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Producing and exporting vegetable oil Q uality co ntrol II IS advtsahk 10 prospeCIl\'C ut\'CSIcn mamtllm high qualrty standard so as to

'4ldcr KCq'l\IbIe of Iht pnxIoct both bonaUy aod locally The be well protein and aubobydmte & Iiu.s and m nec:cs-

input In livestock feeds formuloooo. Vegemble 011 and cakes are UlCn:fon: commetcillily I!Jld domestically valuables. 1\5 a result no v.'aSte 15 t'flVI5Il&ed Ma rketing oflhe product 1br: ill(.'TCIllC In the demand for kItlp. cream. butter, I'I'IIlfglIIIDe and ~tndu5tnaI ("f"Oducu. ~ mlltk the demand fiJr ~Ie 011 ~-ay lugh. The donand ar."t;3 ~ !.'Illy WllhlJl Nignia. but eo -.ross the globe. Some compllmes 1ft ~ Amer1ca, ~ and evell !KlIl'Ie part of Afiia ~ rWily n'aillble to pun;hasc: In bulk from !hose who may WISh to exploit the Of'PIJI1UIlIUCS In ~I mar· ket. Dewll of sud! fomgn buyas ""iii begwen to prospccti\o-e tn\'CStoQ OIl contacttng


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~'" Tec:hooJogy (plants & mldlinery) The plllni _ machinery requim:I depends on the t}~ ofprodUCl the prospedl';c UlVe!1Or may wish 10 produce and the r.IW material


From survey earned out the map- raw mate-

naI reqtuml include c:rusher, TOIISIcr. Filter ~ rdimng plllllt.. Other eqwpmenllOciudes m:t'l\ling IDnka: wcighmg scale. project \"Cbl-

des etc. l1Ie Ikh'llOlage (If the plDnt 15 chat II has ec0-

nomic dTkiCllCY of JlfOCCSSlng cottonseed, melon seed. groundnut and r-olm nutlJ 85 well 85 palm konel What the promoIf'n need IS to M\'e scparalt processing shaft for dllfm:nt ~lIble oil seeds. The p!llIllOleB ha\"e the option of IWIIg either 10caIly mIIlk: mac:hmC3 or imported QI1C5. OctoiIs on how and wbcrc: to procure and Install, quality machines lind cqlllpmt'llt (boIb Ioc:ally madr and lIJIportcd ones) will be gh"Cn 10 pros:pcdJve invat0r5 on oonlBctlf181he \IoTltrl'".

ProtilKUon apadty

Tccluueally. It implies that tht J"I"IXC:S511lg planl woukI be worRd to ItlJ optunlll Clpoclty and all the csumated projtCIlOnS woukl be achieved. DetaIls woold be given 10 prospcc1l\'C m\'CSU!n..


ttaming. funding Iht v.Tilt1.

chips and pellets processing

Edwin Agbaike

OB098525 122,0802338I900

lurge mecharuz:cd ~_ n,c prtll."O.' or produI:llIg OISSIIvtI dups and pallds life vl1nlUlIy die sall~ TIle pmdllClS undc.-fgo thr: followmg stnges.. TIle rnw C3R'<aYa wbers procured frum local fanllCf"5 illld ~ into dtc IIUI0l1l3UC IJCCICI TIle sharp blade usually cut olflarge chunks of tile tubers. ~ m:mual process IS encouraged I'eeled ~\'9. me dlOl washed Ihoroughly eldw:r Wllh dte wd of wasblllg mo'Jetllne or man115 011


Washed C3SSlVllS are then pE'iCd Olto the chlppmg machmc for chIps Of pcllctmg madunc for pcUcts.. The clup!l or pdk:ls 11ft: !hen p;med mto the ttya-, and the md p-oduct ready for packaging. Pdagtng is done m 50kgJUIC bags. The projCCl is better located III Iht: rumI or scmi-wban ~ w~ the land is arabk Iht: mhabilllllt5 an: Ig(lIlian. adtmllmg lot of I:maVL 1lus will produc:e thc ~ raw mattriats for c:onlInUOU$ opc:rn!lOt1 of the plM!.. An open spaced building hwslng the madllnmcs In II fmced I!IaI of land will be ideal for flll;:llX'f $lie. 1be em! of llCftlllg up a ClESIWI chIPS and pellet plant depends on the !CIde. A SIT\IlIl sc:ak plant ranges fium about N450,OOO to NI.5 million. depending 00 opcctod ou!pUtll. The viability otlhis project is no( in doubL M~, thc mums are high with \'tty short payback period.


There is II 'iUbstantml markCl for cassava chlJl" lind pcl1ct.~ Ul NlgCl1~, ECQ\\AS sub rew1lfl, and tile Fur Easl ll)e local dC'rnand and hIgh e:o.:por1 poIcnuat IS J\le 10 lb numefl)t1!' 1l"eS ..~ I1lW mlltcn31~ fur uKlustnnl ,hcflllcal~ In NIP'" the rn:ognard buym;un: tile phann:lCCUIICal chcnm:al cumpamcs. hvntock OOIllpi1l1lCS, etc D1~tnhtilo.::Jn can ~ a~nted l\S market outlets rill" the products AlternatIvely. the promoIef could embark upon illl"CC1 optXt nwkctmg 10 cam han.! caTaJCM:S. ThL~ projCCt 15 hIghly recolllnK'fJded for cntrcpmcuB "ho ha\'C vasI areas of ambk land. and ImCRSled m cassa\'9. cullf\'1IJOO This brt:ng UIIO opcmtlOO-lJl~1I:d J!fUjCCt thai will result Ul hIgher profil margtn_ Tlus prop:t IS Clpllble of olfcnng employment 10 aboul 10 pmonnel. most of who w1l1 be lIIISliJlcd and casuaJ woriu:n on • daily pay Smec tlte" raw malmills IS 100". locally SWJCCd and easy to oomc by, thIS pr1l1«Istmds a good dlance of II1ll1Ictmg rmaoc:c from the banD. whcR Individuals or corpomtc bexbes an: ImISled Wlih funds rungmg from NjOQ,OOO to well over N50 millIOn. A wcll-pacbgcd fmsibtlity report I! • pmtqlllslIe to $CCUring (i1lll/1CC for d)C project. For dctaj l~ on how 10 Ifnplemcnt dus prop or lillY ocher, plc:ase contact us. 'We 1m: willing to II5Sist potential m\'CSt!JB on any aspect of the project. I'rospcdl~ Investors may gd m IOI.X:h with us.


Cassava chips and pellets processing