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JO COrM!ntion to blilinstorm on entrepreneurship as solution to unemployment

vy rains to delay co(:oa harvest



unemployment nile in the coun try, the ImIJOf+ .. ~ or enlTep~ut­ ship in.m~ the needed ecDIlOmK growth wU1 reo-

' Farmgate prices fal ling, anticipating rising mould levels drying or cocoa: Ni@eria has beel sufferir~ 11.'1 WOfSC Booding rot five decades...t~.swamsolWm­

land have been R.lbmerged. ~!nI GoolDuck kJnathan made a t~ acIdns OIl 1\Jed1)' In v.'tUch he


aid 10 lhe IIood \iCIimS. Analysts SlSy weather condl ions may al..o lo~r OUlpUI Ihl! SC'ason,lusl as Ihe 8OV'I!rllllleni Is Iryirlg 10 ral!e I' ~ targetS. -U Iht' ralll' linger ru r 100 10118 and Ihe WBIt'r level is 100 hlsh we may rnr.'e challengt'! 10 output: saki Kobo ,\dhUSl!, a commodity

analysl. Th.· l.oc03 "Hochuiun or Nilil-ria cut it! 2{)11/2012 OUf I,U I forKasl last month 10250.0001005 rlOm 300,000 Ions, due 10 heavy rai05dur-

Ing the budding period lhe gove-mmenl has iel a targel or doubling outpul 10 500,000 Ions by 20 15 ftnd hasdistributed h .... ~lng seedUngs. subsided rrrtilJs. elS and chemlab 10 help ranners fight fungal diseases and boost productIOn. Nell Aban" a farmer In Cross IUvft. said produaion costs wen: rising. dt'sphe ~mell4 R.l1)port. as the nllns washed off chemicaJs meant to protect the pl3n~ ~111cll hftVl! 10 be resprayed Also node! ITlay SIan 10 'plOUi rrom malur~ pods. Abang Mid. which lowers quality - 1£ we a re nol careful. we ('(mid Iui,~ p e 2 Of 3 beans. which Ispoorqualiry: an exportn saki Acceplable levels for

n OI'der to tame the I'isin8

mould In cocoa are J per- nate 81 the forthmmillS 400J annual nadona! ~tiofl aonL Ihe expoftf':"l saki, 1lOI· of the junior OIamhr!r IIIICfIng that Nigeria sometime'll expoTlS bean' with mould 'Vin tage 20 12' holding in }evds of around 18 petttIll ~ the Odla~apilal owins to pooc sunshine. from c:ktobeI" II 10 14. 20 12. Falmgalf' prices for Whh the theme. ' I;ree Ihe new season averaged Enlerplise: Pathway to EcoN340.000 per lon , Sayln. , nolTlic Growth: the COf~· Rlman, preskiem of the co· ,lion -u 10 re-ork!nrate and coa associlllMm, loki RaIlers rmpower yourl3 people 10 on tht! skldiOt'S ofa confer- br sokmon pn:Mden In dJciI f':"IO! in Ib.dan_lhIs Is down mmmunttilsas"wiJI~ fruln NJ70,OOO paid last seltherPi"sol.mon:~ son, due 10 Ihe expe-cled business en vimruoelt which will prornote ~Ith cmJl ioo. lower quality of the beans. Speaking about the con · llM'C"OCo:Il ~Of has long been in dedJne. owlnsu.rge· wntion. ~ Onuma. the Iy 10 negk!a from JUCCCSSive ~~. ICJN''I1;'!­ ria,. said. -}(l ~ wMe5 gow:mm~lS.. 10 encou ..... promole and Nigeria produced 5.8 per cenl of tolal wOlld cocoa adYocale uyuuth toemhrno: ourput In 2010/2011. down en~r~hip 8:5 the way from 2 1 percenlat Itspeakln out or the I!~ uncm·

na<looaIua, _ _

the t"ilrly 196O!. Riman said..

pkJymmL 'I~NATCON2012

wiD provide participants with

--the I1II!'a$SIJ}' ~ lead enilip and penoraI busi:ne5s various ecollomic: and

o.-na noted thallhfout91 Ihrrookn:nce. )'OUrJ« people wiD be melll~ 10 srow M individuals. moI~ proIies5ionals. community nd ft!i, ilItd active dti1.efn 01 die gtobIlI comm unity. - In all increalli ngly inlerdependenl world, our ~ realbe the need rot Inlrm.alK.mal and national collabonuion, undersCand Ins. lolrrnnce and peace. NATCON 2012 wUl plovkie nwnt"fOU! 0IJpof1unille! 10 partldpan15 10 brcome In· ~ In national and gtobaI _~headtkd

The co nvenllon which will bllng togetht'l rcon omi.'llu. bu~lnt'H It'aden. cllUt'n organiSlllkms, govf':mInenl ~ "IU1~prr ­

and yomh orpni!il tions will have Emmanuel Uduaghan, Ihe Della Stale goV!!mor deliver a keynolt' address on 'TIlt' FUlUre (lr Free Enlerpri~ In Nlgttia: fN!1Jr!

~Ie'! 8usincw:


Atedo N.A. Petel'sidecON ~fNffdr1.

ANAl' FocIndarJOtl

Choirmon/fovrtder, ! ronbfc Isrc Bon .. PtC (ho.tmOtI,. Codbuf)i NlOf'fJO PI. C O"":CIOI". Flour Mills 0/ Ntgf"10 PtC OKt"CIOf. Ntgf'mm 8t~rJn ptC

Mrs. 81nta MaJloGblnlJe Chle' fJIOrutM

Of/Jut; Stlmbic ISTC TflI.te.. Ltd

Date: Thursday 11" October, 2012 Time: 6.00 p.m.

OorMOf flTnco Pt C

UnIIrvtT NIfJf'"G PiC Mt1nOf'r, NQDOnOI CCOt'IOmtC ~'" rftJm Memblor, Nohorlal Councol on PrlVOtlwhon{NCp, C/IaIrmon. rt"Chtllca/ CDmrmtttt 0( Iht Hep Drrt"CtOf

a s Gues Speaker


ness deYeluprnenc __.ns.."

This event will be held In VIctoria Island, LDgos

Attendance ;s strictly by invitation

LSE Alumn; ~nd other3lnt~ed In Offending this lWnt should pIHsr contod Mr. JotrFlscllt!r: 010607U 3955; 0113106 7353;jeII.:tsdIElt!'_ iilUi:D..-...m


Heavy rains to delay cocoa harvest