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DAILY SUN Thursday, October 18, 2012, 11




Agric ~tion through cooperutives, IlltidOte to hunger, POVerty ~


O\'Cmof AbIOIiI A11f1KJbl of Oyo Slltle h;as IIkllUfi!.ld the: pmmotMJll of 1I4!JlCU1lun: lhmup .ljp'lCulTUnlI coop:n\lMS IS the only 'OIuUon 10 hungct and

povC'rty In NlgmIL The govnmr. ",hile: ~lung ~ 11v:2012 WUfId food In)' cdebrnhons held iii the: Parhamen1 BuiltJing. Seadarut. IbIdm. noted Ih•• hwtga romulWd !.he: bimt proNem of ~[Jrhrc:as II ....-U. rdkctKJ('l o(pmple's 1tIaCICle5S.. blhty 10 nghl qllahty offood needed for healthy Ii"mg. S~n& on the lheme of thIS year's eclebnllOfUI

"AgnQlltunll CooptflItl\'e:!I. Kty to FeuhllS lhe World," Go':~ AJil1lobi. who was tq1ftsenlcd by hi5dqJuty, and Moses Alake AI.Icyemo. messed the ~ 10 mO'\"e agneullin from subststence 10 ~1ll1

kvd through agnc:uhur.

~'''''P''''''''' Aa:mbng 10 him. agncullUfe offm aJllhc OJIPOOIlIlIUC!I to be scJr~1oyul earn II hvmg. IltIpJtWe the lwelihood or 1BIh"llkW5 IU1d ehue 3Vt'l)' t.mgn IfVtl! 11K determmed 10 ItIlPfO\"l' till! econorruc 511llOt1On, reWa: unemployment. ~ cnme mil otbc:r- wactaI ~espttUlI'i .mon,theyunh, Il~ ft 10 fll'5l of all oomb:tI hungCI with IfllPI'O\'1!d apkuIlura1 pr.ICtlces


IMI wlll CIl9.U'C food 8C't'W1ly,-1hc go\~mcr ....1Cl In hIS ....-ekome addrea.. the $!lite Conunl!SKlOCt iiii' Ar;ncuhun:. Naluml Rc!ourt:es IUld Rural DeI.-c\opmcrll, Mr Bimbo Kohwk saud tlial ~I ho1d ret1)Q\-ed aU obstades 10 cn'dIl ftICllittO' (or fam1l:'n and inlt'l1dut& fllmlef!. In order 10 ensure food MlCurlly In Ihc $tate. The a:JI1WnlSSIOOef 5IlJd ~'mU1lIm1 Md 1lbo cro::alod Q.~ . : t t l ! loam; Ihrougb the Agnculllnl CredIt

I\"CDPC to

Coopc:r.I11\"CS of 0)'0 Stltc- ~Ir:d \\,lh dw: commm:aIlgnrulrurc crain Jc.n ~



Awolowo Leadership Prize SeIedion Conunittee meets

PHCN staRer eledrCKUfed in Ekiti raub on the pole. The tnlc:nsilY of Ihr:

8y COSMAS OMEGOH head of the Obafmu Awolowu l~vnp A....-ards holtb"¥ tn Deeetnhn 2012. Ihe Stlecum Camnuuee ycstmIay mel fm' the f~ ItmIe 10 outlllle the S1aiing qualincs prospcdlVe awawees musI 10 be grven a look" Tbe Conumllee, beIdod by 1Iw: fanner CQlunlDltwralth sccreQI)' ~l Chn::f Emeb AII)'IIOIIt;u IUd ml..agm ....·nll .-ne mr!I'nbcn ,,(the ~', I«hme:aJ axnmJncc 10 tnmiIonn on l~cnteNI nnmmees for the m:wgunall ...."2rds I1III!« meet 10 be ilS:IOClDLat ....'Ib the Ideals of the btl'. 011('( Qbefenu Awolowo. former Prmner of the defuJK1 WH1m1

A """'"

RISing frum I Ihree-hourclosed door meetfllg 1!t0'ldcd by c:rmnem Nlgo1:Jm. Chief Anyookl1, wID bnc:fed JOOf' nalJSa Sllll A~ you Jtno.,.,.• 1M 15 the: m;mgw,1Ii IJ'ICIl'.tmg of the Selc:c:lian COlllmlllec We: have been dchknuUlg on lhe quc:st1QfIS of the: wuu~ of the: Awvlowu lade:nlup AWIU'tb We h.1d.a "'ttY ldi!ful ~'e., fl15l medtI1I and we: ~'1I be ~ agIIlll m iii 11lOIlIbf' tune 10 CUJllooe v.,m OUt




taJked abouI the quWtlt'S IIJd iIlltIbuteIi fot v.luth Ouef A...~"O ",.:as known. We :uc: mucb of the ...__ thaI the "''Inner of II.: anrri tnI$ be somebody W'bu baI demonstrDlrd ClJ*lrr (Of rc:pcsmlmg or rr"ttlln! If ncX aU, J!lQSI oflha$e qwtJllle:!l of btl'. Cluef AwvJowo" ~\\e:

Court frees robbery susped after Syrs 8y FAITH OMORUYl Lag('lS Ilrgh Court 511llJll:: m Jkqll, yeslntlay d,,~ dwged.nd KqUJ\~' 12·)Uf-old min ofIn ImnCd ItIbbcry clut.rgc fl\'C years IilCf IIIlCSl. The tna.l JudBtl- Jusuee Habeeb Ablru daclwHe-d Bobnmo.-a 1.shob duc: 10 the proJII:CUIlOn!i' bc.k or diltgau


, .......on

Ikbvc:nng Ius Nhng on all .",uauon b)' the defence for


lilOO, wluch ht branded a ''aY "" tuk wurkul8 on hIgh lenUIXOJIUOOQ pbcncmenon In 5100 lind nobody U5Cli geotn. lOt thai. ttJUld WIU11Ult suth Slt"""~ The PI leN spokesman u.:IllOtl .......-elUt:lll._ clod! II1d body go! burnt IS • 50ud II pror~ ...."8:$ sIa- aboo1 the: C'Il1§C of hL<~ dc:!lh. resull of the inlmSlty l)f !he tIOtICd 01 the rorttrol rom1 as Brov.-"TI5a&d <I«u>aJ m.".,.. these (WUfeti5aonals were The Chalman of Ado Tbe \'ldun', bodybJ bem 11q>Io)'C:d Io on lush and am't'mll1Cfll Mr ~ aI the rrorpc Iov. im511"1f1 ek:c1nC:al poId In Sunday "'00 VISIkIi Eklll Stale. UnI\1:m1r the area 10 ptt'"UII ~y bad:. - the: sc::cne of the: Incident.. Tcadung IfO!lJllUl Ado Elut&. Bmw!! $alii Isaac ....-as He 1llJd be 1a.Z deployed InCidenl IbtlD)'l'... who t!mpIoyc:d :abouI three: )'em along1ude oIbt:r ItchmclIIllS described the SIIUIlUQn IS I8'J Mld had go! cognate ~ and rrufesmnals UI SI!!C1KGI. p;athdK: • ailed 00 d.e mmnence to handle !k'llSltl\-e iZJflg the net .....ori;. aJ the 11m! ngc:IllmI of the cornpany to electncal ~'Ork. Imr.l\~ \he atJSe of 1!I8IIC's 10 c:onecl tertalll firullS.. Brown said he suspected "W(' have 10 gct Iu lbe TOOl death, hllvlng tieltctcd tlal th.u !he vltlTm mus:l have died orthlS malter becwsc CIlSC$fJC such 1C'aliIflOv."Il5 larc In dec· of I SlIUllllon he de"cribed Jl5 bac.k.-fccdlllg i.ot \"Q')' r.I~ IIXIf)' '-'Uk ' hIck·feed' on the high 1mStIfF caused a




damJlODIC. ycstI:tW)' qc to bMc'li body. as ills

.tong SaldbldNTA ROIId In Ado Ekillll:!lll WilT!'! of thc J'm,I-tt HoIdin.g COOlpo1IlY of Nigala (PI-ICN) Pic:. Me. Samuel Job lliailt _ c:1ectrotUr:d .....·Me wooon3 on a high Icn.~ dcc!nc pole m the




bcsic:gcd the seem: v. en: slKded a1 tbt lnlgtc fllk of tbe mxIofle..aged IUIUl ....-tule the fIR' sc:r.'ke IIIc:n wen: malung eft"ot1s 10 remove hiS rmwns from thc pole. The PllcN l'ubl.c: Relatiom; OtTto:r. of the Elm


SlIW: 1\11. Ka}"(J(1e Bm....." . AX! !be \'lCIun ....-;1.C

worbn. on the fc:-edc:r 10





-"""" .....

Man.. 35, remanded over attempt to kidnap 2-yr-01d girl

ddeet:§Orne fwlti on the hJBh tmStOn ttw hid ot"Ca!lOI-ro fn>m 8M'JG8OlA G8(). Jdtlm JlO9o'er ~ III the IIn::1. The ~ who v.m The dcc:c:ascd wtw'I was IAl lAGlJNTf. o.ogbo ,amugned befon: Mllpwate E.I eClllca IrEIcc: t ron ics OltlSOb Alu1.:o ("It\ a 1....~11 Ertp1cering pillllte of 0$111 d~ of feklny and kldn;tpStair College ofTt'Chnoklg)'. pmg Wltli sllId 10 11<1\'1:: romml1I!..Q--OIo::e. was 53td 10 bIl\"e ted the (lIfenet' on OcIOl:er II , dJCd. ha.,nS rroeI\'Od II dead2fI12 011 S.abo ret of Osogbo ly ahock &om J3Kva high .Iongsldt fl4hc:B who had It'r$OII .... u~ that I:Aldtknly IfIIIA)I:d. tuumg him In !he The c~ shcc1 read t.dr......-Ittlc cktccttng ekctncal


berm: die ooun rea<h

Poll« hl5

been many ItljownmC1I1 in tht fIllIlter witboullhe prmeeutor

bringill8 any other witness.



15h:Ibir IoIDIkI

Mr An

'i«lKln .516 and

.m of tbC' c:mnQllli code (3p J.4.,ullI.~ufOsunsm~


Otmng proc:ca:IltIJf ~y, Ibc ~IXJD IXlUO!ICI,


offmt"f!' CXJll\flIl)' 10 IlOO pun--

ch;ugcs of anncd robbery The lagos Stille office of the DirKlor or rubhc

pc. Nu. asked for ad.JOWt1mClll: 10 enabk them produc:e anocbo- Witness In ooun. Bullhe de.ft'f"lOe CWDXl Adigun Dnmmit. obJc:ded 10 II)!.'. DPP':( I't'qUC5l for IIdjOUnUnCnt on 11K: ground that ~ had


0Iad0)-e bIJJ:llOld thc rom th:iI !tIC: Knded had Ibrou!b

1lJlll The



Jdnoon Akut1o\-..1c: .and otber1 ~lln III WF un 11th of Octobc:r. 2012 at tWoul 4.20Jlrn at number I'KJ. SubJ rood. Osogbo 11K! MlOItpt 10 i:kkuIp otIC kblat Okunadc ., "\hal; )«I

JuSht'C "bIN noced Ih::II lhcx Iwd beat no tll1J!I'O'<-anent on the matler despite SIC\>aaI adjoummentJ H~ tJlCI'l:'.fore, dl5d\;uged:and w:qtnl1cd!he sus:pccI

Prosccuttom (0111') h:wI. ~rCt'ftd a two-aJunl cl=ge I)f armc:d robbery against turn in MiY. 2011 He had been ICCU.'ICd of coospirins with oIhcn now IS laJF 10 rob I bou.~ II K.du In April 2008. Euiier m the mallbc pn:lIIClCUlIOII lnndIunl of lhe allqcdly rvbbc:d howre denied mowledgc of such mci-


~ p:rsM.. 00w· C"IoU, padcd not gwlly 10 the:



IIJPIMI bini v.'het! !he cbarges


lICht<n"tt. IIIe (H'esntmg magJ5U1lte. 01U1Ol1 Aluko Mknd Ibt: dr:Jcnce o;;JUmd.. M(. ~ Atalilrnh 10 file a formal .IpI'JlicaiO'l fUr !be btIiI of hn: CI.ent .00 therefore: ~ the: IICeIZSCd 10 be: roTIII"Idr:d to Uesa I'nbI CU5-1Ody. He. Ihcrc:aftCf, adjoomed Ihc I.'II!Ie bIl Ntwmibcr- 16. 2012 b-!he 61ing of the !Jail ",,1-


Agric promotion through cooperatives, antidote to hunger, poverty-Ajimobi