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Friday, July 13, 2012


South-West ...............................u............~aa.....DEI


Dodo Scale Commanda nt or tbe N'gffia Sccurhy and OyD DdenCC! Corps (NSCDq. Isa Aluanhl Shuablt, bas saki Iblll his command rJforu 10 fight the menaDCt; of illegal btJnkrriog has ydlded posdn'ly saying oillbJeu:5 had fled the stale. Shuabu who was n:untJy posted from Zamfunl State 15 battltng with the ugly Ilmd which he noted is being caused by the jObbs aCme youths. In an mlervll"W WIth [)QUy Sun pointed OUt thai illegal aLI bunkmng coukl not be tackled wlIhout the state govt:ll1Ola\l ISStStmCe: "We 8ll:: caIJmg on the stale government IIJ1d other ~Ic:vanl agencies 10 be pmncuve In tackling bunkcnng. If lIle youl..hs are cmpowa-td they may not have the tune to Cflgage thcm<;clvcs In the illegal dealmg." k\\'c:

We've flus ed out ille oil bunkerers in Ondo - NSCDC commandant 'The intelcepq tion of the fldu/ terated fuel was done in q

four months "f my assumplion in oIIIce as llie stale Commandant of /he

are mecrmg relevanl agenclCS \0

c:orne up Wllh n:oncnlalK)(!. and eIllJKlwcr· mell programmes for the youths, we have mel With OSOPADEC they have shoWJl

NSCDC, lhe men 01 /he

mlerest. If tIus illegal bunkenng conlinues ..--..tIus way, n will tanush the linage of the


nus Ili not 10 say the oorps has not been proacllve m the baule against bwlkenng. The command inu:n::cpted 5CVal lrucb the business IS really thnVlng In tlus areas.. 1hc mtm:eption of!he adullenlted fuel conuunmg 156,600 htres of aduitcmltd fuel In the rivcn:ide conununiliCS of the was done In four months of my aSS1Il1lpuon in offn as the state Convnandanl of the state 1ft the last few months Aa:onling 10 hun, the InIl:n:cptlOn was Nscoc. the men or the command made made: po5SIble following a tlJHlff from the uucn:eption at the nvannc: areas or the members of !he publIC: "No doubt, Dndo stale folloWing II Iip-<ln: "When I n:sumed J told the people thlll SllllC IS idenlJrted the state as one of the 5lIUeS "",here IIIc:gal bunkenng IS very nUIl- NSCOC has zr:ro 1Oknncc: for conupuon, panlln the oil pnxIuemg areas oflhc: state, cnme and cnmmahty, and since dun mnc:

command macJe /lie inleTceplion at the riverrine areas 01 the s/ote fnIIowing a Iip-oH.'

we have been dOIng our best. Fn:xn January 10 dale we have been able 10 mlCrCepl seven trucks oonwlmng 156,600 Iitrc:s of aduher- Ihis crime; ""'e are wOItmg "''lln other $CQ.r IUOO petroleum products. We have also nly IIgcncte:> In the state 10 CII~ th:tI a~11~" bunkcnng 15 ruduccd 10 the by $ nunman Shuadu abo pouned 001 thai the corps Il'llheSlB.le was woriong hand-In-hand With Other sccu"We IlI1! equally callmg 1.0 the people III nty agenclCS In the stale 11'1 a bid 10 reduce coopcnue Wllh men oflhe ~"'IS by fcubug ltCliviliesofbunkenn intheswe.: them With mfonnalion llboul WI)' tnnunal "The Civil Defence alone cannot tackil: acuvilles in (herr cnvrrunme 11 w

We'll make Osun S/West's economic hub -Dwoade, gOYS aide many pcorW: Will have the oppornuul)' 10 come hom.: and engage lhem!;lclvcs. \lle ~ ...-ovmg 01\ ~ saandard. Nearty NJO blillOll will be spmI on !ICbooI mfuwru:nn: UI 24 ItlOIlths. 'In the DI;:l1 24 monahs. aU Ibc schools In Ibc 5QlC will have Innd new rnfia.struCtUre. And _ are talking about 110 or Sldr schools. ne hospttals are not left 0Ul Every rocet oril>lm State IS being ~ Mydury As the SpeaaJ AdvJser 00 land andI lhbon """"""'"

r, A)'oddc Ow·Dade b SpedaI Ad~iser


on ~nd, Physical PI.IIllninl: and Urban ikvdopmm l IG Ihe Oswr


Gonmor. In Ihb inteniew ¥>1lh


Ib~ CI-

dWnnan of lbe Adion Congress or NI&;'Cria (AeN) in the Uni ted Khtgd om, talk!tabou t Ihe tffortS orArq;bftob'l IKhnlnlS1nlion In lrandomling the WIle. Exc6pa: M~ lhe aJMnlioos or the ptopk .r

_p_ . .


We do ID M\"e prob'an wllh the people we ~5CfVIng.NillUfUlly, when wccamc: In, 11 WIll the ngbt of the people 10 ClCpecI Aregilcsola 10 have. map: wlInd, but he docs 1101.. The deca)' of SI:Yal yeas wouJJ rtqUR a krnd of pI:mJIIfl8 10 JU nglrl. I can 8SSlR our people ttw by the trrrx: the profp"WT1Il"M:S of the ACN c0ntrolled st:l&C:S lire well wibzed, people Will he \'tt'j gnuefuJ IoACN Believe me.. anybody that comes 10 CSm Stare m IIDOlhcr 12 months Will be lIt'OILdenng when: be or- she IS. The:fe IS 50 much th:u will be unJOIdang In abouI SUI months fium now 1be piammg that .. ~nn:d IS ",hal ts nuurCSllllB In people's 1fI1I8bCnCC. I WIIrItlO IlLivLK my rellow Nlga13nS m de South West thai lhey should gIve the ACN tinl<: 10 deliver. We have erglll years.. in Osun SL.11e. wc've 0111)' bom Ibcn: lOr 18 monlbs. E'o"aI now, Iryou ~ 6un Oyo 10 O:ul Sr:de, you W\U notice the dllfcmx:e m lCml5 orthc enVlronlTlCllt and thM II JU5l the bqpnnalg. Arcgbesoe w.1lS thIS 5tI1II: 10 he the CIlvy of d-.c world. He wanb tillS stile 10 be an example or whaI black tnell could do. lie \o\"OI.IkJn', IICCCpI forcne second !hat blJdt IS an mrenor c:oncq:JI. I an bJppy 10 hive 111 oppor1uruty 10 wort.:: WIth hun. Ihs VlS01 IS clc:arcut. He wanlS 10 IrInSform the state completel)' Recently, the du:ahsallon of 0s0gb0fIbrun.'0 Road 10 Kwara SUIII: ISNI7.5 brlllOfl worth or oonIJaCI and the fmancmg was aafty and Ihorough. '.- .',

am mvul\'ed In effortS c:oncemlJl8 urbim rmewal. I JlISI want 10 awcaIlO the people m the!IUUC th;u II won't be bustnc:ss as usual. We are going 10 dc:an up the envircnncnt.. I advtse people 10 coop!nte wuh gDYCnVIlI:IlL Ir the pbnrung adhonuI:s say don't build, please, COI11liY. If you bwld, ¥>"e "",-.II n:movc II-

Day Ogun fanners got resource boost Frnm MOSHOOO ADEBAYO. AbeoIwIa


cross lhe ZO local £ID·cmmenl areas "rOgun Shltl", ranners in their ,",ups and c:ooperalh'e soricticI arne in lheir hundreds. The OttaSkIn "'.... the fbg-off of Commerda.I Atric:ulture Cftdjl Sc:Mme (CACs). Il k a panncnhlp ~-tflIliK ~.Ie

covcmmenl and lbe CII'III ,..1 Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 10 boost

rood llrodocdon. The evcnI comcidcd Wlth !be ofl'"JcialI'OIIWI of the Enhan:::emc:n& Sopport (GES) programme tmdcr the Agncuhural Transfonnauoo Appw:y (ATA) lI1ihe stale. GES III a collatxnlKxt bccwcen the SIiIte and Fedr:nl Governmenl designed 10 11ft rc:souR:e-pOOr fanrocn 001 of subslslcna: 10 !idr-sufl'"lCII:nty. Ogun, was one orthe flrSl 14 bcncfrcaarySlale:!l orlbe GES pilol: ~

IChc:mc Ir the COIdf)' CommJS:StOnc:l" rw Agncultun:., Ayo Olubon, ~ud tbe disbursement or the N I bil110fl CACS facllny would be done In phase; 10 qualified bcnc:froanes.. MinlSleror AgncuhulC and Rw-aI ~ 01". Akwwunrru AdcslII" 1qCd N"lgenans '0 ICfwn '0 the ram\, alJa)'Ulg the rcars or Nlgenam abow cassava-bt:ad.lle dcscribed lIS nllslca bng" chums by the House or Rqlm;cnli.tll·.'CS that cassaV1l-bread ClL.ISCS diahctcs, ,iddmg thai the position BpPeaf"Cd to be that or those wOO acrvcd the IIl\eR$I of ",·heat tm;ott'fS. AdeslI2 spoke agarmt tbc b.:i.~ of the ~tlOfl by the lIowe OraD Execullvc. Bill scct:rng Itl make II nwxblOfy for lIlCius;oo Dr ca.ssaVJ In the producllOfl of all flour products in N.gcN. The I~ouse had~ that con¢llllg.manuf.ICluR:rS·1II1llC1udr: cassava

woWd amotIOIlOoompclllng t-lgel1IIni 'O.-aI. products lhail mIght be UlJUIl<:5 Io thelf heahb.. 1louse members clauncd thal JO 10 40 pL:f cent of NIgerians


dlllbdKS, 8:111 II

would be unrmr \0 compel diC:In 10 c:rl CMUva pro;iuQ smcc: moll dLabeL..c ptlI!Ill.S ~




consuming fooJs sue 1 • a cu-

"'But the minister said; "1:11h a Juc:ntt£t, '.0

I know. There 15 somethll18 IIx)' a.JbI g1yct'111lC 100cx tOe hIgher Ihe gly<x!rmc mcb, the mon: likel), thai rtJOll ca.... p:obaI4), aggt1lvllle dIabetes. The giyt-.:oUc Index of 0iSSa'lll wiuch IS I thmg thai ,",call cal 1111 we grew 10 this ItDge. IS S8 pc CCIlt. The glyccnuc mJex or wheat brnci ti "2 per CUll and for ti)()SC of)'otl who ILL.:: tlomllukcs, l:-.c glYCClTlIC Index ofc:omftakes B 82 per ccn_ So v.htch one IS bcttcrl

DAILY SUN, 13 JULY, 2012  

Day Ogun farmers got resource boost

DAILY SUN, 13 JULY, 2012  

Day Ogun farmers got resource boost