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NEWS 5 Jonathan, Babangida, Abubakar, Shonekan, others, at book launch, laud Osoba .............

0maiJir.5qJJn 0I0bI ..

ptherinl at the oolt launc.h on Squn O5IoN. the lormer gowmor of 0Iun S!:lttr. yederdaoyln ....... rouIo.Ibe~ fur. poIiIkal nt.IIy, but an f'JICrlIrnl oudng by C1If.UlJlJ d tndusuy. poIItkWu.. ltV rued






jrorna/OO and tratitJonaI.uIen to


celebnle the~"ISIIlClrlotJoll AI the bwJCb 0I11.e.J96..

~booktrldded·OI!ot.; lhe


Yeu'" authm-ed

by the duo of Mike A_.inr. and Dimgba woo .re maklnl thdr masb In W'lltq biqp:apt*s. Sq;un 0I0bI MIS ~ • an ."ilOl"te of. com~ rqJOr1f1' in h cays



"""'' ' ' '

...., the ~ penon"",.-


of Slite Ibrahim


AlxhdlsaJaml Abubal·1f and

Erneal Sbonebn.

PTf"~en l

GooI:Uud )onathun. wh o .... rtpI'le5ftIlfti

br tuB ~pellIII MI-

viR' on 101M PUT)' ,,"airs,

Ben ObI. aid 0!0bII .. II dJ.. tII1glIi5hcd humdI .., 11 cvulbol 01 nr:t'Dmcr In;oumall 't1 and


IIf:AldIhe~ ."'1ln

htratInnwill anirluelo .. OS

111M! leaders or Nigel}. hho 1uI~ accOtllpll.hed " ri!)Us ~IIJ In their daJie:'enr

11 ooura~ joumaJw with tollChir¥ellUlX:el


ID"H§ignlnmts.lheSecn:mr to the Fedenal ~ m en l. 1'ItM Anyim Nul. whu was repreRflb!d by the ~ head of Q\.il SfnIce 01 the r~don. Oladapo Molabi. Aid II was 0t0bIi who In 1966, utllised btl wide netwuck of coulllCb to OJDfum 10 the "'odd when the body ollatl'l Prime MlJUstef Abububr lW"_ 1Wewa __ lobe fuuM. h _ . wurld dasI CId~'e he said "In 1975, hebraowd Iheodds 10 produce the Dally llml!'!l edIdoo tllid pYe deuIs 01 the coup d'etat tha i Innou nced I II~ MUl IIII Mohanllllai as lhe new head of 1llI1e. Osoba In ne-onJNI IH!t manl,~menl made I ~ SUOCeM In his headship al nriouIIlimes or lIenJd, SIIetch and DaUy 11mes': Anyim aid. I'\ho speIIklll& ill! the ~~11 whkh witnessed tqKlI!5f'f1tatf\'8 oI.ar1ous stile


mentt. former prcsld~nt of Nlpa, Ibl1lhlm o.blnglrla. wondered how Osoba bll Inced the IntJicKlel: of Jour laalilmand atiD ~ friends in Ihe lOdelY lie deJcrtbed hbn _ an lnI,unitfwl jownalisr who broke ~ pounds and who went for KOOpS. tJaballpill Mid Oeoba has madelft'lllconuiJulionlloihr:

Reps, concessionaires accuse NPA of frustJating multi-billion dollar investment KEHlNDE AKJNfOLA. ~_


he Jlot~ of .. sentltlve!! Ind pon conceuhmab,.. on Thursday bl;t med /'o.1srrta Porn AuthOrity r-':I',\ ) ror aJlt'II:t'dly (ru'lfltlng muill -blllion doUar Illfttl-


men .. II \ .. ri0u5 pot'll . :..ISS

the country Reprut'lIlltlvu of Ihe ~EQ.I Trrml­

naIJ: Umiled and Intq-'aled l.op'lles Umlled ( INl ). who Ippured befor Ihe Ilome Commlnee on I'm..lbatlon and CommeullU.. 11011 headed by Kha,1I II Bukar Ahmed, nine ... d cOllcern OYer the (alh" e of NPA 10 commence dral" .. of C.llbar Pon In line .vI1h the mnca.sion agreellll'l'll Some of the II"nutU" lUred NPA to"ep up I(titm in ladllnt!: the JlQfeS d by p



ilial the delay In the clred'4inl of aD Ihe ports woUld am.lUnt 10 lou o( revenue 10 l>o th love rnml!'nt Ind COD ' es· """",~ lher allO de<:ried th e cl\IeIlion or Ihlps 10 CotUIKJU and LomeIoBowlnf!:~ CUelofpor1~ ard wamedNPA not locrel ill un·

nec~ bultk-.-:u III the Impleme ntation of the 11011


In hi. ItleJen l ltlo n , K1nplq Ihell.cho. genera] m.nOlBft of ECM Tnmlnals IJmlled, who upressed Ihe cOlnmitmellt o f Ihe com · pany In pilyllli "ey role In Ihe mainlellluu:e 01 the porI.. .. rused Ihe need for Ihe Immedilte dredging of Ihe Calabar 1"01'1 In order 10 fadUtale loretsn dlrt!ct In· Yr!Slmen~ I nd reduce 0)$1 0 1 dolnt!: tru.iIJe5llIn t.heCOUllIlJ' lie aI.. called for Ihe in tervt!ntlon o f Ihe lIouse of R~II II\IeS In the resu.d l.lion of 30 percenl rebale fOI aU tht' concenlonahes wtrowenllU5jlt'nded by NJIA. On hi' pari, Sunny Orll, INTEL', re pr etenla,lye, lUeued the need for NPA 10 ploduce the nlilStet pllIl lOr C.labltr I'on In unk. 10 rast trw::k. the de¥doprnen l 01 the pon and CUlb the actIvitiet 01 pirales on wa lerways. lie a.1Jo a11q;ed WI NPA took oyer pan of Ihe la nd .IIIXated 10 Ihe com pany for opendon and arbllrarily k-ued 11 10 a.nothet: COtnJMO}', addin& thai II'rrEl. stW IMP rull chartes on the I nected


JIRIIP1!SSof the oat.Ion. ~. ~ the book ",'filch I'aJb within media ~ and p..maIism hWorr .. I leslJIIDeR to these mntrlbuoolls. li e also mnunended the I\lUns who WUlted tOFdIft III both IomIft ConoonI ~"'Sun



' he~ ofDnlil Sble. Emman~

Oduighan, who aid he bdiews in menlorins, desatbed the book on Squtl o.oo...,lbook.bnlftlllJriro«, lid•...,.. who IawlChed the book. for NIO mUHon, AId

lhe book. which aM!n the en described as the golden ~ of Nlgrrlan joumaJlsm. from the 19501 10 the 199OlI, Wftltm from the poln! uI



lheriewofzz penonalitieI who ~ ()Jol,. dllIu. hit,-n In }oumaIlsI:n Ind who wae dira-. Mld b1dirflCl partk:ipams in the pdcn en of joumaIl5rn

. .a

In the bool. Awu)in6t Ind Dimp IIl te tha i "from Ihe joumaI1vn poinr of riew, ~ news iNdet. 1IiI-..x:.:e!I81n e¥eIJottwsphereol1lleindudInf!; his poIItkal lile 1:1 derMd

wlth menloru/8indlvkJuabwID

frorn hls~_ I jownaIisrt.

~dldrJJUf1J08e. l lec:aled

Also In altendance I I 11M! lIVelli include formet Com · IltlJllwt!~t.hh Seoewy Gen~",I, Entt:b AtlflO8UO dWnnan of

b mmklffnl of jotIrrIaIW for

""""~ OdMequaDy~1m "Iesslve Icc:mldes from hit conlemporaries and olhttt .such M the ~ of Ogtlll Suue. IbdwnIe AmoIIun, .epr~ 1eIlUI1h'el 01 ....

and iAffoe( JUande. the ~ w-nor

of tap State who d ld "It h

one dung 10 bepJd ~ tu lPJite another to be IIJlOd IlliU~HuI~lo.Jba_ both:LouIdt'8lfdlelll~ ttfllOUl by CIIplainI: of fttt$y

MtRa)~~bnlel ~ of I...qos SQ(e, IJola llnubu and his wife: dWt1l13t1 ofTruika GrOlqJ, 8iodun Sho· IJanfo; blner pwnor uI £do. QdlpeO)"etp.ln,; IomIft mirlilts or Spons. AIe:J. A)J~ mlnIsle' 0( information, I.abaran r-bb.t. omen ate publishe' of

Nduka ~ said illilan


adaltired bymill)', die jftSidIn uI ~ Pruprirton As.. inlbdon thai die media is die SlIllt1I pan of the potiry


University Getaway




chainnan. Jlialional SaW-iet, Income and W..,.CommlJNoR. Ihe ch.aJn nln. Nallonal itevt!nlM! MobIllsadOll AlIoca· tion and R.caI Commission. Ihe perm anenl lec.ellry, r-ederal Mln blry of I..OIOOUI an d Producdylty. fhl per· mane nl l«felaryfsolidlOl. general, FedetaI Mlnlmy of Justice Illd direcrOI.,t'neral, Bud~1 OffIce of the Feden· tfon ItS members. Oth e l memben are the dt'lk ollhe National AslIem· bly, tbe director, Pt'fsonnel Mlnagement. National /ulemb ly, Ihe director, le,al ser.-Icel, Nallonll Assem· bly, the chief rellJlrll. Supreme Court of NI&ffia. the secretlry, Nl tlon l l ludlclai Coundl, and the pftTnIDftlt seaetll)', Economic: Aftaira 0C!k:e. who wW abo IIef'V'e . . lite lKfelary,

usc 1,S6J per

Mens Escapade

v.Iid Irvm 17 J-nurt 2012 until 17 5epmnber 2012

from usc l..tOO'" \'IduINe

• oft"'"

s n9IIS

~OYefNSOmilHou ",... 1"Nhd III die book.bunch.

",,-,....,...A<O ..,t..., dirr>bIrt



v._If'd ~


OIho'I'MlwotuItt ~

'hid"'" "'~ r~ Clb b

If>- '"'O"Ih


ie r~

MInistry o f Wilier Resources atys plans IlR III~ ","ay 10 establish 57 Irrigation proJects In lhe 36 stalCi and the 10 10 boos! food production. alWn rood teCUrlty, and create jobs. T h e mlnl sle r, S a ra h Ochekpe, disclosed this In her speech durins the 2012 WOIId Water Daycdebration on lhwsday In AbYja. The the m e ror the celebr.Ilion is "Waler and Food



World Water Day: FG inaugurates committee on FG to establish 57 harmonisation of irrigation projects public sefVice salaries he Federal Gov~rn menl on lll1ulKby In inaugurated a l"reldmliidCommil· lee on die llumonlsirlion or ~ules In the PulHic ServIu. The committee, headed by the IIt'ad 01 Servll."e or die Fedt'tallon. lSi Sail, hItS Ihe


\laid from 17 januMy 2012 until 1 1 DlKember 2012

-""""'- --

todaUon of P\'fscrla (NPAN).



v.Id from 1'janu.y 2012 undJ 1 1 Deambef 201 2 fftxn usc <410 per penon Itwlnc

Busi~, Frank.~II;

rormer chllmll" or Punch

Ilaruna Adamu. a.y Ekpu of Nt'wswllch. Ral"h Ak.lnft'l t:y1l of Jo1aM Communkallon Depa.tmft11 01' Univrnlty of l..ague, RlUltur .. reprnetlll-

rOt" the ttlrbndun or ~

.. jouma1bt. whuie

Peermont Metcourt Hotel (South Africa)

~ "'''''''''b tt>,,~ RMP "'~IO~·


Ladies Spa Holiday

ValId from 11 J.w-y 2012 -ciI 11 ~ 2012

from usc 1.500 II ~

...., ~.--t ~ ro-

..-.- alrpcorI ~

w ........jd,_




....,_ ... ....


Securl"" Och ekpe laid Iha t Ihe profect had been endorsed by the Nad o nal Econ om ic Council I nd th lt II wo u ld com m t' nce In th e second quarter 01 this JOt. She Mki drat tile prntoct. w h en o pe rali o n a l, wo uld

\W'Ol'UC<ftT~Oucfoo .~~ .-,f~.<Dll


;hn .......... Icot1»Jp.~

Ibr ~'''~

(Ra~ two rniIlion jobsand Ir-

rifpte316,.OOO hectaresolland (or the productlon of three mWklntonsollSlOl'1edaup. The mlnls le l a llO d is· closed that the mJnistfy and thai 01 ApIcuIlure and Runt.l ~wouId_

rale 10 ensure the sua::eu 01 Ihe proft!ct.

booIdnc informaOOn COfItKt: WDrld '" lhtw:/.cIrnd


1 4a ~ IMIe., ~ bu.bI, lb¥.lIcm

,.t 0 1 11. 664119. 212C)4(M.,212050S £


World Water Day: FG to establish 57 irrigation projects

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