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Tuesday 23 October 20 12

CBN recovers N620bn intervention f und to troubled ban ks

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-Apex bank, stakeholders reject amendment bill on CBN Act hearlns. the Ce:ntnl aank 01 ~ (CBN) and aome

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cured by 81--Counney AvLa· don ServIces I..knikd (BASL). openbSattheMMA2. whkh


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the reputation or the CBN ... Imder all.- IftOI1 and

41 wI.h 10 reherate our

neutraUty and emphIIIbe our commitment In dbchuJinI our axudcudonal rapowfbUltiet 01 law ~ OYer-


fIdence 01 NtpNn b.nb in Int<nwIonaI 0ftnL

Acr.ordlns 10 him. Wins ...,.the rNnc.W...uonomy

.... 'OO,lptEkliIWioa.wi'thhe aid. The ocher tllllldoulda. III the hearing we.-e the NLC. ZenIth 8anJt Me. Eko Bank PIc. M&e-rtl Depot;ft Insur· ance CorpoTlltJon (NDIC) and Chartered InstJrute or ........ oI_(OBN~ OI.C lear or f.wur."

oIlhe bank would Urnlt lu abOJty to fulfill Ita 1ender--oI... JaOrt fi.anab::a 01 provId_ q; ro.n. to dbueat.d bulb. He nJd that the bill Ir pused 1n10 "W woWd abo IimJc the .a,wry 01 the banlr. to .:hIew: III ~01 eI1SUr-

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Imo), the chairman or the commlnee, said thai they would be IooIdns III • ~ dedicated and deliberate ~.IOry ItrUcture for the

""""""'" bonb. According to him. the a.nmfttee would be 0DnIid-

1he..-mor aid ... the

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menl on MondlY commluloned the newly refurbished General A..-lltlon Tennlnal (GAllIC aid thetmnlr1llll-. remodeled b N648 m.IIlion. It c:ornmbsIoned the ter· m&n.I detpfte I murt Infunc.. don .......................

(FMN) ..-.d MY 0I1b II8I=Ob



Aghl acdvIty lhrough quae-


~NIgerians and membenoilheNadonlllAliernbly onthcopendonsoithetJ.llk.


SanulI repre.enled by 1\lnde ~ CBN', deputy


Sanwt. ..., • b--

mH loYft'nor or the CBN, saki that the ~ oIlhe b.nIt IhouId be aUowed 10 modnue 10 be the m.Innan ol ... bonL

10 ammd the ClSN Act. 2007. Sanu.1 said In hi, lub· minion lbat the financial autonomy b the bank was srnnane to Its opendons. -An eftkImt CBN .. one that I, llUJy Independent,"

FG commissions new N648m remodeled GAT

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&om " " " " " - ' "'" The InJunction w., se·


0I1he pIKe hi was ~ IIoned 10 It roc ~I

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Anytm. seaewy 10 the fINemmcnt of the fedCrlltJOR (SGF) who commlSlloned

continue 10 foHow lnlemll·

Motorcycle operators go on rampage in lagos, damage BRT, lAGBUS buses JOSHUA 8ASSEY


pC:rlltors of comme«:ial motorcyds"'known. 'okada' on Monday

_""""""-ol. . -_ M:nl on rwnpIII! ~

,everlll BRT and LAGBUS buses on IIrorodu and ltDtun n.ds In ~ . . . .



The law. whk:h came Info Ibm! on, 101 Z. t.n 'obda!' operadonI on about: 475 roads within the LIFt


The Stale Tut Fon:e on Environmental and SpedaI Offences recently crushed no fl!W!!f than 3.000 Idzed 'oudu' while more hive Iinoe been Impounded In Ihe detmninadon 10 Ixtns..ruty into the SUIte pubUc trIInIpOr. faOlooo_ The proteM: by 'obda' 0perators yettent.y _ mort! vhtieat DniJ-oo. on Dcomdu

FG plans to boost pig production in Abia N' 01,.


hi.. on Mond.Iy that the mcoYe _ . , enhance ~ po-

,,.. .,.4 .+-t~~. - -- , .. .. need It) anu",..e me quan· twn 0( animal protdn In the Itate, I1OlIJ1Ithat AbU. had ~noc really done wdIln ~I uod ...... prod""",": He saki lhat the FederwJ GoYemmcnr.t.d onieft!d the enumcmion 01 JJII fanners ICfOU the 1710caJ ~ . meot Ift!a of the -..e.


--rhe m;ponse ... been

~ Fcdcfal r.............

" , .!a emoarit on lue promodon 01 F'l' value chain In AIM by 2013, the fedeul director of agrlcuhure In the Itlte. Simeon omt. ba aki. omt IoId the News Asm·


....- ' " _ .."" It ......r hope thai ttUs type 01 nlUIIVe nun-


fannft1 wUllUSUln


he.aJd. Odrt.uJm. the ~ GoYernmen:wanted to !eYer. age on the potent1al of the IWe In pis prodocdon and rnatkedrt; 10 IncRaIe anlmaI protein In the IWe. ~ pia In Abi.J baa been muUYe and lu ·

- . - . oobouo 8RT and LAGBUS buses dllrlna:


But for lbe quk:k InterYCRdon of • telm of policemen from the Rlpld ........ Squad (RRS) depkJyed 10 !he ~ to quell the ~ the Utultkm woukI ~ clepneraled to a free..1iot-.n.

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ror Up MeuopoIJtan

-"-'_(1.01.MAlA). CXInftnned IhlllIOmC oIt:heIrbuleaWfte~by

... ........ 'obda. .....ton~1hc~

fI __ plheftd m.the pokeonll'l'MllrftIII!d lOI'DCaI


In IbJtun and f.PFo,. . . . dI' rIdcn lOOk OW'I" the rUMb, IncURS to 8rldlod: In the _ wfille theyQJrled lewes chandnl and-8O''ernment lOOp. Scores ~

at commuters





Police confirm planting of bomb at Gombe university


he police In Gombe SLateonMoodayoonfirmed that an Im empIoymentbthe~: proved eJlplo,lve device hesaJd. (lED) wa. planted at the AaordiD8 to him. AbiI iI -_. " ""wnity on Sunday, oneofthCltMest~lp!U" ...... , _. "r" exploJc the large,t market f, ,.IS' .. . ' "e JIOhce public meet. ·1..fiU'l .. ""fM;ft, FWltIc Ala· -nun iI why the Federat lin. laid In Gombc that poCiawanmenl warned to add licemen diKowred a puuI value to what is a1re.dy on bel~ to be lED. pound In ordet- eD booII the ~ mowat II to I canal paaentW 01 ............• outsJde the UJltv\on.Ity and D"ItM! II thk has pnMded


Ro.1 and lkotm . . . trwe ridftI went: on run-


It WI' detonate·t. It wa, planted at tht. aIlJI;"rl um ; It was detOi .. ' nfcly. no Injuries to p ~ or I)mphesaf Aaajiri lIkIaithough thfte was no Ilf'$In the unh.ftshy. the poIk:e were RUdyt", the lkuatlon to Mable them




It would be recalled thlt the university', Sen · ate bulldin8 wa. bombed In April


FG plans to boost pig production in Abia