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Investing in safety matc producing plant UBAGocIwin ..bogodw;n",...,..oxn 08034494437, 08023664368 •Fncuoa composlUOn bIIl.I. nUll oCan:I borani ~ pambng madlmc o()uu:r bn IkillcIs CUIlIIIg modnnc -card tx.tI 001er box mak:mg rnachme -Inner box sbIku CUl1l!lg DlKhme .cam oo.d ~ box m:tking mxhiIle -Glue mung bath The plml bas !be capICl1)' of ~mg 1,soo bundIcs pel" dull (10,000 gross boxes). It can wOO: on doubk: sluft per- day. v.iuc:b would be Iillf1ictenI .tbr .,.~ popubuon of len nulllOO. The machmcs will be obuiDcd from Inda or Ouna. Ddatls will be given 10 proip«tI~ m"""",

Rli w rullcriabi

AU the t/lW matcrials required for the prOfCCI locally nailmbk. TIle wood mau:naI nnd a1Ilbe n:quim:l chemical compounds n:qwrc:d. can be pmc::urcd from IOI1lC Mlcnuftc:d deaio:B III Nigena.. TIll:' rtQjOr OIW malO::\B.l;! are iplinl papa. panaffin ....'aX (Gndr: II). CIUt!board boxes complc1c, cbclIuall, pacGging 1II31al1l.1s Cle. ErupiG}'aueolopportunities This JIIVJCd is a good employment gmcnoon prop:t. Thc ~ ...-ouJd be able Ii) employ ¥bout 300 penons per mift and n:qu~ I JIOWa" oflOOKwtL


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The proWcUon processes makmg the outer board piIpCS", followed by m:Wng the _ board and abe splint raper rolls. Details will be IPYeO 10 prosp:r;:nve V1Y$01"5 suw;:e !be space: wtll 001 be enough for full danonstrutJoo.. Mon:oYa- the: procIuctI.;.o prtICCSSt:S mvolwd dcpaIds 00 ....iIcthc:I- the irl\~ W1UUJ 10 gD inIo wax nlIIChc:s Of !be ~ ~ mau:bcslttmbcr boxes. I..oOItioa orthe propo5fti project llus pro,oc:t can be Ioc:a1ed III any pan or Nigena and lhewnlf:f will a5Sl5t tbe JIOSPCCbYe

You '*' abo unease the capEll)' Ievd men profits.

eng palm oil (PKG) to 0'0'0 oil Edwin Agbaike ~yoI>oo.oxn

08098525122. 08023381900 I" oil or pal... ke",el oil MO) May It. refi..... to


produce the equivale .. t

Plant and machmery includes Boiler.

Dccolonzers and Deodourisct' IUlIts.. They fabncated kx:ally nnd installed by local expertS. lbe plant under cowlIdcnmon has a pcOOucuon capacity of 10 metnc tons per day. As a result ofteclmologtcal bn:ak-througb and chcnuca.l research, palm oil and palm kcmeJ 011 may now be convened UllO Ororo type of cdlbk oil The conVerslOO process mvolves decokxuauoo and Ikodonzauoo tecluuquc:s Wltboot any danger of cberrucal conllUIUnallOn. II IS tbc::ft;fore safe for cookmg purpose Just like groundnUl or mdon oil Exeamon of tlus prtJJeCl may be camed IIIC

. . . .tity of ·OrorG' type of edib" oil. the high fatty acid c_teet, palMitic odd ilK'" of palM 1e.,...1 011, contrillautes largely to .... cllNarac:teriatic peculi.. CMIour, wtUct. ...... out m a small shed oftbe size ofa ~-bcdpeopI_ clidUr:. .... taste 100m bungalow III a plot ofland. The Sltllng of cocdd.g. of this projed should take mto COI\SIdcr.uion However, almost evaybody apparollJy consllmt supply of I1lW JllIlta'i.aI.s (nearness 10


bas preference for 'Ororo' type ofcdible O!l

II tastes bentt. tw less odour and less fiuty acid. TypicaJ c:xample is the groundnUI oil or melon oil "I"1le RUl.rket f(r 'Ororo' IS very high and cuts; ac:ross Nigeria 10 ECOWAS sub ~10ns. the tenlnll and far East Afucan countries. lbe raw materials for this project an: polm oil and palm kernel (PKO) processed from the fruit of palm trees., which grows abundantly



most of the southc:m states of the

palm 011 or PKO producooo slIe) lUld near-

ness 10 a lady for firushed goods.. A small scule project will cost between N470,OOO aud N1.5 million. ThIS amount can be scaled down or increasc:d depending 011 the fmancial stn:ngth of the promoter. POII:ntial mvestors in need of CIIplLaI for

tmplemenmuoo of this or any of our listed Small Scale Project may gel in touch for assiStance. The project IS capable of offermg employment opportunity 10 aboUI 15 pasotmcl for a

SIJiJ1. DlStribulors could be appointed 10 han· dle both purchases. DlfCCC sales could also be made to hotels, restaurants, supennarkelS and the gcnemJ pubhc. Export potentials exisI wlthin and OlIlSlde the ECOWAS subregions.. Addresses of cstabllsllCd lmks of export rnlUkCIS can be obtamed 00 reqUCSl nus project, if pmperly ilted IS very vaable and profitu6le. The cost margm of the mw materials palm o.VPKO and the refined Ororo 011 well pxkagcd IS wKJe enough to resull good profit IDaI&JIl- With other dm:ct cost mpu1S. a profil m:qan of about is 1Cl1mabk:. Consldmng JWOduc:tJOIl capaaty of 10 metnc tons per day, a profit after tax of about N5.57 Ill.lllion can be obtamcd in the first yar of operaUon. nus project stands a good chance of atuactIDg fmance Iium the banks., when: mdJ.vllhws or corporlllt bodles are assasIed With funds ranging &om N500,OOO 10 well OVa" NSO nulhon. A wc:U.packaged feasibilIty rqxm IS a prerequisite 10 securing finance for the project. For de1ails 00 how 10 unplcmcnt tlus proJtel Of ooy OI.bcr, please COOtncl us.. We arc willill& 10 assist potenual mvestors 00 any aspect of the project. Prospecuve lnVesIQ[S may get 10 touch With us 11.1 the acIdrcs:s stat·


'" h=unda.


Refining palm oil (PKO) to ororo oil