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BusineSIWEEK OCTOBER 8• 2012





alone cannot IIbk. Arrt COUdry dw am- pi)' t.:k7 II IS a ~ JC:rVx:e. n.: idI:a IS Id poduce us own food IS .... &Ital ,otg the FADAMA an:epl From Lagm E&g. Vr-e are movmg kl ...... In !roUble. If ~ IS IIrIY IflIdc policy from !he West.. Afkr the CQItIItllSSIOII we bave ctpOItlDg country. !he rvceMd .. ~ ~ from O\'CI" SOO ~!il31e will alWl)'l ~ 'This. wtJlllwe we doiIl&_are sdTc; lDok.!be case of ndurw!he lives ofos I"armcB dirmty \lIe <id ricz, lnb1CSIIa a time \1,_ m bee the Ii1JUIS on b:m. we mbd dan 10 nola nce~ natIOn,.. ldilll thcu- rads, ...... ~ 0DUId do., IJd when it got 10 a sage. Jl.ftOt!han. The fameD we haf'PY ..s Ibe ~bamcdlbe~ gmumnmI 15 IwwY 100 The 'WIde Idea is 10 of rice IOd IDday Indoncsa rubJ: p!7YertY .nd _ the Iiw18 5QIKbnk of I( cne of !he nee ptlIb:a18 lJmMitary C'OOdilica; .. lbe Lar;aI Sbm: rdOIJ5 of!be v.utd Nigma

!be second



Weaealn::ady ~ 1ha. I WiIIII us 10 go 1-* 1Owt.= we wec:onq fium.. At WI:n! ...... mm 10 move arctSI from tbc: ....... U" 10 !he lTIIri:a Then yw v.wId _ pcqlIe arryrc carcILU on d__ beads.. That bas bec:n CIeS, IM)'W ITUl be able 10 do what )'00 1wI.~ the ~ pI-.xt OUIm we ~ 10 1W"-oooIing sysIogJc:aI awon b. ThII. 15 tem. Now we how: rt:fiiamIai vaI5.. We srin ha1.-e chaUcr@elbut weluwe adnxt tlJe why III i..Bp we lOcus on poultry, ~ aquIIOJl- managcmeI. 10 Ia:y lIlk) OJ new sysk:m 10 po\IldI= ..'hoksx1'W:!: mtaI puUts to I...agosaa. I1re.. We abo cnaJtr.IGC We haw: our h)'giencl otrlt'ef'l; arxI ~ p!qlIe 10 bnng then- ~ W:r to l.Jtgos 10 a&j value.. dockn dri'e, We an: rClQUIlSUUQlIIg die pJuce. It We can add 'IIlIue 10 your hila a ma:hmU!lal system but os poopIe have citrus, pooc5lS ald ITIIWkct refusal 10 dwtge.. On a datly bws, IJq slaughn I..ap.- WbaJ. wr la:d do ICr abcIlI2,OOO CIIIle IJ~ 1M smce!be ~ I5fi:,lherail~1 mEnI docs not &CterlIb: lIS awn energy. IhaIIS • IOd OIJCe ~ • IhaI. }UI can bRIg manythmg We arc Wllfkmr. WIIh pnvalc IlivesIOI'S 10 CUt-&un 111)' JmI. of tiE cw:u..-y I!Dd you aid 10 \'CIt !be Vo'Mle aI the IIbIaaw ..., btogas and !hen In l.a!P. ~ _ r;omg 10 have E ~ m'UIuU!Ie 1110 pJWer Pne of1be cqDpInaJl then:. We vole mestoc; 10 ~ tiDIL We bIw: ., IIp'O-alhcd ~ • ImoU. We know os ct.llcngrs d~ and we are a.:k.hng _1aIIang 10 _ p:q!Ic 10 a;JIne 1IIld do duy, !hem ('lie by one waste (I ~tlldlinft). ~ and de\-dopmm' Iiul JlIICC' poo::s5IH&. So we ab-e:.Iy '-"e a fix:us n ..... and we _ IIf!tbl1g IOOd senny, Jf'h "'~1JOn 15 if! OS qu. pobcy. The trw;:CI'C:Ib(JIl ..t pCI'ottty aIkviabon. \\~ em Iadde IDI' mcdausabon WIt • tub' die ~ of powB" Agria.dttnl D'o1C:CS we t.Ye mcct.niaI eng!~dJalbp~~ Farm estaks .... ~ IJIlCn and ~ uffin. l..agollS daq 50 (M" nu:b, we lave proand a lot of' tndcn ~ ~ is a li....... xqAlOi, ~ We shJuId mt fI1IIi:e llgI'ic a ~ benefit. In *"doped t.w..I ~ b- our ~ ram.:n. We hr,oe ocumes!bey stan \U)' ytU1g 10 ~ II1Igrit firm hands ita we lady kt swart our firmtors. DlnIg pIanww.aD\. we dq>Ioyour InIdor5IO We have --=d exeaJlr,~ ~ at 1M !he IiIIms or cau;r... arowers fOr tt.:u- U!lI: • a sufJ5id,zrd rate. We do !he _ rcr our nee tt.l t...gos Sale 15 ccI~ \ llh the \\, IitmJ ac:Moe c:enre. III ~ A~ wlJ:fe we Inlm ~ who ..lB1IlO pi egnc Yen- fami:J'!: \\eM\'tc:oniWd~1Or1hcm. v.ood n.nIt wl1l m con- e 10_ L:tgIl!lIO 8!ilR'Il lUeS when dq I't1R. Wf, ~ mIbbormng ....,l1h We ptMIIe a whole lot of na:hulO)' kt 5IqIOIt nee Iim1c:n ifthey kncM' that 'AeOI noI have \be all tiE~ ... make no 1llI5IIkr~ them Aside (rom CMI8\",no:: uOOI bdof'rrmzc pocmoallO@IOWrioe. 1111S~t_'IO",doIlan;~ !tnI ~ stUIId. not I>c Eft lit !he 'and,; u.. we plant. "~do nnI ta\oe much .rnbIe land thai ....uuId ro.tUlll: 100 ffWly InIt1or5 ca SlI!rtCd .. 2010 mJJ fiu lilies life ~'tld. orthc JI~ alone. ,.lon I12ric InVftU)Q in lAf,os Lagos. Elqu, K..b-oa. Kar... 1U1d (!nil R~cr We 'h-n 10 pm..dc}Obs mw..l alleo."1IIIC JXI''eft), l .......-emmctlt ~Io"c c.tIJUC dc\'dop ~ture FG', Agric tntusfumlll.Uoo. :tg.mdlil .,KI If we do no! adlhss llgJ'IOJIl1Jre propc:rl}, I don'l dll11k we will 1ft it nghl. We: arc: DOl bulkllJt& tJ.t rswhy illScauJng" mablJngm\il1Jf1Tlll'l1l The FedI:ni GMmnm ... !IIi agoJda and m farm tsliIIt:s !Of l'1:U1X:S. \I.'e;n buikbng alpllCt- lOrimUlOn.lrwellllYeif!YCSIt'i'SlhatCala:me lago5. ~.m ~ our 19C1da. Food ~ Iy /'or 0.11 our 6tnners III'd suppomt18 !hem 10 if! fur just prot1$S1JlI of fisit.. • lot orjobs ",.,11 be rn:atal Ir we have lmeslOiS 10 process UnafeaIms ~y m !he l!}.poInt ~ of n:n:IIIe dlCll' p-oWdIVII} thts ~ \'.C IlIreaty h:lYe ( U pI.'Im. JuslI'l'CCIllIy. we pn:ro.idcd fi!;fung inputs 10 fish- toes.)'W know 11O'~'- illaI)' JOh; we woukI CP::IIIr. we lla\~ Iht land. we hr.'C the people. And we efTTa111t 0runedL Thc:se arc: fishermen ....t.o are We !aYe a C'onom IIotR .. Anlp. die yields are IlJecallllxnt!ng ....,!h die Fe!k:raI u,.'Q11me11l1O alW2)' m disllassaks. We have P'Q\'ldcd five biggeraldlll!.dtmoR'thalwhalyw1loQl]d CIlSla"e bxI «lCU1l)' ... die QU1Ir} ~ made • of 400 6sbmg fanilies if! the openlidcL It IS a catalync ~ we Be!hu1lS if 1nI}'. WI:: aIIo h;r.'C (U" 11\0.11 ¥1C "'tth Iistq lab, <Uboard CIIgD:S. 6stnng nets !aYe suned m I...It@Ds and we ha\'C 2,tISO pubcy. And tim 15 lOr III to proWce IS p:r ccnt 10 dx: twe ofal:Jod N4 miJlifJn. Ao:I how do they """'" of"'" of 9 1 . we 0QrI!bTJe WI ~ -xl 'M:' fi:d we .sinlld be IIbIe lOdo tt. Food JICCUI'II)' IS~­ 1q5J11:l~ofnce fium Thailand. It 15 not SU!Y _



"We are WOfkil!J with pO-

!he •

the obaIIoir rolo biogos and then u it 10 some al he equipment there. We know challenges there cn.I we are IIJckmg them one !J,/ one. "









We !Jaw 0I'I:r JOO,OOO rmnmg litllula .. lagm. WcSIiD. "~p:xJpk .. 1Ile J p w l _ 1\ lagaL II is only hwgh agn:uhI.ft ttat • 1at ofjobs I:al be acaIEd ~ -.:d IheAgnculttft: Ywtb ~ ~lIrne (Ago-Yes) and !be an IS It! poi..Ice: v.utd-daD iIgOC cme~ Wi: ~ ~ 4OO)WIts to_, but Ibt tiq;d 15 1,000 We ~!he !sad, modd II!! v.~.1he Sangtw I~. fucnnsulwu Ire !he S:mgta RegiomJ ~ In Dmm RqUJb;: ard the HcbR:w Utu~ .. JousaIon We wanllo adt:h up with ocher tIIlOa of the woOd wt., U5II:rl agriruI~ to ~ their ccomrrue growth. In tI:uJe rlBllOOl. IIgJIC is highly !IlIbsIdizcd by ~ We Itt . . fOCUSIng 00 ~.mourWgel islOdo! millionlTWllric lin offish by 201S. At Ihe nDUe'l" we.-e doing IlS,.(XXI mctnc IonS and !he COI~ in lAgos is CMr 500,000 mctn;: 1m!. NW=na

....... 780.000"""'" ... "'.... """'."""," ~.bof~IO~~~~~

KwtI'O 10 export 500,000 tomes of cassava chips annuaIy ham lAYI <JtAII&WUJ, b;n


Government alone cannot develop agriculture

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