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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fa rmers have problem getting seedlings in Kaduna - Commissioner IBRAH IM Lamaran Giwa is the Commissioner for Agriculture in Kaduna State. In this interview, he said that farmers in Kaduna State only have problems on seedlings and ,that the government is working hard to revi~el the abandoned grain silos in the state. He also spoke on sonhe important agricultural issues. Excepts;


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OntC'flh =.~f(oru bgoing the exira mile to procUI1' moll' frrtiliw s wh k b we launchtd at Kaun Joe 1I governmcnL We

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ontSll"r the Ir lining of rumen on to farln. how to farnl it and the right '!a5on to (arm it. There Is the Inigation farming progra'm in wlJch banks give: loans lo) farnlc ' s after the state


govenjment p;1id N250 mJUion to fourblnk i. Each bank is supposed to pi ovide N250 miU ion nch II· fanners. And now. we havI~ j lSt acquired one billion n;tira wl,lch we wanllO UK 10 IiUpport agro· processes and irng~tion ICtivities. We have boughtl86tr. : torswhich was Ilu ndll.>d by G)\'ern or Patrick Y""'W Abcw· IIO traclo . have b~n sold and the cash c lIectdl \ye stU! ha\'t

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ohup rl II' d iceund I am telling u ",:hl n tou compare us sialts. we are not doing badly «Il IVII tqU(n' ''lollerl/ll:.~r has Itllle Jl'I'emment pro,';, ,Yl ,M::! Inn;"g SCOIOII? Allhe mom,!nl, we Ire t~thl g to ri l5t rlbut e 65,000 melTic ions.J' far, we haH' distrib~lt'd ) 0 meltlc tons. j WII~' IIbotl rsee/lliug. ...Iricll Is

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We Have )Iem wllh Sffdlln~s In • Juna State because oftH.: rlUmber of farmers . Th~S'tdling.s supplied tousan:not d'11c1ent.If)'Ouare going 1('> hll' il oproved seeds, it's nOI eve,.y flI nt 'r lhat can have it. Ever} fUnjleI th ai entered this e· w;aUel coUe.: .!d the.s«d$ frtt.

Those who have coOected ria. collected SO kilograms. Those who collected maize, collected 40 kilograms. Those who collected 5Ot};hum, collecled 20 kilogRmS. For cotton, 40 kilograms of cotton S«ds .....ere distributed to each of them free. So, that Is not sufficient because if)'OU look at the number of fannen In the state, they are too numerous that governmenl can only support as m any as it can "ithin its resource limit. But 10 sare\~ry farmer will enjoy the SUPltOrt. we are not yet there and .....1' art working hard and will get thert.. We have been allocated 14, 800 metria tons of fertilizer of which we have plid 25 percent of the 50 pe rcent since the federal go\'ernmeni is also pilying 25 percent. Kaduna Siale will be paying N407 million and each registered farmer is supposed 10 enjoy 2 bags al a minimum costofN5,500pc:rbag. The agro dealers appointed to sell the fertilizer to farTllcrs in th e state ha\'e reached an agr«:mmt with the f~eral government about tht mirtimum cost ofNs,500. Tht program was kicked off at Turunku, by the Minister ofStlte Agriculture here in Kaduna. We are supposed to have over 200 agro-dealers who will be all ova the local government areas to sell the fertilizers. If there should be a problem, il should be thatlhe numbers that are selling the fe: rtilizen are not up to 50 because they have few locations. And the vouchers we get from the federal ministry of agric fo r mobile transportation are still coming. Farmers had been buying at 5.500 until we stuted receiving new agro dealers who came with fertilizers of higher quality which were selling for up to N7,ooo pe r bag. But now, th ey have agreed 10 sell thesc fertilizers al N6,SOO. It is still within the agreement "'1th farmers. We are still tdling the farmers that if th ey are interested, they should go ahead

and buyit which is 20, 10, 10 and 15 but imported. But 50kg is selling for N7.soo. The one we are selling in Kaduna Is a different t)-pe and combination but the imponroone 20, 10,10 is like 15-15, )'Ou can't separate urea from it. It's just uniform th~t is why it's selling at I higher price. So, most of the flrmers are gelting confused. They nid the price is N5,500 but that ,,'t are selUng al l higher price. Wt havt been telling e\'erybody that the earlier price is Ihe minimum but )'Ou can sell higher Ihan that. II is tht same th ing with farmers who sell at the minimu m prices and nOI maximum in Iheir farm produce. The seeds Ire nOI sufficient. They I re Jus t 148,000. These seed have finished. So. farmers cannot be given Improved grains In tht name of


WIIIII fire >'ou dO/lrg flbo ul

,hll" TIlere is nothing we can do.

We are appealing to agro-dealers to sell at lower rate because they a re not go~·trn ment offidab and ""ecan't force them. O ne of the feasons Is Ihat If somebody Is holding 15- 15 offertiliurs, in someplaca hean sdI up to NS,500 so they Sfee the burden

of having to wait for just a bag. That is a proble:m b«ause of the good price, after the rain, they will be wililng to sell to farmers at N5,500 and that is when Ihe farmers will nol be wiUingto buy.

components of the silos that wlll ensure quality packaging. If not for the cri ses, we wou ld have gone far, but the y promised 10 come blck Irter the Sallah celebration. I'm still holding the lut leite r of correspondence !Vila I is IiiI' govmunelll doing we had with them. They will on the (lbundoned Ji/os in 'he explnd the caplcily from state? 5000 metries tons to 10000 The con tractor has not metrles tons fo r th e thrff formally handed ove r Ihe silos in Saminaka , Kafanchal1 grain silos to the Kad un a State and Birnin Gwar!. With th is. government. The contractor the stale can still achieve its did..noLindwie..dryers. They.. _ _ objecth'e o fb\jildlng the silos. \Vha, aboul "II! W(lrirrt were not pari of the cont ract but veryes.sential. We: paid ~'lro hllvr bun working lI,eu him money and he brought ~'I'houl pllyf the dryers. We even doubted We received leIters about him when he said he had the non -payment of the problem with the sh ipping s«u rit)· guard eng~ged by the because or the long stay of this co ntractor. We sal wil h th e «4uipment at the port. We had contractor including so me to give him additional money members hom th e Public and we are sti[[ expecting th e Complaints Commission eqUipment but I know he is and we madt It clear that the working hard. We have al ready contract was still In the hands ente red into discussion with an of the contractor and it was Italian firm th at is interested the contractor who engaged in expanding th e capacity of them. They are nol government th e silos from 5,000 me:trics employees so the obligati on tons to 10000 metric tons and of paying salaries and other will also tilke charge of the chl.!8!:l stilliia In th e hands of o~ration. They inlenllO hive I the con tra ctor and I don't know marketing cooperation offarm whelher he has paid th em or produce that will bring other not.

i -fer w~:>rries over importation of cassava products


..., 1AbJre

in the world. the coun~ still relies on importation of !he prOducts. The minister who was represented 'el ~ I Cr Akinwbnm~ Adesina by the South West Zonal Director of h . d1sappolnHtient lovtr the the Fedeca1}.1.inistryof Agriculture. Dr 1m 10 f finlshed cUsava~roducts Thlabi Odeyeml. noted that Thilland, l t ry~ -{ , which occupies the-third position of ,10 ade the amtritation cassava producers. accounled for 80 per • ~ at • goff ofdrowth • cenl of the finished cassava products all aq':tm I S~ppo rl fot over. the world, adding that the federal stcktd aw farmers n th~stale, f gove rnment is ~adyto harness her i despit e ! dation', po c:ntiais as potentials in the sector with aggressil'e the lutest lJcer oftbe: commodity • processing drive. ,



( Agricu1l,UlC and Rural

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The Ondo ~ate go\~or, Dr Olusegun M.lmiko, who wa5 rep resented by his Chief of~aff. Dr Kola Ademujiml Wd the slate has the highest a\-erage yield of cassava roots ptr hectare in • the country, adding that the state has re:cord~ the 2010 Naliooal Agricultural Production Survey figureofll.6tons per hectare yield. Mimiko said the Cassava Transformation A enda Memorandum ufUnders tand ing fMoU) that ht signed over sl.. months ago specifically spelt out


sensitil'e roles and responsibUitles for the fedtnJ and stile govemml'nts as well as the seclor. "Our administration will continue to fulfill our statutory obligltions and carry out our roles and I'tSponslbllilies as spelt out in the document in spi te of the numerous projects competing for the re:sourcesalour disposal; he said. He said the admlnistrallon had bee:n demonSlnltillg commitment to the sector through favourable budgetary allocation 10 the sector since he came on board.


Farmers have problem getting seedlings in Kaduna - Commissioner

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