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EusinesS WEEK SEPTEMBER24, 2012 ,


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FG unveils plans to boost cocoa production l~ve ~

n as of 'eHorts Ngeria's "'" ,py .. "" prndumon 01 "" cmIi rdorol~t.........,......j


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to restore

wilh Ict)' SL'UC ~ and private .sector 011 the impIcmenlllOOO orlllls slr.Ilc-gy." He added Ihal the FcdcroI


Tho: \1[oISle! of AgnctJlture and Ruml Devclollnenl. DI. AkmwuTUm Ad:shm3, madt. this knc", 1 reandy at \Van:wa at Ogun SIaIr: Cl.nlI& the ma.guraoon of Frangada


eoco. r~'dc!:. pnxU:cd bylbe Mulu-

TI'CI InIcpat1!d FoOds Pk:. AdestlillB &aid the FedemJ Govm.ncnl IItIrDdqI 10 cb hie IIImaI oocoa producbon (lUll 2;iO.~ Ip

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~ Ie has mo\'rd ckIKr 10 e.ubmh-n; itsdf U I hull for

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sub-reJloo i~ joint \'~IUI1! Ilarlocr ~ tht 10 bllJiun rice c"lIIv.Ooa a Jd ~ 'ng project. Vllbolar SJ- 21106 af~-:pain, Aid Ihe project ~iD

5tlIrI b~

ACCff'1:l.ull ScsIIOf

tanlm 2011 :J I


Go\: erllcr 011 CotnmmncatJIoos.

SWetl)Cfl1 by the AaISlanI



Medii and MUlciem


Akondc. dlis follows ValJ01ar S.L

2IlOb's qU:id 100 of fimds for !he pm)thlt has .ul uuual life span of fOW"



Com~ the news 10 the KwaJ"I. Swe Oovanrllcnl last wed.; Valsoillf S. L ::!'IlO6 SlId, foUowlIlg lIS board'.

carllCf approvtl and subsequent .cquiStlion IJf IUr!a for dE proj«t. It was ratly fJ) a)r.Jf JenCe operallORS W1tbm ~oqj90~'S..

ReactlOg 10 the: news..


Govanor, AIhaJi Abdulfatah Ahmed 'M:komed lhc: development as the proJect IS key 10 Ius admimstnluoo's eJTorts 10 proVIde: food for !he people. JObs for

1nYCStmc:n1, Pohcy and Straic:gy, saKi under Ihe Imn5 of Ihe JOUll vc:nlltre Mcrnorandwn of Agrcc:mc:nl $l:grm by the state government and val$obr S.L last FebJuary 111 llonn. the company is

the youths Iud tnputi for 1I&fO"3111c:d industries whIle 11 the same tune grow1118 the SIlltc:'S economy through agn-

the nexl four years. while the state government will pn.mdc 20000 hedwes of



He said. "I .m pIIUCUlarly plCtiCd that tfus proj«t .....111 be generating

12000 jobs 8a'QS5 thc: \..rur: dIatn as ....'ell asSlbslanLtalIy gro.....ina the swe's c:moomy. Our farmm, u"lIloo bax:fit from the: tc:chnoIogy transfer ~ ncnt of the: project. No doubt. ttus huge: proj«t IS ooc: of sc:vc:ral COVlsaged tlf1del" the KWllra State Agncullural Modernization Plan (KAMP) the implemerulluon of wtllch IS soon 10

""""""'" " Speaking funhc:r


"We an: aI9G III c:onsu/IatJon

on the project dctills, Mr. AtJ.)'UmI Ogunsoia. Sc:ruor Special AsstsWu to the: Governor OCI


tnYCSl N70 blllKltl tn the proJC:Clovcr

land. as well as mfutslruclunJ support for the project whICh will operate under II ~ JOim vallwe romp.ny. VaIsoIar-Kwara limited. According 10 Ogwtsola. each annual. modulcofthc proJCCl W111 sec the company cultiVlJle SOOO hccwa of land and produce 40000 IOnS of nee for kx:aI and inlCmiUKJOaI consurnpllOO. "Following satellite and IaborakIfY SOIl analyses earlier in the year, Vabolar-Kwara has decided 10 site the projects in commUni ties along the

River Niger m Kwara

North. namely

Tsonga. Pategi., Bacilli and lafllgi." be saxL" '


FG unveils plans to boost cocoa production

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