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JULY 2, 2012



Researchers save maize, cowpea from violet vampire :7.:.:x:.rn,,,, '"

... Boost vields, Income I .

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icl an lIi1! poor. Til



hemlCKk used III 008ting the seeds (sttigAway) and wtuch kills the strigasced IS it gcrnuorucs and before il can c:atIIC any damage- cncoumgin(! mme-kgume intcrcroppmg and crop rouuion; IIIJd

.ble them incr'e1l.w

adoptmg stnp blOOOlltrol tc:chnoIogtes. A signifx:ant ~ ofthc ISMA pnJJed IS the tdcnllfication of best-bct cambinations of the

COft]Ja rllf"nll.

ney lnYe devdoped sus-


~. mulu-prongcd managemes t options !.hal 1I01iI11 holder f!lnDCl'S could ctrCCll\leIy ud profitably deploy In

.VIIlllble stnga control opbmS forlpCClflC socio-ca:I-

He saKI: 111e suite of integraled atrIga oontrOllIlk:rVOllions bemg promoted by ISMA will gmcrate till estirnatt:d USSS.6 million wtJrth of mwx: and cowpea &RBI ..-J1y PI projo:I SItes III Kenya and NIgcna "We ~ abo optmusbe that the Inlervcntxms will lead 10 SO pen::ent more YIelds m rt1IUZC and IT1Oft: than double Ihe cowpea halvest In strigamfested amtS. About 250,000 fum1d'5 Will directly benefit &urn the proJcd," he added. One year on. the initial outpul50flhe ISMA proJcd have been mcoumgmg. In Kenya. aImast 6.000 fitrtno!; m Ihe

their farm. S:'ri~ ~ I crop pnmsi1c thai III c~dr:m:I IQ be one of the alO5lrainl.1 10


"'" ~ rub.Sahamn Africa. AM O\~Tl as the: VlOItt van.. pm: ;ausc' or !be beaullful VX),d f!)WaS II produces. the Sin pi Wttd mostly affecb .-raIl!: ,nl C'OV>"JlCIl ~Tl In

""F3Ilt1~ "Ii"" regularly klse 40 lO

IOC ~ r call of their crops, ""'1IQru\osscs amountlllg 10

.ut lUSSl2 billion ClIery year ajd afTectm8 the h\'chhlxd 0 - lOOIl: than IS million

"""1hI·1da- """"'-

LItt: I 'iaIIlJl~ the pc5t sucb j IJllJ dralllS Its host of WaleI" Inn VItal nutncnlS 10 the poo; llalt the infested pm! 1II'l11xri .-.I dacs. What m..'Ikcs Slnp IUb IlIOI't: de.1Iy is thr it 4«S mo5l of Its damage ~round, even before



=i"""" ",,""~"bk"

The pr'(l!CCI ~ said pottner seed companies have produeed 6610115 of seeds tll3l U!It Ima7Jlpyr bcrbic:ide-fCSlStIIIlI I1lIU7.C cooung technology, WIth over 3S tons disseminaltd 10 more than 23,000 small· hokIc:t r.mcrs through partie-.

farmers am

... "_ _ o,

do 10 S we Ihc:If crop.


Ihe fur

JIIIBSii c w=t.

farmers tom-

oW)! usc aJInnI mcchods

8.1)(1 ~_I-<Dlerxence he!bl-

cidcs. wluch are largely mer· li:cti al proteding die atlp

as mqsI of the damage hils aJrcad1. hec1 done bdo\v tlle

"oJnd / underground AI~ gil this may {l"lvKlc: Doe ~.d" agrumt stnga. the bnbIC 'dcs are nonseltc:l1ve, and ad· Dr costly and unavailable Krn1lllll

r.mcr, III U!C In

now MV1:

SlI'lga and thc

'''''''''''' ......... (IR) interely and mailC-1egumc aup stngI control \I:IChnok)..

' .bI;r.'e the lod surface. 8} time the weed II1d ilS acll-lll ,JOtC:t floWCB appear, . ', w1y too bde, and there

dg of sced5 F plant. l> ~ build-up 111 1I11l131 n::mam \UMC , ~ years. 10 conr:roIllus


IIlCCSI 10 new


11 11Ol ' ru'dl that



Ibrlr productivity a nd inaome\ n:te:In:h t r"l ill . ubSab .... :1 oVrb In woridng bllf"'d ~ rid the rqion of the dndJy pmaWc wctd Ilrig., which iAfects malu and


using mala: van-

ebe5 RSlSUlnt 10


""Womed ..... =by the

mow:c or tile hmnfUI w=d. in June lOll, I private pubbc: panDCBhip. coc:arltn:IIed by thr: Intcmatiornd Institute for Troptcal AgrictI.fnR (IffA), lbadan. launched I oollaboralive effort known as the ' Integrated Stnp Mnnagemetll III Afnca (!SMA) Pro}OCt'. 1o devdop. package of Stnga COfIb"<H opbonS IiI srna1IlxHdcr Iiwmas m Kenya and Nigcna.. The JlI1l1Cd is funded by the



&. Melinda Oltc:s FoundabOn and IS being

~1Cd in plrtnentup With the IntanatKJnll MalZC and Wben Improynnellt

Center (CIMMYl), Intcmauooal Centre of for Planl PhYSIology Illld Ecology (lc:ipe), Afntan Ap1cultuml Technology FoundallOll (AAlr), BASF

Crop Pn:!Iccbon. and nauooal ag:ncultunl resean::h and aIcnston servK:a and pnWIe ICdOr ~ UI Kenya and NIgeria.. According 10 the.





To enhance IR seed prum.c.. and dwribution m Kalya. the project suppcxttd the. KCfI)'II Seed Company With I dedicated .8CCd 'treater' early thts ycnr: IR-maize coating tochnology, combined Wltll the ll'ie ohtri~1 matZC \IlU1ctles, rmucc the cmergcncc of the parasitIC weed by up 10 60 pcrccnL To

0Iu0ch.. ISMA"s maID pi IS lion to promote proven Strip management tcdmoklgics thai can be deployed IJ1d WOI1c m smailhokkr &mung condllKrns.

The fett-yearprop:t focus-Inlprovtng aca:ss to Stnga control solutions thai mcludc 115lng stnga-n::stSlllll It1lUl.e and cowpcl V1IDCbc$,

cs on

......,..... • "pmh:t>tll' .....

noiogy thai mvoh'llS mler~ ccreaIs wttb spcct6c Stnp-surpr~smg


""""",","t "" _

0'II:r1Sagro-dcaIcB in Kenya wen. tramed OIl the IR m:u:ze JCCd technology 10 cnbance: ItSd.Is:tc:nunatioastheyan:

clssava bread: Nutritionist seeks support for soyabean farmers ( mo~ blkCT'5 con10 enliJTlcc Ihe !nue ass_VI Indll-

Nigcna that product' soya heans... Ikwe is WI CICIlITlpIc., lind this 1lI un oppOftUlllly for governmoU 10 support and c:ncountge IOYBbean ramK'f';., 50 dwourbaktr.s can ITlIlIudi! frve per cern soyabeam Ilour, aIoog wltb the: 40 per cent of ~ flour to the wbcftt fkuklpt:duceour-txa.i And Iha $ ",'hen: we ha'll: 1IC"t'CnI1dv:.!tages.. One, tlle ¢yoorrIut Index ",,0 be lower


.IM PJ.:licy or the Ftdentl

Go, m lDenL lhe r tltnl or the NUlrilion to.



I'", ~r Igllllllu; iuG, ba3 urp p_ t1'1I 811 to support 10)• ':2rmers. In 1rimtcr.-,ew""lhl~:IIII' ,'un ~lfy. ProfCSlOl I .W'Os:lidaddingftboul fIVe ..,lr cent of 110)'11 beans r. ., CMSIJVI, am wbcu.t r ~'ill IIDpfUYC the gf frk: IQ:I cnmb ~ of Ihe >1M brad H sud "\\Ibm)'Oll u.: 8 I;'" that does notCOfltlin )UI should add about beans

C "


bealuse~g1ya:nuc muC:XlJf

Dr Adesina Agric minis.


adm' , '

~ rmg (I cauavo flour to tbaI. part1CUIar fonnu..

lallOn 10 ~!be Ioafprofile and the cnanb.structuJt:.. ''We hsve a!IUIl1UIlIUCS in

myabeuns 1S)oy.u- tl\3l1 that of c:asst\ll.. Murc:over. soynbcallS oonlDm 1.101. of protem, and proICtrl WlU be good in bn::ad and the crumb structIlre....,1I be fine.. E\Ul tbc tasIe WIll be bc:at:r,justas the tftad wi ll be more than tbe othcrWI'J.~

Professor OnIffi!UVo1;I. who have the greatest issues of welcomed the minister', ma1nutrillon. decision 10 upgrndc:. the IHltri"So, Irs II poradox. People Ulln. desk at· die MmlSUy of don't know whnt to cat, how Agnculture. lmnenltd that 10 ~ It $0 thai they can l5SlJC!IofmabunllOn abotD1d derive the full bcnefilS !Jr~ m oommurutJe5 "'~ foods foods they are rroducin8 BI ~ proOOced. thar COfnmuOlues." he ~h IS • wekunc crvelop- added.. menl fnrlhcAgncuunistrylo fDwdfutgn:!~ad~ hlp 10 lake nutrmoo • • (I. ~ mhas major compooenl. The : ttagcs. w,'Va l00kmaD{ CS5Cnct of nUlnI~on of to u :'dilution f~~ The l:d ensure thai we h~'e belter (If gIutin WIll definitely be h~. We arC rotd!, \D, gs~ rcduoed. thmfurc it becQmes lum the dab of nUlntlOfllSlS In lugbly dihncu and will ~ Nigerin. the.,. pro(ile Illd no negatlVC nnpat.1. on those tllOSC!hat can reaUy ~ in wi., sUffer from aUOX)'. So 11. lhat ann of the MinIStry is I double advantage when becauIc ~ ~ bmd out we look at the taste.. $tI'\lCtlR that m 0CJmrI1UlIties wne:re IU1d wetghL Etray countty IOods an: ptlduoed Ire !he bas It.'! own bn:ad, our own SllTleCUlU1JUlUbtSV.iknV.~ c:asI\.. b;C*IlSgoodforus."


the first pomt of oontad wnh

As pan orthe push-pull strI· ga management technology hemg espoused by the pujCtt. CORUn\U1ity seed producas and partner sa:d ~ M'II: produced and di:ssI:rnt""ted some: 2..1 toos of dc:smodiWi sa:d 10 &mx:rs.. IS I c:hc:mal-fm: S)'SII::m 10 p-olOCl the crops IpID5l pests.. De:smodiwn is I fange legume that. ....-hcn deployed 111 maar: or- cowpea fiams as


mtcrcrop. can slgmfJCllltly mIuot the mc:tdc:ncr: o f Slngll by up 10 100 poccnI ""ithm tv.'O years. The project hi!; I1so lr1UDCd more than 8,000 famo's on the pmh-plIl technology, ....,th 6,800 of Ihcm usmg 1\ m thetr farms. The pro)C'd IS also working with the MIJUStfy of AgriI::ultunI in KO'I)'IIO IDIlr1SIn2m the usc of lllnga oontrol1CChoologJCS mto the Mirusuy's e:ncnsion IJl1¥I'UII 10 IS 10 readt InI:ft


In Nlgerta. the project wOOed WIth 100 I:OmJJRlIIibC:I 111 Slnga hotspots m Kano and Bauchi States and estab-


sao on-rlml


5tI'IIIOIS of ~ cowpea.

nae, IIId JOybean VIIictJcs along With anp managancot: kd.........


About IOnS of ~ !lCC'dof~maae vanetIeS wen.

produced by JlIIrUCIPIbng acod COI11JIIIUc:s and commumty-bMed seed produccn and mSlributed 10 prtljcd bmcrK:iancs. These: opcn-poUmatal ....neta and hybrids are prow:n 10 ~ 30 10 1S pc:n:::mt IIJOre gram. reO.ICe scrip damage by 20 to SO pcn::enl. IIId Ie:ucn smga lnodcnce by 22 10 88 pcn:eru c::crrprat 10 the IXlmfJIOrlly gnwill r..mcss' YII'1Ctics and commr:rcIIl bybnds.. On the oCher hind, these ~ acod complflles and community seed producm have also ~ duced some 142 tom of oemficd seeds of strip-n:sistmTt cowpea vaneuc:s. with aJrrng 80 1005 sokllO farmco ICrtI!iI!i



me two

The projCCI has tnuncd some 3,soo (annmi on group dynamICS, paruc:tpatory approaches.. modern crop ~ and stnga anlrOl pnc!ICCI In Nonbem

Nigeria. In addillOl\, tbe


eel hils .bo dlS!emuwed sariga Il'IIlI1.1gCII1 Icdtnologic:s

to IboI.n 38,000 Nlgeri.n flllTtlCl'li tlU'OOgh rarmer-IDf1lJ11lCt Imov..Ic:dge trmsfer. on-farm tlanonsttalion5. field days.. aod radio RC3CIfChc:B WOfbng wdcr the

ISMA P'OJCiCI abo an-

duclI:d ftdd C\o'aluaoon of the eITedlveness of bioc:oocrol IcdnHogy aping SIngI in


maize f.11T15 of NIXthcm Nt..... Thm rmdinp st.;,w that the blOCOl'ltrol agr:nI .nd ~I



stnga ~ by 26 10 60 pcrcc:nl.oo abo n:suIted In 68

pen::cnt mtft yIdd ~ 10 finm: thai ~ fIrmcr-pre-


DAILY TRUST, 02 JULY, 2012  
DAILY TRUST, 02 JULY, 2012  

Researchers save maize, cowpea from violet vampire ... Boost vields, Income