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Business week NOVEMBER 12, 2012


row more food

IFarmers need su


lie. hov.CVCJ. ponod out !hal du.amMl-

ma !he knIJw\cdgc of IS~I 8nd deYdopmg

mcmh\-u for 113 .top.Jon no'N stand as I chalio!&c (or nauonal planners IfId nnl dr:vdopmmt ipCCRhsts, and If dooe dliacn&ly would rauk m I1'I(ft produc1'~ Ind SlISWI\IbIc 1&J1CI.IItwc., U11pVYCd houIchokI IIId rqJOnaI KCUnty. inc! InCJUIi5ed mcomcs .non11lllalJ-~1c The A61ca Uruon', Abu,. dccbnlJOfl on fcmlam for _ Afhcan Gmm RcvoIubon.



wtucft has saled!hat efforts 10 ~ ~

• 'he contmml must bepl by ~8 lbi scven:1y dqlkted Db. rttouuncllcb OOI.DIncs 10 IntnaK rmilmcr use from Iht currenl II t.'lIII 10 at k:ast 50 !lha by 20 15 10 booiI: -en-


Piruc.,.u"""'" """"""""'

III tIus re-'s Cnlwford Fund conrttcn« mcluded the OtCr Eucwvr: OfTJCef of !hi: CGIAR. Dr Fnnk RljSbmTwI and Ihc DIrector General, lntcmabonaI Food Pohcy Resean:h Insfrtute IFPRI, DI' Shenggn'l Fan 11v:: .noual confen::nct: 1$ I key ~ In Austrah.', mtcrnabOnal ckvelopmrnt ",lencar II II1I'11dJ «vdapmr:nt profelSlOflab. ~ makcn, roc:archm.. agnbuAnc:I&




Fornfovd III/rid


IF'nmI spcaallllS IIId the 00, ~ aacnduJ&. 0.-

s.ngmp sui

~ (.-men.. CXJnICI"\"WOnlSU"



!Nt ISFM pracnled •

means 10 oYerCOmI: the tblmun. of low proBy lMEotA

ductMty, by otren1l &rmcrs better rUIrn5 fer lllvatmcnl ., fCl'bhzcr, tIwuugh Its cornm. ..non WIlt! mdtgcnom IgrtHmIlmlIs and .~~bbk «pruc ~

5rudmtl, and


other stH:r:hoIdc:n TIus )'elf'S ..,Ih !he Itx:me, "The Scnmbk for NM1nI RCI(lUI'aS Moft Food, Lest lAnd?""' ,150 marked the CnwfOl'd Fund') lSth ~


RiMIDAN donates ric~ worth N50m to flood victims Iab:nIc wllh NEMA 10 bn", -..ccour 10 the 'IICltmI. Ow orprusabOI'I " a body lhal comPOICS the cntlJ'e \"aluc eMI" or nee anponcrs, ranners. millen. merchants; proocIIIOB and dsn1JUlors. "We arc woRms hard 10 ensue that nee IS avallabk 10 ow people at alf<Wdabk pnec:s.. We would be willms to ICc: how we can Jlvc out IUJIPOf1 10 be pan 0( the p of thc economy," he sad Rcccrm, !he: !ICmS on behalr of tbc VIC' I~ the: o-cu Gc:ncr.I or the IICPCY. AIbaJI Sanru Stch.. tbanItcd manbcn or the

..oaalJon ror the kand gesaIU'C AlhaJI Sida. who ....... rcpre!ICfIICd by Ihc DIra:Iof or A~ and SuppI)" Dr lama Mohanmc:d sud "What ow In RlMlDAN Mve done TT'IUII xnd a 'QpaI 10 OCher aroup&. MIOOIIlIOOS, COfPOBIC bodICS, ndrvdJals that II IS noc 100 late 10 show your IUppOrt 10 your sulfcnnl bro4hcn and J&S&m. 0t5astcr know!; no elus., age or UlOe.." Whtk ...",. tbcm lkal NEMA ....'11

level of pemmcnL Earttef In h15 operung mnarb. NEMA coonhn.alor for South West z.onc, Mr !yanda Akandc sax! the agency has ba:rl damg • 101 to bnng ~ 10 the dIs-



"We an: 1.11 concerned

In to

many ways. as ,ndlVKfuals corporate bod· ICS and agmaes of govcmmmL It could rOf- M"'C' been anyone NEMA t5 dCllng a lot 10 .....-d the cIonatJom 10 the d ,~ VKbms. amdJonte Ihctr suffc:nngl You can come he MIded Ibat all donabonl would be fuJI)' -m Md collaborate ,;\,lh \IS to lkat togdhc:r doo.Jmcnkd and made known 10 Ihc h1ghc:s1 ....'C' can push dISaSter 0Ul or our shores"

Nutritionist lists benefitshe.,. of cue· .mber ,..,....

urn conICnI

rcgu1aIe tugh and low blood

She opIamcd thai Cfq)iCn. In enzyme. fOund 1ft thecut:llmbcr, hdpcl In !he ciltPhM


~ " a proteID beuon found m Ihc WCSbn&I Jwccs and conlall. a group or enzymes Ihat dip pr:pones 1\110 amlllO

,*fu1 fOflholcsufTmns from~orthe ICClh and IUf"I. ~I)' III cues 01 rror-



"The: high nunr:nI COO1eni

he"" ~

~dlJni or nails and the ~ of cu;.vnbc:r JIIICC IS benefIC..] ror !hoJc suffer-


1>1_ rdalCd 10 kKlncy, unnaf)' t>bddcr. b\"ef.oo ~.n: known 10 be cured "'Cucumbn JWC'C MIded 10 the:]Uta: or ta" by the f'CIU:lar muItc of Cucumber " "C~ JlIOY'dc III ..... Ith a \-ancty or rob ..J IdIuc:c promI.*S hau J.fO"'>1h Ind aJUld ..., be aood fOf CXJntmI1in& e1CCa WK hc:atth-supronlve phytonutncnb Amona . . . In the body," the sad. dUE~.-c RaYOnotdl (..,.~ She opIamcd thIII cucumber " aIIo I'ound hIkoIln, quattUn. Ind kac:mp(croI~ )ISJWnS (J!!ncnstrlol. ~ and ~ ~).tnd tnlc!'pCnCl(cocurhrtIcUlSA. D.

C. and D)," she apWncd nlbft' has antkanctr hnldib MlntcmiIlI\gl)', the role or Ihdc pUnt hlnans m cancer protc:cbon Involves the role of m 0...- d1gcsl1VC net '"\\'ho1 ~ cor-.umc ptanI h~ like dIOIC found \1'1 cucurnba". t.cIcna III ow d1gt:1llVC tncI take hoid of thc:x hpans and convcnlhcm mIO cnteroh~ bkt cnIemdI01 and cnlerol:K:SOnC- ~ The: cnlerollgnam have tht .milt)' 10 t>md onIO C$UOICt1 rCUf*Jn .00 cwId have IxIdI pm-estrogcnlC and 1nI~ elfccts 1M reduces r9: of csen&m-rdMat anan.. II'ICIuc.iInI: canccn or the '-'-t (MIf')", uecrus.. and pnwillte, ~ ~ gd (NAJI,\


'Farmers need support to grow more food'

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