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Monday 23 April

NGO lifts roadside trader with N20,OOO donation care of him. But he stili died after battling fm his life for one year_- The sickness gulped II lot of money. people assisted us with payment ofthe medical bills In the battle 10 save his life but ull to no aVille In spite of her grief. after some months, she had to put the painful in cident of her son 's death behind her by starting another business as she still had other children to cater for. According to her, she changed her tine of business due to health reasonsthe effect of the fire on her eyes and backaches. On the Issue of her husbaod, she said, -lie abandoned w in the midst of the $ufferlng when our late son was Ill , Even our son's medical bills, he was not Involved In the payment.- Veroni ca plans to use the N20, 000 to further boost her stock.. She said, -I Intend to add new items to the current stociL Thla would Increase the dally sales and expel:tedly the profh:


non -governmental organisation called Love Ansel! Foulldatlon for the Less Privileged has made a dooadon of N20, 000 to Veronica Onwehuuedu, • roadside soup condiments traler. Veronica had ear lief received NID, 000 donation from anoU!t'.( Buslue 'isOay reader afler ber story \Valli pul::lhhed lasl yelr In Busi -

A ness Day.

Veronica bJd been besieged by series of tragediefi which led to the col-

lapse oTher former business. She s tarled soup condiments business August. last year. Prior to that lime, she {rled and sold bea n cakes ('abra'). Thai business cam ~ 10 a hah when her 0151 son. who laler died as I consequence, had kldney-rf'Jated ailmenl. She said, "For about onc } ear, we were in and out of hospital. golog for dialysis twice In a week. He also needed constant attenlion and care at home. Uke IIny caring mother would , I d evoted lime to tllklng

If you ~~e tntereste-d 'n sponsonng~"y of the .-sons featured on th,s page pis call 01-


Fashola hands out N32m agric inputs to farmers ... commissions Agege Farm Service Centre IFEOMA IKEJ I • pan 01 measures to ensure food security, ,ilit~ Lagos p-enunent hal! given que agricuJrural Inputs worth 10 fannen In the stale. The inpllII were given out to the mat4Open:ent~ rate by the IIIIMDmen.. ID mart. tHe c.eaxJd edition of the Fannm ApprectatilKj Day, an .want Instituted 10 ~e fanneI;oI .tho are die backbone to the adUevenenl: of food auffidency In the state. Fanners' m-os;:erartves in fisheries, aop production, lh-eii1cck {graIns} and r-adama 3 group. benefited fn.m the lnputldistTlbution. GoYemor ~Iunde FashoJ.. who made






abo t.omml.Roned the FannSelvk:eCftltre lnAgege..

_ " ' " '" governor """"""".noted _ that a... Iope-Adefullie, rood SKUrlry was one of the ID-point agenda of hi! adminlstradbn and an intesm pan the 5Glle's ec::onomiIl empoweanent and dIMlIopment straIqy, whUeaddlng thai the sector-bas continued to I't'!CCh booIt In the state. ~ millty tpd.", Is that we are boed with the challenges of feeding our huge population. Our food ~ t; being threatened by rising food ~Is a major sign of food cdS!' in Nigeria. I 10 assure you that lagoI Stlte twill notonlySllivl'! 10 reedIrs populace bul_",m abo sfantltrldes in



080]4462S44 080]7240"' 71 or olo;oh@bu!,"end~yonhne com

e-mail charles

ensurlngthat by Ihe year 2025, LagusStale produoes at least 2S 10 30percent of Its food needs and we hope 10 target 6Open:ent by the year 2050: Fashola saId He regretted thai \'3Iious efforts aimed at oven;:otl'l!IJ8 rood imecurity and malnutrition in the Slate and rountry aI large IlII: seriously threatened by dimale changr. the competition for food aops M 8OUrt:e of fue:I and the soadna """,orfood. The new farm IoI!fVk:e centre ",iUCh would be replk:aled in other pans of !hi state would provk1e I OnHCOp shop for acauale, timely and reliable information and up-to-date techniques to farmers In the Stales. Other efforts of the administration, r"llshola pointed 01.11. lndude; establiShment of 20,000 metric toDS pel" annwn rice mllling plan!, eJ:pansIon of rk:e plantatkm fmm JO 10 450hectra. I.mprovemcnt in Cl55IMI production and processlng. establishment of £ann estates (vegetable, pouJny. fish. BJ1lljIe cop) and huge investment in aquaculture with llIf1l"IlD ~ lmillion meuic toos of fish RJStainabIllty withIn IiYe )"!lID and generate 500.000 jobs within thestate. Speaking earUer, the stlne commissioner for I\grlcuIrure and Cooperathoa. GboI8ban lawai, explaIned thaI fann service centre was a '"demonmatlon of "our loUIl commitment to the development thrtving agricuIttttal communities thal are knowIedge.based, knawIeiiF· drM!n and knc:Miedge-led

lagos to spend N19m on artisans' skills upgrade training JOSHUA BASSEY bout 780 artisans and tradesmen bave been shortlisted to benefil frOID the first phase of the skill upgrade tralulog programme being packaged by the Lagos Stale ministry of Commerl:e and Indus-

A "".

The training which Is to cost the state government about NI9 million Ls aimed 201 upgrading the aniHns' altllls In order for them 10 meet up with modem chal · lenges In their various areas of spec.lali sallion. Pannering the ministry in the training which Is taking place simultaneously In five centres across the state Is the Lagos Slate Technical and Vocational Educallon Board (LASTVEB). Seye O ladeJo. special adviser (0 the state governor on Commerce and Industry. al a _Ion with Journalists 10 lagos, Thursday. said the programme WIS borne out of the Stale government's de termination to address mYTiad$ of probIl!'ms facing the artisans In the practiced

of their trade. lie listed the problems to include obsolescence of skills, poor entrepreneurial sld1ls. lack of decent work spaces and acces, 10 funds. According 10 the specIal advl$er, the package Is therefore designed to address these problems, laklng Into cognisance the contribution of the artisans to the .. ustainability of the .tale's I!'conomy. &The Informal sector which Is largely popul~led by tradesmen and artisans. contribute significantly 10 Ihe employment generation In the Slate. The arti sans are pan of our dally lUe. and given the almost Indispensable services being provided by the plumbers, barbers., hairdressers, auto mechanics, vuicanizers, a programme like thIs has become Inevitable." Oladejo said. He noted Ihal Lhe programme Iiyllabus which eutails theory and pl'1lctice would cover such areas a. entrepreneurship, functional communication In English Language. ICT right business attJlUde and safety. and occupational health.

Re- Nigerians want lASG to rid streets of beggars ur altentl~n has been drawn to a complaint by one Lara ilinde, a fadUUltor with Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP). • non-governmenlal organisation (NGO) about a SlOry with the headline -Nigerians want LASG to rid streets of beggars- published on page 11 , Thesday, April 17, 2012,


In which she claimed to ha~ bee:n misrep-

resented. The nory was not done directly by our reporter. butlOUICed from Ihe News Agem;y of Mgeda (NAN) to whom we subscribe. However, we apologise! to Lara Akande if the story as was published misrepresented her views on the subject mallu


Fashola hands out N32m agric inputs to farmers ... commissions Agege Farm Service Centre

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