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MARCH 11, 2012 SUNDAY 5 N

Antelope farming, a money-spinner -Dnebunne


EARING IolllelUI)e ma)' 0 01 a ppear lIS clan)' u maoufac-

has b«n nwic a\'ailable 10 tnlTeprcneun through

uring or !)dog in

lhe finandal sen ica Relor. bur II holm 10 lot or promise. M llllY Nigcmns heading for .he urba n af"65 Yiould make money if lMy join Ibelill le gro up of enlrepnneun (nVH IiDg La a nlelope breeding. Antelope fanning IS becommg lucnuvc and popubr like piggay III the II has expcnenced

nallonwlde senunars and ....1lI'bhopi:. Oncbunne helps people 10 seI up grasscuttCf, snail, fish and an tdope farms He also sells (:u;tgrowmg species of amelope and grasscullers brccdmg r~

1bc:n: IS • huge market for these. For e:xampk, antelope bcccthng suxk IS in lugh demand by m::rt:3.1l00 centres, ZOOS, rcseardt institutes, game reserves, holiday resortS. Many bouseholds and rcst"'1I'Ull1J serve WIle-


with Sunday

Managing of JoVll.lllll Farms,

lop< IS"""". Onobunn< this an advanlage for"'" tus colk:agues as Nigenans are kloIong for the del)CKIUS and IaSty bush meat. Happily, !he business does 001: teqUUl: much 10 stan. With about NlOO,OOO, one C3fI ktck-swt WIth one: fanuIy of antelope calIod a pau nus compnses one male and one female. They are reared Ln pen or frcc..r.ange system. l ie adVised nI:W Clltt'Wl1S 10 buy them at the bree:(ling S!ock stage, thaI is when they between SIX and seven

Annzc: Onebunne, an income-generating busl0CS!ii for )"OUJIg (WlIlCS and that 11 is noc dtflkult 10



IUllelope: ~ 15

calef for the iUlUIlII..Is. What ooe needs IS fresh green grass 10 feed Ihem dally nus 15 followcd by gnuns and kw=aIly fonnulaled pdleu.

Onobunn< """" """"" fanrung many ~ ago. lIlee Ihen, he has grown me busmess to gcnc:rate healthy profiL Ihs success lunged on technical SlnJIegICS, somd YCtcnnary and ulIl1lIIl bUibandry research and the usc of IS

""""'" - If you

III !Ius stage and ltv them for sa months., they WIU 5laI1 uvuIg bablCS at 12 months and you CUI SWt making profit," he saKl An telope belongs to the:

alTonbble prodUCtlOQ methods thai are swled 10 small-scale produccn. 11>< "''''''''''''

family of BoVldae and

appears mamJy In Afhca. TIle)' occupy I WIde vanc:l)' of habitats, mcludtng dry iCrubhmd, Slvannah and grussland The: gm;sland wlIelope IypK:llly weighs up 10 8-IOkg. They have I reddISh-brown head, large: eyes and cars, and a soft, brown coot that is gmzIcd With grey, black and wlute ban. The eyes are ringed WIth wtute: h:ws. Only the males have: horns. but these: might

be hidden by a spiky f<n'Doth


fall~lIc:s ha\"e

males and an d .. ,gated,

simple. It does not I"CIQUU'e sopbl>lK:lted c:qwpmcol as Ul other livestock bustness.. All that the IlDlelope rcqUtre5 IS a Simple shc:1~ thaI protects It from alVl-

ronmc:ruaI ho.mrds such as exuane told and heat, .sun and nunfall. Onc:bunnc works Wllh mlCtCSlOd fannc:n and Jl1O'" vxIe Ihem With tnform:tuon on how 10 brc:c:d BnlekJpe profitably. lie also sells breeding pair of one male: and one female antc:lopc bR:edc:rs 10 intcndmg farm.

prdIenii1c: D05C.

In the wild, they feed mamly 00 leavcs, buds, shoots, row. tubers. grasses, fnuts, eac. But III domesUC8tM)n. they are hand fod wllh foruge. wide nmge of fresh green vegetable: and pasture., ~ green gJUSS. cabbage. carrots, kuchen CIllpS. con JruU waste and locally formulaltd IUltelopc pellets. The first challenge: Oncbunne faced was the: management of breeding and adVlSCd thai people get proper IJaining befM: ,-enloong mto the btuiOCU. Today, apan from breedmg. he also provides compe.-

hc:nsivc: tminmg. I-Ie: said among the basic for the brec:dmg ue unit, which Ii

ofIspnng pa yar. Antelope fannmg if approached With the right infonnatJOll and knowledge 1\\'0

is a viable: oommen:aa1lC1ivity, Add thl5 to the: fact thai the Food and Agriculture Organiutlon m a recent study obscrvc:d that over 950 million people are: starving everyday lbe stluation affords the proipeClive invc:sror the opportUlUty of raising f'rc:3.h wlldope: meal for local and international



Onc:bunne oovlSCd g0vernments 10 crelte an enabling c:nvirorunc:nt for the busin=. " I discovcnd that the govc:mmetU 15 only paymg IJp

sc:Mcc 10 youth empowerlIx:nl In some iIllteS, whal the governors do 115 I way of alleviating pIWa1)' is 10 buy moton:ydes, tncyc:lcs and wbcc:lbarm for people. The roadi arc filled WIth ab&e-bodicd young I1lQl thai

sbouk1 be engaged in fann· ing. It 15 Ul a bid 10 empower our youths, widows, retmx:s wxI the wle:mployed that I cmbBdr:td on the nauonWide SCII$iIIZ1lllOD

- .. __ • T'*'cInItne<


Understand"" and Your IP Rights I.,.,....,. ..aidaN, ~ -.erin, ............

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CWrP. .......... ~ ... M.-..-InIOtlte_.

1iiIIIf1l'w.,............ .&II~."'"' rot __ Inl_l don, pt_ vnd 1&." email: 1IIf~~ . cmo. Or .~ht~ 1.0 ~ _1IfJda1el" Nl$I:ll_dbiHhap.«m/~


eM K

agro seminars

campaign 10





bow antdope and


fnnlllng CUI curb

unemployment and alleviate

povc:ny. Today, we hold seminars in aJ~ 30 Slat CS in Nigeria.. Anteklpe farming can aulC more than 12,000 jobs in Nigcrilo because ~ arc DOl only kept for their

""'" """" _


oooe tanor.d. can be expcwu:d 10 India, Saudi Arabia, ludy and now OtiM to be made into high-quality leather products aJCb as 1:wd:liIgs, ~ wallets., belt, lkums for DlIUK:1UlS., upholstery matcriab: uod wnsI wa1ch. Their hides are: simply IOlog to become ftihioo. accessories for the wealthy," he

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DAILY SUN, 11 MARCH, 2012  
DAILY SUN, 11 MARCH, 2012  

Antelope farming, a money-spinner -Onebunne