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DAilY SUN Monday, Odober 8, 2012

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OIonth, fir September llit! OtlobtT ftU )nlr II- In! olTrrm UII' lit oppol1U",tiel for It. te<mll!n .b_ ~4S to ~llIre .n '11"'1'5 lind ohll.fq,'1llIIrd-

wide difference betweCll !he rednctKIIl of small .-ms m conflia-prone __ and Im11J-

'""U' illg ~'obnl pella lIS IVclll.'li nK.'flrng III! chll-

naung In)' wl."d.:USl~ nuclear II11t'I 1""0""ru~

A3 the Unum Slates' PresK\et1l 00011_

~, ,·r hU'1\! II 8kimn! mud pro"JOSing soml'oos 10 l~ m,. from "",ir 0,,"" '"Ilried

~ I fC\\ Btys 19o. the \\'(Wid JIld It~ bdc:rsshw\d ~ die need I() do 1l\\::I~'


wllh nllolemnce nod VIOImce. hmcefooh I am aware dlat thc Un ..~ Stues comnbuh.'II u:dtrucaJly.oo no.newly to the de-o'Clo{1mmt onmn's nuclearj'lfOjO:l from k dtI~ otShah Rehza Pa!t1a\-I, y,;hi:> \\<15 O\.TItIlltI\\l1 durmtt: the IranWl Rcvolutton led by AyatOllah

As Ih~ ;en:l£ ollhc: UI\O. Ilon Ki·moon. sW trl"'ri11;!;t I'C*r In an olTa:1II1 pubhcauorr -n.c U. It ~ "iI!1ons ~ _ founded on tile conVICliCIIS· I/-at tile ImIJCJn!l oflbr ...."Orid on nnd shoulJ (!~'JX'Ilm to rtS;)1v.: ID'lfllClS pelOlefid.

Iy and I:J ang.: ~s ,~ for !he better. M<R th. 6..~ )'1:1113 later. and with. ra:onI of

gannne JC:C\IIp1s.shmm1s. ....~ aJllII1UUctilO Ull pniICIplcs.,


~\ln fully EquaI!;.- mnlJ.

if d It U1( III:fldmbIc dcsue of orduwy


to.!iCC !he Iiandam£rlIal (Ihc C IllI1t'r of !be UMed NalJ0n5 n II CI' d:uly hva From &>udw:'fll Suda'l It 1im.If-1...c51e. from TUJllSUI 10 Kytg~t... n. "'Ie IIaVC seen pcorle klngmg tor demr<cr1lt C lie :ounlabiht),. fra:dom and hum:m~~hts. T cUmlcd NallOll5 .... dl COlllln.. ue to .tIt"'.1Iat. rnd starv;I up Itt wU~'Cr;a1 values and wort: I lf1)ugh lIS S)"iiml 10 cmbc:d them In,lh~ fahn; of I1iIlIomlaoo IIlIcm:ttJonal \'8Iuc:~


hfe .. ~ Ard tho. , JI"lIhc ~ 01 \\tl~;h ....'as si~ &Jring • conkn:nce at San Frmmoo 00 June : 6. 19- S. and brx:ame effectr.>e fourII1Ofllt\'I·J~1rr 010 Octoba- N I~ C'.'a'vwher-e tt~ lIS 'no "Urnled NatJOt'I!i DaY" •and has Sino! ,'tII1t,~ ~ to provD: die pbtfilf111 for ma'l@ ",!uu,," I() gIobaJ problems, Ac fir bldt 115 Cklobcr I 1960. when NI80lII nttatr Cl poIitll:3l b eumplt. the '" U1bY's PrmIC Muustec Sa Abutd..T.f,y. 1~.. exprH'§CdNI~·5 ckstn' 101 ren11)1 on fnendly lertllS y.idl all naoons. oJnd" ,") paruc~ actIVely m the 1'I'Of\ of !.lie l''lI.:d N.1On O'pmutio:l- as II boc3rnc it, 9Q h ncmber- State Fmm that r:f \XI. tillS 00UIllr)' hn., m;ulIfr:st_ cd ibsllb:d w,\l.lfiingncs to engage ttl \milOnaI ... ~\~SI'flist ~ 10 rmam \\Ihn lix: Bntr'l COfTIrllOI"M'C3llh ortGoom IUld IID)ll8lCtl'v !tOI1. allgned 10 any of the pcM-U tka II 1 world Ihrn dWI(\ed i'lla the \\$:rn IJIIa'IC" Ix:adcd by the Urntel' StalCS of 1\ITE"lL.., t'i\ IllL'img dcmoaaI:y iIIltl a:Jmoo



COlIntncs have





Aruuversnry of Nlpa's extsAnd " an IIIdqJcndcnt :)we .00 member" of Ahmrdmqad. lOr long urxkr" ~ 10 aop the UNO prtl'\Us an orportumly 10 bnefly his oaunlf)"s plio to bcaJnle a ntdear flO'\\"'CI". COIlllllOlt {Ill 8Otl1C statr::mcnts by Prestdcnt 00 September 26. "lIccuscd wOOd Ieadm of Jonathan il'i \\'~1I115 tllOSe of olher COtlllinCS II! cb.Jb1e stll1d:utis m JlUISllIl8 nn IIml!I race" , ~ by Ibcll' leader.! on !he floor of the notmg that an "annt fXIt and mhnudatJun by ~tJOll, SIIlOI: they.1I ~ prhcnng UI nudear y,;.--capom and weapons of ITI:lSS New York City for the .uuuI summit lhcre. dcstrur:000 by the hegcrnomc p!1WCIS hive 1\ IIcnuon IS hCf'Cby bcm~ fllCU.'lCt! on com- bIec:omc prevalcut.Wlth Irnn wider liRat !Tom menu made by die N~!he Umted Suues wood po",os seekln8 to unpose ~ VIC\\'1ofAmenca IIId the lraman bJcrs.. Pre'-''ildov. GoodIldt Junatban (like d1C W 111C. Umted NatIOI15' f'CCOI"ds inlbcatc tI.. S,r Abubakar). assun:d the wur\d In New Yo-k "lhe mlllll stroleglC5 for ~UI"P. disputcs on Mondl)". Scptcmbo- 24. dial Ius oonwUSUil- mil c:sca1:Umg mIo confhct. and Ii..- ~1l­ 11011 had an ""unwllvenog connuuncnl to mg the n:curmx:c of ccnflK:l, an: prevenllVIO uphoidlll8 !he rule o(bw aod nnpcmentmg all diplomacy and pre-;enuve disamwncnL pli!dgc:s I,tiid&: by Nlgena 10 tlx: mlanntKJllaI f'revenll\'e dIplornKy refers Ii) ucuon taken to comnn.uty." .... \\lIS widely rtptnOd pre'o'tlll dtSpUiCS from III'lSIllg or fium cscalatS~ Wlng UN's Plenary 5CS5lOO on mg mto confllClS,Md to ",",I the <;praId of tht: Ruleo(Um. he ~ die need for COUll- eonfilClli when Ihcy ocmr. It mI)' take tile InCS to act III good foub; honow- dICIt ,nterllilfonn of nlCdmoon. coocilmlKJll or ncgotllltJOnal obhgations, mcludmg the obIJgauOll 10 UOI\.. ...... rdnuo 6am the threat or U!IC fonx. the obIigaOn the odJcr hand. pre:'o1:lll1\C cbsarrnIrnI::m oon 10 5CUIc disputes through peact:ful nll:allS. IS concemcd WIth the reducuoo ofsmall anns !he oblJgaoon 10 protea human nghls lind funIII ~ where conflicts are IIlQ5I likely to Ihrnental fiecdcxn and abtdc by iuternatlonal ()C;CIX II CIlIllUs "demobillZlllg ~ foms. humanu:u"lI1i law 'These me/ude recognition of the as ,.,'ell 115 coIlechng and ~ kif l.IlIemauooal Cour1 of )'1SI1CC nOland other Vo'CIpDIJiI' 115 pan of an o'Oi'Cnall peace IIgfCeImcrnallonal cnnunaJ tribunals _ 5UCh as Ihc rncnt. Destroylll& yc;terday's WI:3J'OIlS prelotanlltJOnal Cnmmal Court ICC} - and "end- vmIS thel" bcm& URd III IOmorroW's VI'aB," KCOrding 10 the pobbcauon lfl@: ul1puruty IrOlII1d tlle globe by hokhng One ~ thai whatevet Sl!IIllmcnlS accowu.abJe. thaIle rCSf)('l"lSlblt for grnve VIOla- !OO1C natM)f~ may be Imbourmg on the need IJOm of II1II2natIOnaI and hunwu1a1alll3w" 10 a.b nuclear prohfCflllJOll, thoR prortlOllng On his O¥oTl part. ~ Band. of m. talS: Iilrm. massl\IC pOVi'Cf bloc 11 11115 S2nd

ImCC 115


As " IS I settled 1'i5UC m dIpoll;ll;y .ad mternallonal relallOns m gmcraJ dmt "there no pcnnanenl cnomes: only permanent 1n1Cf"CSl5," lIleft: IS no fatJT1CS3 in pretenda'8 there was no deal {Ill that plan some JO )'CI!B ago, and Iha! Iran, as. ~gn Stare: ClIp'bit of Ihcre is no fauuess PI pmmdm8 thr:rC' W1l!l no deal on that plan !IOnIC 30 years ~. and that Inm, II!I a ~ Sen capable of ~

deflnmg '15 0\\11\ natKJl'llI IIlletCSl. 5Imukl

abandon il5 nuclear prognunmc.. "hen 115 netRhbou5like lsnIel enJOY nuclear capability liw. ~ particularly !iCJ'6l1I~ OYer the f.::l thai. It IS be:m8 thmucncd \\o"h VIOlence by Israel, ....,th O\o~ US SUAJOI1. .... Ind' explams the absmot of both COUfItncs when Iran spoke. m- peaoe to n::t~ the need for IIlllh I11II.I fu-play IllS opposed 10 paJ1talllY 1o\'."'lJrds

todays mends.


be O\'ef-dI1J'l!aSl2t'd

ThPt t'! one sure way of aVOIding int(lioance and f:',"C!1 \'IOk:nCC.. wortd-wJlk IIll't If'ld (hem SlOp ttylng 10 bully lran.plcasc!! Presidmt Jon"tll3Jl' llfl'IICIlI 00 ~8 the nUt of law demands"that all conc:enw:d isI:xltheUSA_ltun.asv."rlIIl5Chu\L T_--. .00 Japtn (O\W the putenually VOlatile 'nilUl Sea ',hOWOOY.ll''); SWan IIIld Sooth Sulb.. (O\'a" od nglns) and k Darfur regIOn \\fuch sull has ~ved IS9.ICS - oowneed 10 ~ the languageofrcatt more m dus 67m yearo' the UNO's existence Another map \\at mvoh"'U1& the use of nuclear \\'CapOflS, "'"III IIlOIII likely bong the ....uId 10 111 end. a Stn. bon .....lnch needs to be ~ at all ~ mrough robu5t dl(liomalJc engagements.. After all. k ntdear Ixmb is no respoctet of p:fIIJIlS'H


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