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Mondoy, November 19, 201 2




nlenlld dCIIIlK'racy hilt h«n Identllieri IIJ the only panaern lhnt will C'nhance cohcN'nce Ali(I ~labi1ll\ of thC' nnllon at an. This \\IU plft Orlhe ",~"Iu!lnn" AI the rnd flf the .... lional ;nellrin Council



of the NBlion=l1 ('nlnn of

UHPS identifies internal emocracy as panacea for stability

Huleh and Perwnai Servifes ..loThn (Nl"'II'S"') held m:enll~ III O\\uri. 1010 Siaic .. The lendcr.;hip of the umon rc~lullon~



signed by Ihe National

J'resldcnl. Coml'Bdt- Ld..c SUCC~ '<aId tMI leader!; txnh In the Industnlll umons and all political panies need 10 CI1C()UTage Internal democracy through cOllslanl col15ultnllon as well as cmb:uk on poli-

CIes and progntmmes thot WIll be benefkial to all The Ulllon who claimed that the determmatlOn of the present Icadm;hlp ofthl'

umon to promote mternal dcmocrncy thmugh memben broad panlclpation in the deciSion makmg process has ensured Ihal all umon organs function democrat~ lcally, elljolned leaders In Ihe Imde umon mO"emmt and Olher speclnlln of the soclely to ensun: mass paMlClpatlOn In lkcision process. Expn$Jllng fear on the ~late of the economy which h3S been acclallnc:d to be growmg but Wilhoul de\'elopme:nt, !he umon said the problem ""'a! largely due 10 Ihe: poor state of the counuy·s mfmslnlclUn:. "'l,c pl·esellt mfrastructufC defiCIency has compelled II number of manufacturillg comp,1nlCS and small scale: enterpn~­ es 10 close shop pc:nnanently thereby growing the ann) of unemployed hands in the countl)'.~ the wilon Said It arguetl thai for the trallsfonnallon agenda of Dr Goodluck Ellelc Jonathan 10 Imnslnte to life mon: abundant for glTatcr number of Nigerians. the needed political goodwill must be displayed by the pohucal dass, while people must be: re-empowered Wlth Ihe reqUiSite quahty skills and qualitall\"e Irnowl~ge that will make the natJon·s grac:luatC5 employable While commending the Independent Nallanol Elcctorol COI1UII1SSIOIi (INEqfor its continued progress III theconduct of clC'ctlon '" Ihe country, NUIIPSW POSII~ Ihal the electoral body conld consolidate these glllllS If rNEC and the federal go\'emment could acce-pt the recommendations of the Justice Mohammadu UWllIS Conumllcc Re-p0l1 on Electoral Refonns. '·Most especially as II afTecl5lhe method of appointmg the chairperson of the Electoral Umpire:· It said. Furthermore. the NEC·tn-seHlon

Gov. Okorocho of lmo State addreumg · called for the alllcndment of the electoral act 10 accommodatc pmponlOnal ITflresc:ntauon wh,,;;h will avail all segments of the society Ihe opponunny to be: adequaleIy lq)rt:SCntcd III governance at all levels. On ~paration for the 2015 gcneral etcction. the mllon noted: "NEC-m·5CSSion critically appraised the polilical process and OJIUled that ''10 Ihe politically naive, 2015 loob a long while away. but to the politically dlSCCTlling mmds, 2015 is Just aroundlhecomcr"In the bUild up 10 Ihese elecllOJ1S. NEC.III-scssioll noted lhat the dlrrerent ethmc nlitlOllallucs and regIOnal po\\ers are alrmdy plotting and siralegizmg to make the 111051 ofthe- 2015 general elccltons 10 their advantage. particularly the pn::sidcnllhl elecllon. 1"bus. II \ViIS unammously n:soh·ed by NEC-in-SC5Slon lhat. -'politICllltl5 and the potitlcal class should SlOp propagating etlUlie, scctiolUll or sectorion Idcus·' bUI nauonahst Ideos thAt will make Nigeria a united CfIl1ty.1bc ulllon equally expll'Sscd dlspleas~ on the re~ence of fuel 5Can:lty

the NUHPSW Nee in Owerri. and the consequence- of appearance of town plannmg regulations. elimmale

long queues at tiling stauons. statmg that dlllllpmg of refu$C on walcr ways and the meh phenomenon was a notional dl."igrace rdevanl government agencies and mmwhich reqUII"CS hoh~uc and p:lInQIIC atten- ISII)' have liaised With !heIfCnllleroonum aulllonlY Oil the managemelll of eJll;:css tion. As such Jl challenged govenuncnt to Wilier rrom Lagdo Drun~, It said llte ulllon then advised, '''To aven Slop paymg lip service to the reviwl of the oil refinenC5, while the leaders should do future disaster. there is need for eftecti'·e among emergcncy thmgs right Wilhoul muxlmg steppmg on collaboration response Inslltulions across the country The ulllon III the meeting also ailed on to ensure SWill response lherclJy rWuclUg the pohtical class to develop Ihe courage the number of casualties. and that collabto mea the tough quC5lions and hard Or-ilion between Nigcna ond Cameroon choices facms Nigena and oct 1ICC0nlmg- IS highly needed to mitigale: the noodmg impacts on the people." Iy. The Uote! umon likewise condcmned While commlseratmg with oil government disregard for the Nigenan Nigenans, especially those affccted by Ihe: ravaging nood that swept across many worker by her rerusal to accord the stales of the federation including Regislrar of Trade: Umons the much Ad1JT18wa, Taraba. Niger. Benue, Kogi, expected respecl with a condliClve offi« Callmg on the Federnl Government Anambm. RiveD, Bayelsa. Plaleau ete.and thus deslroyed valuablc property, washed through the 1I0noumbie Minister of away fannlands and food crops. II n:a- Labour and Produclivity, NUIIPSW s,1id soned thaI. Ihe disaster could l1a\'e been federal govcnunent should urgcntly averted if the leaden had been proactive resolve the accommodalion ehallengC5 of "At least reduced. if we h.1ve adhered to the Registtur's offiCI:.


5511FI charges govts on agricultural co-operatives A socialiOD or Senior S Carr or Oanks, Jnsunllllff' and Fina ncia l nstilullons (ASS BIFI) iutS called on gonrnmen ts to provldf' enabling environment ror Nlgerlanli to go Inlo mKhanized rarming thro ugh JupporUng lIIgricultur.l1 cooperatives. The Nntionol President of the union. Comrade Sunday Salako In a chal wilh Workforce noled thai such support which would tnmsfonn the f~ from subsisten« to commercial. .,.,·ould enhance the- nallon·s naruml resourees and enhance food secunty.

lie said "We call on governmenl 10 proVide cnabllllg environment for Nigerians 10 manage nalund n:sources ;uK! enhance food secunty III Nigeria because expcncnce around lhe world .sho....1i Ihat fannen.. fOrcstCf3 and herders have used cooperative organization to increuse food production. gam markel IcceS!!. obtnin better prices on agricultural inpuls, participate more errectivcly in global value chains and also 10 manage natural resourec:s and enhance: food secunty'· Salako said that the three \letS of gov-

enunenl. the FWcral. SlIlte and Local Go,·emment can support coopellltive orgamzatlons III the counlry 10 increase food production. gain mnrkei access. obtam benef prices on agricultural inputs. paniclpale more efTecu\ely III global value challIS and also 10 manage naluml resoun:cs and enhance food secunly through 1I1elr agricultural policies. The Labour leaders SIlld the value of the cooperauve model ami of agncultural cooperBlives in particular, in cnsunng that all can enJOY the nglll to food as

vehldC5 for decent lives. dt'CCnt work and sustalllable development cannot be over emphasIZed lie added, "Cooperauves Imve also helped open up access to tinancial ser\,Ices _nd social protection I;:overage "We call on the: na.lion·s lenders to let their ac1ions remforce the CooperallvC movemenland enable coopernlives to go from strength to strength, capable: of generalmg decent jobs and $upportlllg vibrant and resilient agncultural commUIllIiC5 as they produce: 10 feed families, commulllties and the: world ri


ASSBIFI charges govts on agricultural co-operatives