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Don't buy fake chemicals, agric chief warns cocoa farmers "n 1IIillallve on coc:oa statlStlcS_ Giving Ihe Explalnmg the role that the fedcrnl govern- can make: preparnlJOIi 10 sc:n'e the rarmers, ment is p1aymg in addn:ssmg the structunl I-Ie, thertrore. enllghlened dte people 10 do state as an example:, he said "\\',thout any problems In cocoa procIuc1lOfl. the exlXUll\'t: the plan ror p«wision or pods and seedlings, reliable cocoa stallStics. you can' t 00 any· dlfector, duc:1osed thaI 'Ofne !raining and alsoadV1smg the govc:nunc:nt oftkmls to "tum tiling. Stales don·1 h.·u'e 10 \\1ul ror the federal warned unsuspectir:tg cOcoa fanners 10 be capilClly bulldmg actlWICS would !IOOIl lake POds 10 seedlings to aVOid wastage," c:spec:ml- governmenl rOf" everythlng_ Your govern· wary 01 unKl'\l~s cIeolen of cocoa placc. Iy when the poUs 1m: not damted III good ments must help cocoa farmers In your SillIes. ..""""'""'b. ··What the fedc:ml governrnc:nt IS oomg On rehabIlitatIOn of «Jt'OI famlS, he Ald. tim<. lie ~-amcd thai \\TOI1g chotce of thermals " Fow- Nlpans "''l!'Ilt 10 IralII In Indonesu 011 He suggested tlte use or gr.sllms for old should be a bonus, allCf doing your 0\'<"Tl. Ir. by lhe flllTllefS could COSIIhcm IUlIOld losses. rdJ:Jblillalion of ok! t'OCOll fanns TIle)' will In ranns, but mnarted 1h.11 noc e\'l:f)' local gov. farmer does hOI keep rtt:Ord. GES will not mlmomshing them to deal Wllh aa1iblc 111m tralll Nigerians on best practices lhey ernmentln c::vay stale Will produce COCOiI-- To profit hllTL Fanner!! need 10 keep record Ir sourtt$ of chemicals have leamL Tmming w,lI be ill CRIN m bultJt:Sl!l tins, lte Silld_ "'We ha~ mronn.11100 they wllnt 10 take cocoa as 11 busmess. Once I 1bc professor made thJs ImuwJ\ In lbadan I don·t discuss February2011" fium Googruphic Inrormabon Syslem (GIS) sec: II frumCf With 00 recently. dunng the Cocoa Trnnsformallon He saJd dte followmg varietlCS of cocoa te:lling us the local gtwemment areas that c:an ftuthcr. There tS nothmg 10 discuss Agmd.l Implementallon Plan In whICh the "CRIN look a contnlC1 10 dlstnbute sccdlmgs are available: at CRIN FI Amazon. produce cocoa in Nigena. 2012 ~ rqJOrt ....1\5 pn:smled for dclib- TC I - S, WACRI and all are good tic:pendlllg 1.200,000 pods (wvlded mlo yearly~) "'In Nigena. he added ''22 stales are poem- ThtS \\'e ha.'o'e 95,000 pods 10 deliver. We emllOli. on agro-«ology. Allhough he: noted that tially c:ap3ble: and con prOOut:e cocoa but 14 have year. Il table: (IfI how 10 dehcr lhosc: pod>;, We Akoroda ~'ed that the proces!l of CRlN has tho!Ic: lIuprmtd vlUlcties of coc:oa. stales have trndilionally been prodocillg.~ he should be workmg with numbers: when. sdt'Ctmg agrochanicals is ngorous. scientifIC and !hat Ihc:y \\'OUld be: or 00 use without getwttef"e, wbat. \\110. why. the number or cocoa """"Ilnd has standards tlllg 10 the rBrTneJS, 11te CRIN execuhve director dJd a donfi· pods 10 be gtVm 10 Mr Bloe Shirt, on so and UDo not lei anybody Idl ~ IMI w\looUlII Ln blS own Vle\\ "ARCf =reh, !heR catiart lhat II IS not JUS! any reruhsc:r that IS so dllie. and so rorth," he 5iUd. ~ of SC:ltoCc. I'o~ can go 10 any manumust be: dc\'l:Iopmcnt, using the ~Its, other· SlIlIablc: fOl" cocoo soil enncbl'l"101t, e.'pllumng U'¥.mg the people to come rOf the pods. he focturcr Rlld lell lum thai thiS chcfTlIcal I.S wise: it will be a waste or time:' l ie: stressed that Ihe ratIO of NPK used IS 5·12· 17, "hile sa1d: 'CRlN IS "govc:rmncnt I11Sl1Iutton. YOti good. ...."t: WMllo buy Il Ihat the stales need 10 trnnsrCf lhe Ic:c:hnoklgy Cakium and Magnesiwn an= added at mIlO 4 doo·t need pemnl 10 come: 10 CRIN. Tllt! rc:.:l· "('UN IS I11<lndatcd 10 decKle on cho~" 10 farl1lC:B, urging stalC:S \\;1IOOut rehable: data eral go\'c:rnment 1S ready to Jl'tY us when Ihey hesoml 10 go bact and get thetr Ii~ nghl 50 lhey The: proressor pnusc:d Ondo Stale 11,,11 took sec: evidence or surrly:' he advtsed.

e Executive Director of Cocoa Reseon:h Institute 01 N!geria ICRIN), professor MaIochY. AJ(0r0da, has



.. , Minister promises to restore varsity's fish farm


our nslllg popuL"\I1OIl well mto the fulure. we \\;111 nc:c:d young OOIl1ncrcial fannen., We also nted 10 creale jobs for our mauy unemployed youth and dte IgTlCUllural sc:dor holds the

m;.- 01 Agriadtuno and R..-ai Dr. Alcinwumi Adesino, has pRlf!lisea 10 ~ restore the fish.,;., ...oa.m Iann 01 !hi r.deroIlJnNeo:VY. 0I~, MaIamJ;, ' " woo ~ away by the ..... &od. ~I,

grcrucs JKllerlllll1 to create: millions or jobs. "We have already started 10 dcstgn a new

Speakmg as the guc:sllcctura- III the UI1lIlCf· ~lty 'S 18th and 19tb coovocallOll lectwt, recently. he ::ISS!.ttt'd tlte \'3lSlty orhls rmnl5lry '$ suJ"POfl m recovermg the Io&a InCUI'TtIIi during the flood. He m..'tde the prot1USIe Ul rcspomc to Ihe lamc:nlaflom oflheout--gomg vtce chancd· lor. prorc:ssor Dame! VetW1ima Um who natmted the kJSSC:!i of the wU\"emty IS II result of III( flood. Whde unfokhng the lI1lO""\'01Iion IrntiaU\'Q ofPresldenI Goodluck Jonathan m helpu!8 \ie· hillS of the m::cnt flood IP ~ from thctr Iossc:s. Or Adesu", IWlOUiJced dllli III( nderaJ Qo\'m\mI:Ilt ha! alrQdy ~ m plmce a Flood RCOO'o'el)' Food PrcOx:tot plan. to support rllfTllCfS in the affected ~ "As the flood WllICf I1Xt!de. \\'e \\'111 embark on II nood recession food producl1Of1 mten'et1t1Ofl." he smd 11te fJUJlJStc:r added thai the mml.o;tty wtKlId work with Slate g(WCIl1fT1mts on accei'i to land. cbange m the: Iabour~lion orlhe sector. change tile labour composlOOflor agricuItun: finance lIfJd trnctors. • famllng populatton IS ageutg rnp!dIy by 3ID;k:!IDg about 360,000 young ~Ial lie saKI MAchteVUlg the trmlSforrnallon or .m unable to moc:I the Inc:rcmngly complex r~ who witl benefit Iiom the mml5lry's the agricuillual sector rcqwrc:s a stnlClUJlll challenges of manet.s and tec:1uJlIogy. To reed


mll"11lve 10 ~e a new generabon or yu..tng conunc:n:tal farmers that w1l1 help transfonn tile agncultuml 5ICCIor. alXi reed Nigeria today Ind weJl inIo the futlR.. They \\111 be cnlled 'Nagrop'~lIeLlO;' Our goal IS 10 create 360.000 Nagropn:neurs by 201S. They \\;11 be young. comtltom:ial and market dnvm fanners rtlaJOflty IIgncullund graduales-- who Will become !he dllC group or yomg oommm:w rarmm to further drive the agnculllU"al Ir.Ul5-formallon ofNigena.'· he added. lie pra1lit"d die efforts orTc:t"Igro. a pnvate company that. partllI::red \\lth Transcorp to proWee orange:.m mango .JlIK'e c:onc:entmte m Iknue SIlIIe and tlJ( produtxn orMI\... nee: on COtllmen::lld scale, llte minister IIllI"I(JtInced Ihat the go\'CIllf1lCf\1 would soon cmm.rt on Oood payment SlCh=1e to help rarmers IntUgaJ.C losses III c:ase:s of flood III the futult"

n:i'~J3:ttre:::! Tanzania, Gates Foundation launch initiatives 10 """" ka.nd>.d d,... new p<Oj«b


~ ~~ tode;~~~~""K"Di':':

wnTl I~UI"''''


ICMDI cn::I Co.ssa.oa



Streak Disease

CBSDI. 1"her-nJClClS w1l1 Ilsoesllbhsh lIlore SUSfaIIlable seed systel1l.~ 10 enable 5IIIiItt-holder r\JlTTlm btuer -.:cess to such \1lI1etlC5 Tl1cy \\~ offinally announced dunng I Cusa\lI Value Oiam C\"CfJ! III Dar C5 Salaam. wtucfI brought logether representnlm::s from the gm-emrncnl. don« ronunllsuty. pnvate §(Clot" and development ~ The DIrector Gcnt:nll or the: Inlemallonal IIISl11ute or TropIcal Agnculture (IITA). Dr NIeraJ1)"a So1ngmga, was IlIso rnsartlion. CImstopher Ouza. an engmecr and Tnnzasua·s MmistCf of Agncolture, Food Sccunty and Cooperntwes, noted IIUlI the ptOJeas carne: at 8. Inne when rllllTlCf1 needed ac:ttSS rOl" piantmg matcnals or new IlllpnJ\lcd \-:uiehes rdC39XI In the: c:wnlry .7hcse In exlmllc:ly unpot1ItI1l pojtru for TlUlllfma. and the: rt:gKlI1. because: crt5S8V11 B a \'c:r')" important crop not only for food.secun· t}. It also has ~at pott::ntiaI lIS I cash aop tllIOOgh processing. These tWtl diseases.. espccla1l} CBSD, art' a nliJOtprobkm 10 our firnl.. Cf!l and need 10 be urgmdy adcb-e:ssed..' he said III I 5pCC'Ch read on Ius behalf by tile Deputy l'ef11'\llllCflt Sccrc:tary, lion. Eng Mbogo Flllabmb.... _. ___ . __

tackle cassava d.·seases

La~TeOCe Kent, a Sc:f1IOI' PrognIm Off,","111 dte Gates Foondat;on said ""Cassava is one or our pnonty crops. as 11 IS mostly gm\\'Tl by re.soum:-poor smalUtoIdcr ramJCIS cspecll.lIy \\'QITlCtl. ~fore fIDdlng ~lIable 50111· tlOllS 10 Its productiOlI challenges proVides us .It an opponuruty 10 make a difference m thar Ilvcsandmakef!l'Ol:l"CS5ineff(lftStooveroome hunger tmd povmy.The Cassa\'D VnnC1les and Clean Seed 10 Combal CBSD wid CMD (5CP) plOJeCI will focliltalc shanng or fi\'e of the best vnneuC5

nOIll TW17l1lll11, Kc:rlyu. MaL"f\vi, MOlnTllbique, and Uganda fer regtOOIll Ic:StU\g IICfOli5 the: counlrie5 to ~ up the ~IopnJOlt Or\..n. etteS wlIh dual rcstSL11lCe 10 the 1WO thSCil5CS. The: projCCI. led by UTA. \\;111 rurther pIlot a dean seed system In TllltllUUa 10 prot.Iuce V1rus--tcsted cass;!va plllnlmg rtlalenal ter nml· IIpllC3l101lb)1c:tthc:rloc:alcomrrnmluC501"seed entn:pn:nn.n for sale 10 fanncn. Edward KanJu. tlte learn Icadc:r ortlte 5CP project and IITA CIlSSIIva bn:edcr ~nld. ''The most effectIve and reahstlC approach to rc:duc.

r:;::;;:-;;;;;;;----;;------------:~;::-::=;;::;;;;J . l-R; Dftctor, Actmnnralion oocI Supply, Notional Emergt!ncy ."'100.....

""'Dr.'.6... '~io....


Zmno Mutanned; Chairman r:l the Rial





mg"""" to CMD .... CDSD. ,'" dmtop. melll ~nd dt:pIo)1lJOlt or \"!IJ1CIIt"S that I"we dunl rc::!lI§tance to Ihe two diSCllSl:5 Resc:archer.; m the: five countnes have: made good progJeSS ~ thts end and nmlly van. etlCS h.m: been trleru;ed or art' m the Pipeline. By foclhtal1ng tile shanng or the1r best van. C1lC!1, we ~ tlllit ranners get the best van. et\t'!i frum the regJOll." Anolher proJr:ct. tlte Commercially Sustamable Quality AsstRd Seed System. betng 1fIlPk:mentr:d by the Mennorute Ec:ononuc DevelopnJOlI As50ctales (MEDA), will deVl:\op and tesI supply c:ha1ll111odcls ror the dlStnbut10fl of the newly Jdcasal cassava \"i1OdIc:s. llw; pro)CCI will woR on bluldtng the C3JDC1ty of seed c:ntreprmc:urs to produce dlSlCllSe·f~ assava plantmg ItWmIlI to be

sold 10 ftmnefS Bnd 10 racilitate strong linkages betwOO1 tll(:!lC entrc:pn:nc:urs and tile prodUCCfS orbn:edcr and roundallon-~I plantmg mall"na.l All Ihree projects will work WIth lhe Tanzanm OffJCIal Seed CerttrlC8.hon Institute: rroSCI) 10 c:mun: Ihnl only dtsense-rm: pLnnt. Iu develop I IIJ1Pf03Ch Kl


Don't buy fake chemicals, agric chief warns cocoa farmers