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fnlllil' 21 Ocllll!f 2112

We are going global with cassava bread - Foluso Olaniyan, UTe CEO The cassava bread project is high on the agenda of the federal government. It stems from its agriculture transformation agenda platform. This product whose ultimate make- up is 40% cassava flour inclusion has achieved io% inclusion. UTC's cassava loaf, Starloaf which has been off the shelf for two months is back in the market and it is going international. Why export when the company is yet to have a strong foothold in Nigerian market? SIAKA MOMOH, BusinessOay's Industry Editor, takes on UTe's (EO, Foluso Olaniyan on this and other issues.

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LMI)ftf. when weconduded our production and equfpU'lt'11( 1ln1twY and plan ac the md of the rler 2011, ~ weR noll aware of the CUAYII brHd l!su~ We were intimated on Dec:mtbe'" 23. ZOII. II • meeting called at me lmC.nee or the Honoun~e MinJ<Jln of ~ whm: lour CXJrp(nlebU.erswere brouplt to IW1 the Indusion of cas.wY1I Hour

k1 bmId thit ynr. ""'~COJ'Ilf*1Y. ~.tlft 1he0vtltmal hoIcbt. despite IN 1O-d.y nMkJnwIde strike. And within ~ ~wehad M192trWtand MW'fftabieto ~ llU!IUIinIbIe a.I'ft Inad redpewilh




(HQCf) Indusion. Thll ... done at ..... Iimt wid'I Zft'O IlJPPOI'1 &om . " e:aenaI body Bleed on our own pmmpdnp and breakthtouBh& othn ~ebab7! IoIowed adt. In Mtdtdon 10 breMl we SWled Induston "lnourlnalllnwtd~oI ___ namdy lrrc Owpsy bed m8 and l1TC n'IalbIe cal.ts. Thete are ~ Ilk producu with dole to two wed:s shdfUJe. Weare lhe ~ COtlIUmerol the HQCF in the bakin« Industry bK:aose we U5e Ie for. B". of 12 pJOducts.lIhhoogh we howe our no-~ range for thoee ~ 10 C'A!IA\1IlMte. Jkoc:M.t!ewe rt"SpeCt t.Jman ~ we 1M OUT comurnm the opdons of chok:e. Our ca.ava raJ18r l:s deuty martrd w{(h ~ CUAIVII logo. while the 1lO-cas.uv. nlnge "

Why hM yow- CUAVa brnd bem on d .e shd1 in the P"' two monwT We took, tittle break. lhe LaunchIng of SCarDI~lnedlntherU!lqu.n"oflheynt

put • strain on ow eqWpmmI. output. hmcr the need to IMt track roub ma1nlmance by two monlhl. on the IIdYb 01 our ~ Durin« the period 01 mafnlt'l\al"a, we did not produce SCarb! But now, the SWioefIl becIr. this time with .ddldonal quality and wtth a hWW Inctu*w1Iewd of hWI quaItty CUIM'II

"""' What it "'"' about ".,... new su.rloaIT WeamaJdyt- hVO producb In our ~ AVIIbrNd ~ lhewldldonalpmduacanw (lUI after our roudne mairumancr~ In addIdon tothe 400rpmmrsJlked kIaI we Met bdore. we haw: rome DUf wkh a 200K kJddIeI' loaf in t~.proof pack aft'ordablf' 10 In



meal for I normal ~chld.1I hlhesamr asSlarloafbuc In 1!Im&IIn portion. Becal* Ihr cblIdrm are I tmaltlvoe 8fOUI\ _ take t:Ura care. This makn me product unique and Is t".


,Whit hi you r wtnnl"l 1tn.1rsY' In the pri"'e JeC1or. company budseu. encompamns ~ulpment and production ~ and plan are aJwIrys conduckd lit the end of me third quaner of me year ~tlII

tmpIementadon. DespIte the tft' national suike _ _ abM: to hft me market lhr Ikh wedt oflile ynr. We bnmdtd. !Old for CMh and JoIk-t upwith ta:5tfns~ whJct. we opmmtolhr: pubtic. Wewenla5ltp l'urtherby alIowIns bakn, miIkn, NMl)AC an::! bltt!ma donal agmde$1O come In and Yerifyour Inetu· slon dalms and !hey Idt J*-ed and utWicd. Wh .. mean:JUUtkM"Kon~.. tx-f, Became we realbed thai these products haw: brm. laSted and c:ommmded by pre! dmb m tw.kol SOft' I Ulblb olsomeCOtJn trie5 who rilhed our pMidem. we decided 10 1Iq), dank. ¥h: an! aho ~ • exportI.flI then 10 ~ African IXII.IfIlrieIIO IUppOft ~'Jadvocxyolcasuva~asnrw

mMerWs for btNd and other Iood produds. 1henew, ~ onehaw:brm. ~

to Intm\abonaI \\o'e haw kIddIcs' 1ooI""" _standards. __ ~_

. . has bMdI ntJIllbus for tracnbiIky. 'belt before' dates to pt"Otecl mmumrn and tn.iII C"OmUmerS' confidmce barcode ror ~ putp08eIln retail t::kIdet3 m Increased ~ flour Indusion to reduce the intake of sllItm bystUlft'l inloIeran!:con,9.Dt1II!I'Jandlo8ddrns conttrnS expresed gtycanntc b1cko:J: of wheat flour by t-Ith comdous mmurnns. AIIlhe!e are mandatory standanhfor Inter nadonaI producu. Wel~ craJiin« theSWIo.l as an Intr!madonaJ produa .., we hope 10 start exporlin« to odtd" Mrican rountrles by Otrist· IlIIl$, ~ wtth West Africa. We want to make this yean' Ouimnas a cassava 1U1~ Owtstmasb AlrkanJlldons. We~~

the ~ ddlnp: ~Africa. AJ we ~ we haw: Ippoblled tgtntJ for the products in COIonou and Aa:n. \\~ an' jose wattIrc 10 fine tunt: our MoU Ind aD neceMIlJ)' paper ~ bdofe_ ~ delivery.

Wh y Ire you vrportlnK U " l n bread you yet to atnqUft" the NIgerian mar, ket,M tO"" ~. a private ~Idgdon. are interested lnJharehoklton values whId! come with profit ability. 1knc:T. our ~ 10 anbnIce ron summ who are rmdylO,-ythe price.1rrt5pect:fYe of wtIft'e they are -Ions .. if c;,o naibutes Jl'OIIIdVdyto our bOIIom Int. PrMne rompIf1ie are anted lor proftb. C - --ba.oIed produds ante vaNe health wbeand Inmw1e produc. lMty as the Iroc:Iudon of CMAVa flour I1!duca; produ<I>on <OOU. ~-hen

mMIe. intftTmlkJn fund to support prnduttn: 01 CUM\'1I bftad. Ilow much., your com....,. recm~ Irom the But the JednaI ijO'UiBIM'i" _

~t on an



Minhter of ~~ to at'ITIICtinB IItftIdon 10 ~ bmid &om l1TC. we are waitJrII for

IUppon via the ~ bmid fund lnIdtuted by the ~11n tuM 10~ U58JOW our output of the ca5AVI . . , 10 sipUftcanllcow:ls lhat wiD actuafIy lmpaC1 on the N''8ftian farm en.. If the upale Is hfsh, the drlvoe IOWII'lh usr or IIQCI" wtll rollow IWL II 15 OUI ~ thaI ~ corponle balm will adopt the poIky

and ~ anttYe.


We are going global with cassava bread-Foluso Olaniyan, UTC CEO