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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Food company distributes 5.000 cocoa seedlings to Ondo farmers P£TER DAllA. Abft

Espreuina the optimWD that Ihe uctor would loon an.ln Ihe dellred development, Olorunfeml SUlled that the npeniseof the privaleJeClOf wou&d CO alonl way 10 athlevlnllmproved fum yield., modern proceI6in& and pad..acinc oC fa.rm produce rot apon.. The commluloner., who wal reprelenled al the oa:a»oo byThbaAde:nowuro. the COt:OJ desk offla:r In the mlDlltry, polnled OUI thai unlen Nllerl. relurned 10 alrlculture - •• It wu 10 the 1960s. when it altnK:ted pobal anention wilh OOPI suc::b ... ~ the dram of emoomk: ~f-rdiance mi&ht not be attained. H e Ih e n charled the Wmers to embnloe Iomwion of cooperative lOddies and record keepinlln order 10 bendit &om various windowI: or opportunities putln place by the present admin1Itn.lion In the Illte "1IIlhly lublldl.ed alro-chemic.' Inpu tl, Improved cocoa Kedllnp. acrkulttu1Ll kNuu :and InCIO .... are avaiJable 10 .nm..te the plieN of Carmen :and enhance productivity; heAled.





Inlt!Jrated FoodJ .. dlllributed 5,000 COCOI .eedlln" 10 farmen in Ondo ~ Ol.dlmejl OWDreml, manl,lnl dheclor of the oontpMly. said the daaribulioD ofd)C -nlnp.".. the !lrm', comribullon to cnJuu_ the uop', prooucUon In the 6We. at • cermlOny in Abu"e Sooth local Government Area of

.... ..-

Multi -Tin will uplorc an av;illable opponunhies 10 auW the en.uuaka the lead In C:OCOII pn"duc:don In Ihe counlry. Owofeml Aid, "yin,·,he coflllMOy has the potential of malln& the stile a lOp pboya in the Ni&crian ecooomy If fully hamesM'd. Ademola Olofllofeml, the 1IIIe commi"loner for aplCUhure. urscd the priqlc leCtor to Invue in fIIricuIlure


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uplore Ihe hUIC polc:nllal In Ihe If:Clor, nOlin, thai

pwanmcnt alone could no( .Inlle-handedl, fund the O<CU>L


Osun acquires ',500 hectares of land for cattle ranches REMI fEYI~PO,_ he O.un Seltc loycromcnt h •• acquired over 1,500 heelares of land in Otoba. £de and Eligbo foe carde nnd-. lb.. ainu 10 aboW. 10 ~nt of L..IOI marlca m which own 6,.000 callie are


i!au&htued dally Speaid"l at the launch 0(

Oiun Beel' Dew:Iopmcnl PnJtect. ooeolwhktlklocaJed at O6oba.lwo, Goftmor Raw AI~I. said potencbl of the beef mubc I.Q the Soulb West rqion wu YefJ huteo M)'UlI"in I..apJI alone, at-d 6,000 alltle U"e "au&htered dally in Ihe ab.uoira, Ihe cenWnlng HYetulra ~ can eomfm1ably Keown for aoolhft" 6.000 }udPIlI by thelr ro l.tMllo!d p.I;mbtdon" Th.' ,.. .. 4 billion per t r nam III.UU, fot beet bas Ihe pOleml.1 10 empower Ihe Sou th We , 1 people i!COOOlninllly dIJuugb wealth crealioo IMt woukt tRnilaae InIO IRcfuled household '"'"-~ AccordlDI 10 him, it il the objeclhe or 'hll administration to c:rn.te the: enabllnl en'rironmau lb.1 will make this happen. _WW



... targets 10% of Lagos cattle market



hundreda 01 hec:aua 01 land inlO Il"IIzh" rnenoa. ~tde

muke'II, breedinl cenlre.. :and bltmtnc hut.. Thill WIll be in addition to the new cenual abauofn !hal we .re devdopins in Rkaed IOWN aero. the swr. be dbdo6ed. nodnc"th6twouldbe~

throu&h a atratepc laUdative entomp ... lnl actlviliel luch .1 cattle cenetlc. Improvemenl, breedlnl.


f:auenlnc. ..........,

tbupler and bed

" Throulh .ublldy

JChemeJ 011 land de:artn& and prrpu:adon. tile Quid.lmpKl

Inlervention Prolflmme (QUP), the Broiler Production

........ (OIIOPSI .... """"'" prolecll and nOW the Osun Bed Development Project (O-BBEP), we have demonltflled Ibe focul and commitmenl of our admlnlltratlon to


tbe development or our Govenllnenl, he funher

RTeUed. will be IUpponin, prinle Invators 10 atabIish a:ntral abanol ... to Idected IUWnI in the .we. noUnc -we will he ...... w'Ih ClIo&ba. ~

.nd 1Ist,1he . . . . wiI be a pbl:zct.. .. ~CWlc:ome to for the ~ 01 tbftr '-"1be~puride

the InhIlructure IIOd cbJtwe a Ice forthe Uie orill fIdIiDeL"

Ogun allocates 650 hectares, bailing machine for cotton produ ction RAlAQ AYINLA._ IUD State lovernmenl h .. allotued 650 heclare, of arable I.nd and CKililited the purch •• e of balllnl machine Ihrouah Ihe B.nk of IndURry (BoI) ~ to Ihe .. ale', ch.pter of Natlon.1 Cotton AAodation of Nlpria (NACOTANJ The alloatlon of land .nd purctlue of the ballinl mac:hllle IlIed for proc:orslflI and prOdUtllon of t0110n, according to Ayo Oluborl. Illte tommluloner for :apit:ul1lln, -.-e ddI¥ft'ed 10 the NACOTAN, South WUI brand! .. pan 01 panmcnI respomUMlity to IUppOft any



""ith t1J :apicWnuaI poticy Spea.Un, while receivlnl Anibe AmlmulUo maJl.Iging director, Arewa COllon, Abuja. In Abeoku&a, OIubori reltented the llIte', continued .upport for the development of conon and improvemenl of the welfare of rumen in the lUte. Ayinl

"II I. the re.ponllbilhy of lovemmenl 10 IUIlpon any IUlOdadon tMI II wormg to ~tlIaim andob)ecuYe.·

OIubort Aid 'Intulture, leamollO IndullnaUAtlon belol One of Ihe ardinal oblectivel of lovernmem. propelled the mlnhtr,. 10 provide lupporl for NACOTAN to atteIJ the 801 loan uled In the purchase of a bailln& mac:hlne, A),nl that -.lid :abo purchate bnd

dearin&.oo land ptq)UaLion equlpment_ Earlier, Achlmugu uplalned !hal hilleam had tome 10 tollaborl le and partner NACOTAN South Well: for the dewJopmenl oC Ihe SAMCOT II thll would help cOllon Irow beller, Ihereby mallnl teltile Indultrlel meel up wltb ClOuon dem.and - 'ince t:Ouon rem.ins • preferred variel' for tenile production. lie, however, dlldoled that hk company would IN: willinl to support farmen throUlb the provillon of cOllon alro-Inpu~ and. ready martet for the coltOn produced by the ...Mldadon.

Fadama 111 farmers receive N42.7m grants in Akwa Ibom ANIEFlO! UDONQUA~ u,. .dama III C.rmen In .uw. lhom Stale haft received NO.7 mUUoo panr. u the first Innche of fundi munl 10 pow thelr btJsioeIsn at the pu5fOOIl and Improve their IDoome ,enendnl c:apKicy. Bendltlarles of the Irlnll who are memben of Ihe F.dam. Community Alloelallonl (FCAI) were drawn from lIu, Onn., Etln.n .nd Etlm Ekpo 10cailOyernment are.1 of the lIale.. II II ,athered thll beneficiaries are upeaed 10 contribut.e 30 percent of the COli of their proJectl 10 be euc:uled u.... the tcheme.. Presenliol the cheques. the F.dama proje c t coordinator. Ric hard S.m laid the dlsburlement of fumb was an Indialion ,hal Ihe Icheme had come to I'a,. and should be seen .1 • credible IDOl ror po'erty



Kq;Ire$ented by Ot.on Otu. ",,"ho b In dw'te of nxUtorina and evalWllion, SloI1J ~VlKd die be:odid:arin 10 male pJOd use of lhe funds. warnin& thaI any fonn ofmisu5ewnuld nol be 101flaled. AccordiDI to him, the fint tranche of fu.ndt; would be for the lumen 10 set up IU'UCluru for their Income .cdvldes. while the MCOnd

and third tranches would be for pnxurement of Inpul and feflb, respecdvely ~ money II meant fot Ihe Fadama Uler Group. (FUGI), It it nOI meant for .n Individua1. 'OU should Invile Jour memben 10 • meedn, and decide an whal projects 10 Implemenl. the main purpole II fOI YOllr membert to Improve your Income "The purpose II 10 Illn a bUlinen and Implemenl It and make pinL lhe "ale and locallovernmenll are contnbutin,lo the fund in addition 10 the World Bl.nk.. the vam ilimerul free.." he uld. Sputln, on beh.IC of the beneflt:l.nes. ,arne. Alpan from Ekrltam Akpanobonl Fadam. Community Allot:iallon. laudw Ihe World Bank and the tonlTlbullnl alentle. Including the local. Itatf' and Federal Governments, ••"nl it would be of are.1 bt:ne61 to the benefktarles "II wtU pow and bmr trull. II II a 5eed CI~ 10 us to ptml and il rep,esentl a Kheme 10 allev.ale poverty: he laid. lie promlled that Ihe funds wouJd be manaKed 10 ac:hleve the pals tet by the do............. 1'WenIy-m lWes and the Federal CapItal Ten1tory we pank:tpatiDc in the Fadama III pratea: in the country.


Ogun allocates 650 hectares, bailing machine for cotton production