrIes )'1':1 face per. SISIt'rIl obslades and economic ron



The Itatemme abo said that the indeI- was IIIndy being pdotrd in lhrfto COI.lI1I.rieJ that. an: cormdeftd 10 ~ dJvme JOCio.«onomic and environmenu. The COlIn·

"'" """"".....""-.,, """"""""' " c:hal.,~

wumm would be rnorutoml In womm OltpoWOllkilt due 10 the

tnkrYmtJon d tht US ~



FG, States meet on agriculture transformation agenda

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