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Wednesday 17 October 2012


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Encroachment on farmlands aggravates floodin


10 huen.w., d$roytr@ and DUSing food intec;urtty. About 5,000 farms




durtns the TaIns lhaI fdJ Ia5t ~ In the Northmt. Ea!te'n and South South . .tetloftht rcdnalion. t...p and other 50mh West states haw hMt d1dr own fair share oIllood protMems.arne ~Ihs ago. Anoh,WI Mogall. chid fOxecullvf' of X Ray farm COniulnng.. ~who hu

praal-t 'arm1ng Indilkfmt cmmnunllktlClOSl1611lBies in Nigeria In the lasr IS yean. says nOO(ting of taunlands Is 001 a new phenomenon as a1moM every rwo 10 ltuft yun b.nnlands ~ flooded and f.rmen usually nnd • way round II, .Iyln! In

rean. howevft. man!


and more are ~ coos.ructed on and around Iarmlanlk..mwol whk:b aft

rich In mobnu'e for crops 10

Thele are .rea. that

,.Iny nonnaIIy season ... and are very lood for certain kjnd. of crops RICh lIS rice. TOwards the end of the rainy teatOn -September and October, thHe &reM are abo used lor dle pianting of cmpI as the IaOO ~ the waH!r dttrin« the "linfall and therdore

thriw:. eve"I liD they lnllture in the dry JNeOn.


of ~ .., dose 10 these bnnlands makn k dlfftcuh for the nln waler 10 eMly... they ~ obstructttd by the ~ nodng that .. a mult. the Hood ~Ier on the 'armlands during Ihe ralnl have no meanl


of elcape and therefore IUbmerf;e the farmlands all weD all the communitirs that 1M round them. Ba,hlr Kalta of Ka,klnomal Farms, a Northern · based farmer, says II iJ true tiUll housIll8 ella Ie. are encroachlnK on farmlands. pIIrtkullrty !hose near the dUes. Some farmen In lhe Ease

twlw: IIbo rabed aIan:n OYer the mnvoenion of r.mJands near ddes to t-.sin& eswes

. ""'-...............

IionIIa« 0UdI Ony<madU. a representattw: of fannrrs In the East. notin8 mat stale ~lJ easDy mnvm farmllnds 10 residential



Around Beller area of Lap Sblte for imtaoc:e. up

unlilllboula d«ade . . the MIoIIUy of ~1uR; hMt a si&nboard nod,. tNt the

are. was tagged the KJftfI 1One, bul In recent yelrs the .... hal ~ C'OfW(!fted Into a reskkntlal area, and mualty gets Booded In the noIny ....... ThoUKh Ihere are cer:t.aI.D1y other faclors thai are nlture based Cluslng

Rood problems, '.rmetl are concerned and ""anI ~ 10 look into this min · made I. well mher than IbnpIy attribu1in8 Ie 10 (IlIobaI ~ which bnmedWetyabloh\osieder.J. "lIe and local ~ts of Iny bla~. 1he flnners Wlnt lhe Issue of mas.slve fJoodins of farmlands 10 be <adIod ho...." ..y

World Food Day: Osun sues for food sufficiency

_-' d _ M REMI fEYISlPO

NlleTl1 loin, Ihe


of lhe wortd


, Governor Rauf ....~ oIo.m Slate has qid the 1'ftIftII r.c-rnment musl r~ lhe precariouI lrend In which thl' counlry .pends over N600 billion Innuilly on Importltion of



I d I' n Ilfy I n I


..tudon 10 the nMion's hnYy mianceon food Im~ the ~rnOi saki leaders of

the counuy thou6d mUilllI'f the ~itial will 10 ftId ~ In lhe<XJUIllry,..,..,."_~1O

~ the 0CCMi0n of the World Food Day IIth)"!8llO rme the campaigns for muslw food producrion IS _ have done inO!un."

In I menlle 'I'nl 10 Ihl' nilion I t II loin, olher counlri", In celebralln,!hb:

)"I'I"S World l:ood Day, Ihe JOftmor stlled thlt "uslnK


COGpmItM: mpnlAtloM .. lhe platform fOT orpnlslnB

rarma" towards their aifl'lWiliikill ; ~hiIIh

Jiekti.n8 improved ieedl1np


opponunhlel Will futlher ~ !he CIIpKIiW ol1he farmtn 10 produce~"

Accordln. 10 him , Ihl' time Is ripe for Ihe country IU

J:I1MIoce ","hal Ie would eM,.


.ueuln,lh~ n~






on llficulrnre MI . , 10 be IIh

IlellCe, 11 amounts '0 tragedy of Immense prol.ortlon If a nllion IOSI'J luch nalul1l1 endowment, Ihrreby rt!lyinR on If"""", IWlHon 10 feed 115 I~ population· Again" Ih~ nckdrop of Illy unToward developmenl lround lhI' MJttd.lI¥hich could teltdlln rood ~. cm.n has embarked on mlulvl' rood production W III 10 be able to Jeed d)l' 0Y'I!f J mllllon

people and e.POll 10 othl" parts of thr country' fU 100 kJn&,thI' nation Ila5

For !he ~Of, Nl«erbi must be abl~ 10 produce 11.'1 own food "Ill a nilion ,hat

beorn 1M"" on ren1 economy without production basis. a atruallon lhat is so bad IhaithI' counlry Im~ basic footh. he lammlrod, sayillfl"thne I, OOIhlns 1ft don'l bnpon 11'5

can'lllH!d II~' I, doomrd: AteBbuola , In Ihe 1"lemen' b,. Semlu

.. bad IIlal WI' don' I prodlM:1' the r.-t WI' _I lhf'no cnukl be no blg:l'r lia,edy lor a

OkInlawnn. dlmc:1Of, RUIN\! of Communlcallons and SUIlrg)', nOled Ihal nldon II endowt!d

God I'ndoW1 manUm' wilh the abiUty to fend for tum.eU. lila!: narul1l1 entJooo"Ol'IlI Is

10 J:I1MIuce rood ~ for loaoI~pdon

n.,lon Ih., can I fl'l'd IIJ.ell.


World food day: Osun sues for food sufficiency