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)"0 SI:lte Government hu lauded e!f·ut! by raearchu. a' the




TropiaIAgriculture(UTA), Ibadan, for Juccessfully I'T.Jduclng breat! Ylilb 40 per (e nt ClIssaV:1 Dour \li th similar tl Ual. ides u 1011 pfr cent wheal Dour bread.

0,0 lauds IlIA for producing high quality cassava bread

The innovatK.II, if adopted. will help Nigeria 10 ia,\'C about $252 million annually and impro\ ~ the livelihoods of cassava fannm in the c('\IlItry. baking. It\( counesy l-lsi! id~tifioo areas believe that UTA, we should be the milestone achieved In the use of composite "We wculd like to commend UTA for o r collaborntion between IITAand the Dyo first in cassava produClioo., n he added. nour in bread was a collaborative elTon the inclusio>n .,f high quality cassava flour State Governmenl In his response. Dr. Dashiell said the between IITA aud panncrs. in bread.. This is a great breakthrough," the He said that the aim or the: visit was to TIle Commissioner ror Agricuhure, Mr. Permanent ~:r _'tal)', 0)'0 Slate Ministry Bimbo Kola&::, specifically sought IITA's identify and develop action points that both of Agriculwrr. Mr. Isaac Adeckmlan. said help in promoting cassava. ma.tze and yam, IITA and the state govenvnenl ....-oold purduring a L'OUJ(C'y call by UTA's Deputy as the state embarks on a transformation sue to realize the vision of agricultw'al


Director GCllerai of Partnerships and

programme to make these crops catalysts ....,:_ .. ".~

transronnation. To demonstrate the. Institute's commitDr. thai UTA

Capacity Duilwng. Dr. Kenton Dashiell, to o f devdopmenl the ministJy ~st week. Adeduntan ~aid that tIlt Inno\'8tion would have a pc sitivt: impact on the livelihoods ofrC5O'IJ':e-poor farmers and create wealth. y,- th .1 ;pirKIlf effcct on job creation for youl,lS Beyond tht lISe of composite Dour in

" For us. as a state, we have

~=:Iyam, ~'~"~~': .


will drive ""''';'''''''''''''''''''0'''''.'''' of \jf!t~:i..'~~

He thanked the stale government for the construction or the Ajlbode road which eases thc movemenlorlITA stalfand fann · ers in !he area.

the state," '1n lI1e next 4-5 years, we want people 10 idc:otity Oyo stale with these crops. We

Agl':ic-YES Course IV kicks off in Lagos part


c. f rlfons to



l\lld c:rute jobs, lhe )lI.te Government, Ib roUgh the rollnistr)· ofAgricultun! and CoollCr.lfhu. w nagged olT Ihe Coone I\' tn:ining 01 the Agricufluml Youth EDlp:rn-en JII:tlt Scheme (AGRJC-Y£'s). SpcaIcirg 11 the a::n:rnony, CommissIODeI fen- Agriculture and Cooper.Jtill:S, Pincc Gbo1ahM I..awa~ gid the: sc.~! ' Y8S p..d in platt to create jobs. cnSllll! (. IOJ sca.rity and aMicatc pomty III La! J5 SIale. He said the: plogramnlC, whidl st.-tned in o..'IOCer 2OI~ wwJd make agriculllrC altr.lI:Ih'C Jnd rey,ouding TO the lo:cming ~ pt'plbti Jl'l1II the stile. He dj".-Ioscd that the progBInme has cooeludai [\0,1' (yc:lcs of ~ internship' and ~"''l''I. with 100 }'Oldhseaeh. ~ JkJI d e Iirsa batcfI 8J3dua!td \II Deccmtcr 20 0 IlIld have bcm SI:IOOd in AnIp FI!mI ioe .dement. f.shio....--d aller !he IlSIII:li IyJJc I< itJb.n. ACCO!rlmg to lawaI, panic:lpan15 of 5«Urit)'

Cou:sc:s n .00 UJ or tb:: progranvn: have also graduated with an ~ art1IUII estirn:J!uI. at abotJ: NI billion. He rn'Cillod that tb:: ~ from the !Chane which in::Jude ovtr l.soo 0".ue5 or Eggs per day, 32,000 broilers per month. IS-tonnes or Rsb fish per ~Ie. 160 IOIUlCS or cabbage, curumber, water 1onon and 1eafy vegef8bIe per noth III"C already being marketed in the :state. He. hcrwevtJ, implom;l the rrainces 10 be or good coMuct as tIw:y ....'m; ludcy to tho5ICIl out of the oVO'" 2,.SOO \hat applied for


u\~",d IISSlRd the trainees of provision of necessary materials that will make thI:nI cooUCI'tIIbIe t111'OOghoul their stay. Speaking earlier, Dirmor Agric-Yes Mr. 0Iadeji Abo said the CDmlC cumculum has been designed 10 iIllune the IJ'ainees IU only IrJ the lnodem Im1di in their con:: a:dWcaIlIlCIS bI.t also in gcnc:ra1n~and~.

"Regu1arIy, armed ~ and live coaches 10.; 11 be invited IrJ inject into the trainees UWlOValiYe tonic: for sucass"

Transilonnation Agenda: NRC boosts cassava export By fOSTER



C )(~


Ra ih,·.)' ICO'llornthll (NRC) has started tbt ha ul age of cana,'a chips fronl the Wmem part or th e (i)UDtr { to Lagos ports.. for expo rt to Asia and olher o,·ersesl COWl' ·ies.. This Illes" ({fort is the bcgUl. Ding of Ihe i-Ttl'lemcntation or the MI!f1lOlandUln of Understanding (MoU) bulo'ftd recently between lhe coJfOr.l11O \ and the Fedo:rai Mirustry of \,;ricul~, resulting in the fu"Sl nlO letnent of 160 Ions of eass.Wi! chips from 1I0ril1, Kwara State It, Lagos seaportS for export til As!a. Dni(I'Sul! investigation reveals that the MoU ,yas reached in line with the ovelall plan of actualising the transfonl1l tion agenda of the Federal Go'etrunent and then the ministry. ....1m It worb on largescale movernc:nt of cassava and other :I.grar1.m products of comparathe ad''lIl1tage to the global m""", ManLgiot; Director of the Cot-porltion. Adeseyi Sijuwadc, an engirteel. ':xprc:s&l!d optimism that lhe COlP )flItion would take

more market share of rreight able·assru and other faci lities, we baulage as soon as the run cement freight trains for LaraJEe fiom Lagos to 1I0rin after Lagos-Kana rail servica begin.. He was particularly elated 111111 which we deploy the same set of the era ofhau.ling goods up Nonh wagons to move tons of cassava and returning with empty \\.'IgolI5 from 1I0rin to Lagos ports," was over with the haulage of cas- Sijuwade said. "He assured IIle Frocrnl Minisuy sava chips fi-om Uorin to Lagos o r Agriculture of the p~ness or me ~nisalioD to fulfill its " III our stflltegie efTon 10 own side of the collaboration improve QUI revenue base through whi le Iltging cassava fanncn to optimal mobilization of QUI mov- take ru ll advantage of the opportu-


nity available to them for competitive globallTading. He explained that the corporation wou ld soon complete the rehabilitation and provision of special wagons' for the movement of agriculnira.l produce on weekly basis in the country, as the NRC had signed a Memorandwn of Understanding (Moll) with the 0sWI State goverruncnt to move farm pnxIuce tiom the slate to


partners foreign finn on food production


Ogun S iale GuVl':rnnlent bu e:rpressed Its rudiness to part n ~r with ienulne tn"estors to boost food prod u ~ lion In the stale. The Stale Governor, Senator IbilruDie Amason, slated thi! in Abookuta when lite directors of ZAMBEEF Product Pic., a Zambian company, paid him a courtesy call in his offICe. Arnosun said the present administration was willing to partner with the compaoy because its vision was in line with the car-

dinal Jlfograllune of the state for the promotion of agricultural products. He maintained thaI government would continue to partner with genuine investors that would add value to the economy of the state, urgillg the visitors to take advantage or the: enablin~ environment being cre:ated by hiS goVtmmenl as well as il3 e fforts lowards Ihe: industriali7.ation of the state. He noted that government would continue to provide infra· structural facilities like good road network, power and securi f)',

among others. to enable: investor.; benefit Ciom their investments. He expressed confidence that the presence of the company would create wealth for the pe0ple orthe state. Speaking earlicr, the Gro up Director of ZAMBEEF Product Pic., Mr. Carll.rwin. stated tilal the company was in volved in the produCllon, p'ro«:SSing, distribution lind retlliling of basic foods, stressing the need to ensure poverty alleviation on the African a mtinent through massive food pro. ductiQQ ... 10

DAILY SUN, 13 AUGUST, 2012  

Ogun partners foreign firm on food production