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Y'ednesday 23 May 201

Governor Amaechi explains - 2

New jobs, agric investments, new refuse strategies, etc

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k, wu shan d some of

Gum nor ChlbuJ· Rcllml Amae · chi's updates on allpecu of IllS \Oork,. Indud · Ingeducation, health, roads, and the mono .... 11 project. lhisWffk. wetouchonwhal hesaidon8@ric m:estments, job creation, lJ1I :ling amUH In POr1 Harco! .TI, new re fuse disposal Sllalegies. and security. ........n~ Agriculture s our major focus in our biJ 10 build. par.llel economy outside olVgas. It h.-u Ile abUity to grow the economy, lOuch many lives. m&slvely~ate }cbs, .nd help l'chieYe food security cbject vet.. We a~ worldngwith m mypanners within and oUI.ltle Nlgffia .nd nmoy mile nunes h."e been achievecil.o far. InOgoni. therein projeet for 2.000 bedar!S of DlS58VII fann. Ash ranru are planned for Buguma. An-Ionl, Opobu.

Bonny. Oegemaand Kalabad areas, eu:.. SlAT of Belgium has taken OVf!f rusonpalm and they are working at It. On all palm revoludon, we are going 10 negotiate with NDDC on 10,000 hectarea. ,Db creation: 'ob creationis8t the boltom of our objectives. Our agrlc Intervention Is not because we wan! to become fanneB but to aeate employment opportunlties. We' ve signed agreemen! with a group for an Inlegl1llled f.rm centre of S 140 million at Etche. It has 3.000 hectares. roads. school

and health ceQlTe5. Some 300,000 petSOtlS willlive and find U\"ellbood in the farm. and each or them v.111 hold 1.5 hectares of land_We wUl employ Rivers people and we wiD pursue it to its logk:a1 conclusloTL We' re about signing a loan ra dlllY from Austria and Gennany for the constructJon of a factory that produces 800 syringes. We


thOl.lghl II would COInPClC In the market because of hs higher quality. Now we produce In mlillons and we sell at N8 per ayrlnge while others ~seUing at N35. Now, one of you Is asJdng what we ~ doing on youth empowerment because the multinationals are not keen ~n employing the River.


I say to you, the WOrsl decislon ~ would Juwe taken ls ·JUvers Money for Riven: People ~ 1£ you do thaI, you Darrow the economy. Remember that some business operatonl who live In Rivers Statedo not ~ us anythins. So. employmenl Is open to all who live here. \'lhat we should fight agnlnst Is 80Ing oUl5lde here to recruit people. But that is why I have chosen to go to agriculture because that is one thlllg that wiD engage u mnny\.'lOrkers 85 possible. They will CUI all the lrees in the flmn. When they finish, Rlsonpalm toid me they will employ s,ooo.

We have the fann at Behe of $ 140 mUUon which will take

between 2,000 and 3,000 workers. Soweempo.....-erlhe youths in aU nunlfiOldon5. MlJe One Markel/ShoppinSMaU:

These two projects (awarded by CelestLne OmehlaJ had raised dusl5 .boul openIng them for business. the comm.l5sl0nel" of \.'IOrU had promised lhaJ since he had got every requiremenl he asked for, thai he would resign if he did not deliV'Cf" the world-class market in three weeks time. (That has been done). The problem was about StrUClural defects found In it as ~I as addJtions needed 10 make It • true world-class market. The traden are now moving In happUy. The shopping mall which ordinarily would haw been fulIycompleted "'ith less than N2.S billion wulnflated to N3 billion. Again. Celestine Omehla pakI the contrclCtOr handling rile project the N3

billion up -front. The con · tractor Is stili demanding for more money even without installing major equipment as required 111 thecontmctual agreemenll.helnflationand up-front paymeDi for contracts ~ responsible for the delay In the completion of the project and others started by the Omehi.a adrnlnisU'8tion. 1£ 1 can complete other proJecI$ he started. why can't I complele a mall? I \.'IOn} a kit about what happeru after 1 had left office. my Image. That's why that man 15 still


Abaltolr: We wUl soon dose down aU abattoirs In the slate for poor sanitarycortdition. BU! before I do thaI, • sandard abattoir will be bullt at Oblo/ Akpor area of the snue capital. and anybody who wants to build an abanolr mUlit build 10 thnt standard before anyappruvaL Refuse cont...ctors: You complain thaI refuse is lltill dumped anywhere in

the garden clty _ We spend N500 million monthly on dearing of refuse alone In Pon Harcourt, but lhe contraClon; have refused 10 do their Jobs. The best thing to doisto makecltlzcRll plIyfor the refuse they dump while the refuse teams wiD move from street to street instead of the currenl method of pushing them all on the sueets to ronn heaps of refuse that ~ hardly cleared. Security. All of you agree that there is a slight Imp('(M!ment on security In Port HareourL We made some promises last December and we have fulfilled It We gM: God the ,lory. We work having In mind thai security 15 basic factor for any economic tnlnsfonnatlon smuegy. Now, Rivers is uuJyopen for business! . Ibim Semmilarl, Mrs. if the Commissiol'!er for- InJormatlol'! " Communication. Rfllf:r'$ Stale; isf'merutori@ r-ivenslate.gourIB



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New jobs, agric investments, new refuse strategies, etc