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38 DAIl.Y SUN Monday, April 2, 2012



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Let's grow agric, minister urges stakeholders

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Peorlullle SchoOQ limIted Aou, Owerrl lmo State inuit.,. appllcoUoM from quall/led and experienced Contractors for pre-quoll/lcaUon. 1. PROJECT • Lot (1) Construction of Welcome Centre • Lot (2) Construction of Academic Block • Lot (3) Construction of 400 Hostel Block • Lot (4) Construction of Ubrary • Lot (5) Construction of Auditorium • Lot (6) Construction of Dining Hall • Lot (7) Construction 01 Chapel • Lot (8) Construction Delached Duplexes • Lot (9) Construction of Row Duplexes • Lot (10) Construction of Sports Hall • Lot( 11) Construction of Roads and Drainage Infrastructure • Lot (12) Construction of Electrical Infrastructure • Lot (13) Construction of MechanicaJ Infrastructure • Lot(14) Construction ofSporls Facilities and a Mini SJadium



Name. Address and Telephone Number of Company Evidence of RegIStration WIth the Corporate Affai" Commission


Evidence or registration with Pearlville Schools Limited


Avu. Owerri Imo Slate Evidence 01 execution of similar contracts. staong


contractsurn. evKIence of award and timely completion Company's prome Including details of key staff strength. equipment and plants owned or hired.


Name and address of Banke" including a letter of


reference and guarantee from the bank Evidence of Tax clearance certifICate ror the last three years

(viu) A non-refundable processing feeof NlOO.OOO.OO (One

Hundred Thousand Naira) in bank draft made payable to 'Pearlville Schools Limited Avu. Owenl Imo State' (ix)

Evidence of payment of application lee N l .OOO.OO (One Thousand N. ' r.)

3. SUBMISSION OF PRE-QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS AU pre-qualification documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked "Prequoli/kotlon documents/or PEARLVlUE SCHOOL AVV. OWERRl IMO STA7E and addressed to Pl!arlviUe Schools Ltd. Plot P3l.ake Nwaebere Street. A1adinma Houslng EsJate. Owerri ImoSlate For more enquiries. call. 08035829775, 08033975093. 08185803331 Only pre-quatified candidates shall be conJacled to lender. Signed: Mo. Nneka Ewe.Rike Head. Business Development

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Let's grow agric, minister urges stakeholders