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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Tit bits (orps member bags chieftaincy title, 9 others get awards NltioMl Youth Sema Corp. 2011 &tch .C' mmlber ",ito Rrved ID Oyu ~Ie. i'Jiubfoth Odunayo Alnosu. tw hilr;vd a chl<rltllnq IIIle IS weU U RIle- award for h" OUl.lland

inS perl"onnlnce.. Nine other corps members In the Batch wne liso beinS honowed with the Stlte Award and the ChallotMt". Award fOf their oul5Ulnding perfonnances In Ihe- wl"ViCf'


A locil ofl.560youth corps menlheu par tldpated In thelO11 Balch ·C' In OyoStllfe Amosu. a nadft of Iworu, s.dallry. had dlsringulshed hendf Imong hf'f plefts through hel comrnUllltv dr-veloprn elll ac· tivllte:s, lJ.ankularly her untirinR eJJorts and COllUm for the welrare of ""dows and ochf'r less ·prlv(1~r-d ~p1e in society A graduate of MicnJbtoIoKy pduate from the Lap SllIe Univvslty did her primary assignment It the InlernatKInaJ IMUlule 01 Tropkal A8ticuhwe (rITA) whetI' she also rt!pOr1ed!y perfOfmed mdillbty TI'I!! 5I:lte CoordlnalOf of the NYSC, A.lao Olanlpelrun. announced II the paHing OUI ce'/emony hdd II the prmtbn; of lbadan North Local Govftnment Secretarilt. The NYSC Stale CoordlfLl.lor llid Amosu bagtd the Atunluse of Isqinllnd.' COlIf tc:sy of the traditional Council of the ancient ,~ .

Scene 01, bomb blat. the ctudI of ant In NIgenIi (COCIN) lange tnnch In &..uc:hI NAN

Accordlns 10 the NYSC SUte Coordinator. Amosu hlId,l.Jl the c:oune olher RrW:eyeat. Involved herself In ~ life-louchin" compuUonlle servkn just IS Ihe ~ herself 10 be I wonhy &iatd to the Iets-priv-

Abuja residents get 3,000 seedlings, urged to respect Master Plan KEHINDE AKINTOLA

Abu» bout 3,000 tree seedlings w~re


pllnted and distributed to Abuja raldffilS by Ihe Federal C.pltal Territory Admin smllon (FeTA) In the bid 10 reduce the effect or cllmale change and global warming OTYFILE ptherrd that 2.200 tree .-dIlngi Wf!fe planted I' the nag-off or the Tree Pllntlng campaign while 800 acedling. were di~lbuled 10 member. or !he


To ensure sustainable lfee planting programme in FCf, the Forestry Unit has established three Forest Nurseries in Baku, Kwali Area Council; Karshi in Mwucipal Area Council, and Bwari in Bwari Area Council of FCf

public In their fflPKClve af·


lhe adminlJlf'lltion rettntly unveiled plans ("",,-ani! sreeninA Atdllle lownl and pul meaJures In place 10 prevnlt the ;obl"'m or nOO(1I118 within the Il!ITilory ' make Aklnllde. FCT rnl"I.I~


Ush,ra, .. ... n Area CouncIL nOlled thll ~ planting became necessary to tadrJe the environmemll challenges or notion. nooding and desertIfication Ihre'lf!nlnl R'VttaI nations Including NlgerlL She said: .,he currenl glolMIl environmental problem./ ct.,Uenle:! .uch as erodon, noodlng and desertification, amonl others that are directly threatening NiCeria now call ror agrHSive ~sltiadon

on trl!!l!! planting .Ince It u the only known n.tunllOludon to curbing the menace ,he nt'8ldve die<:! or thb I. the colosAI waste or 1iYH. property and r:ven Igricultural oops which is a bad signal to food ... -. ,,.. ... . . - - -~ u. ""-e:sJu~nt I TranJformation Agenda..lhe minister. who.u-es.wd the n~ for sUict compliancr with the appl"mTd lind use master plan or the Fer, reiterated lhe commitment or the FCT AdmlnlMration to providlnl a secured and AII' environ mentto all ra residents and vlsilon., Ind therdore urged them to imbibe the culture of pllndns trees around their hornet.. AkinJlde Slid: Irl!!l!! planlin8 1I a con-


timtoUJ 111d daily uert:be Ir ~ Ire to mm any meaninsful impact In cwblnl Ibe menace or en.tronmental dqr-adl' ~.

WhUe beratlnglhe flagtl1U abuse oflbe AbuJI Master Plln. the minuter tlJked 6 tile developen and Indlvtdulls to desist from bulldlnl on designlted gtffII Ireat as well as nlKMland dlsuter-prone Irns.. In her remarks. OtvadJ Maday!. secte taryof Agrk:uiturelnd Rural Dcvclopment Secre1:artlt. stated thai Foresuy .ub ·Sl!!Clor o( the Agrlcuhure and Rural [)eyelopmenl w.s currenlly exl!!C\ltinS .orne proJr!CU 10 mitigate Ihe effect. or erosion. landslides and nood. She Iisled the protecu as w.tershed mllll8ement. Ifforestation, Ind FCT boundary planting. Maday! Hid 10 ensure SUJtalnlble tree planting programme in FCT. the r-of' estry Unit has established thrl!!l!! r-orest Nunerll!!l In naku, Kwall Area Coundl; Karshl In Munldpal Area Coundl, and 8wart In 8W1r1 Area Council of FCT. --rhe aSlOrted SI!!I!!dl.lngs rals~" ~ .~~ Nurseries are dlstributcX "_. . .. q c1mu. religious or&al"·"oo "1.~ GUS Non -go~tllmenl" . 'II: \.t' need to Imbibe Ihe healthy ,IIUII uf pllnt Ing at least nve trees whenever we remove one. lhe habit will not only beautify our environment but will save the environ· menl from the evil of ddorestatlon:


AroonS other nodcnbIe seRum of Alnosu was the donation of grinding machines to two widowt In Lseyin. pnMcIed finandal assistance of N25.000 cash and a pop corn ma chine to a widow, lbo In the Iown.

Princewill Trust Donates Relief Materials to Flood Displaced 11,,,",,,,,,, or,...",.. ......... by""""" who are cunt'ndyle(\kd In two rdid Qffiplln AiUl da. RMn State hiM lOme ~ rJ ~ lase -n: whm I non profit orpUsation. the PfincroA.iI Trusl donau!d audt Jo.ds of reUef ImlI!!rials to help aIeYbre their ~ 1hr materials doMttd ., the two refiel camps included medx:al IUJlPties. tDiletOlies, boakd W1IIft, large quanllty oIlOfCh Ii@tltJ. fire ~ a'an1.erol dean WIIU'f and.-nl ntedi


Two caml_ II AhoMia ~ and 81 Ahoda We5I: IliAs showed they wm- OVtluowdcd with dispbad peope; 8nd ~ In need at lOIRe baak fadlatieI adt • medial ....'flIieI. dean vmer. tuIIets, ImDrlI othrn. The coordlnator ollhe Pnnm-tI TI lSI and .bmer~~~ ..p., L.,ll/Yen Slate In 2007. T~ Prina:oAiIJ I- tr..J,ed&0I "II'OIun1flen to !he auupr. iII)~ their own ~ oIhe1pfns to brirf; SI.Jtt"OIJ dkpI.aced penons moI1iy from RMn State t ~ In moll rivmne RarS at the IOI.JIMn plot.. 01 the COW1uy. tnIJf"I!!!han 25O,OUO people ' - been ddpIaced til __ ISO mrrUIIluUUe5 in RIYm SlitI' alone. s.ty local ~nenI _Indude: Ahoada £M and 'Nell and Ogl»f.@benlll-Ndonl: pam 01 Etc:be and


more than 110 mrnmunIOs in apqoe Kinpjom. 0m0Iru. Obib!. ~ Abbub.1du. ~ many ........ op· ........·NdonIlGA.


Abuja residents get 3,000 seedlings, urged to respect master plan

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