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InveslmenlOpporlunily Fishmeal Is 10 tb e fis h farmer what fertUiur Is 10 t he crop (armer, says Tunde SanDI, a nsh farmer. No (hh farming enterprise can survive without fishm eal. But c:urrently, 8shmeal I, Imported Into Nigeria. St ates such u lagos direly need lnve§lors to produce nshmeai locaUy lO meet thisbugedemand.

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Wednesday 16 May 2012



NBCC urges timelines in nation's agricultural agenda



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ritldt ChambeI- of Cmuneme(NBCX) and the Oyo State

gOllemmenl have tbrown weight behind Ihe agricullural;ronnallon agenda of Ihe currenl pn:$IdenL ewn Qthey6tl"l!:iied the need foe" ddinlJ.e wnelInes for the policy ~emeruaoon.

Spnklng al Ibe May B,eaUnl mf:eung of the chamber held recently In Lap. the NBCC preaident. Emeb Awagu. said Ibal for N"~ 10 DUly be: rtalBDi5ed a. Ihe economic g,anl of Africa. n mUll be able 10 teed I~ populace. To achJ,eo\-e thb, he5:Dd. ·A~velUfionaI policy on agricullure mut! be delleloped wuh definlle liInchne5.::,uch a poIicy6bould nOI be allowed 10 Illhel dUll In Ibt arcbl ... e" of Ih"',' of ~rure bUJ bt, db..o:nww«l tnrotqm \'liI1OU) "genan msuUJuon.t. mmg


on IIpiculnue h.~ 001 1xen matched with action •. For In51ance he remarked, in the 2011 budgel Presldem GoodIud. Jol1.lthan Aid ltw Ihe agric .eclor was being 10laUy remforced 10 enllble N"1geria n.- from uadnianal (Iubllilencel f.llll1nglo modem qrlcuhure "",lh the obIKt.Vfi, 01 en~unng Jood ~T1I

and prol1lOl .. e:IqlOC1

-by ·yet. In Ihe budgel pmo,islon, only N78.98 bUIlon Wti pto\1ded lor Ihe 1«10r Illabng II 5Dlh Ul me order of



subUstence to ..

orlenled pl,yerl In the alrlcullural ,eclor of Ihe economy. lhe ualning lOo1t1ch bai u lUi theme: -CIIp.dry Building for Subllatence Fannen on Commercially.. Orlenu~d Agrh:uilural Producdon Practices In Edo Siale; fearured woruhop .esslon. during which Ihe farmer' were broken £ntO tec:hnical groups to dlKUH ....ned aspeas of commudai farming ranllnl from the ryPeJ of ,eed., fertillun, martel survey,loan.. "orage to quality of persoonello employ in order 10 achieve commercial farmlnl The seulon. were facUllated by Eddy Onemoleue, D. I.. OuaogIe of Ihe Depanmenl of Agrlcul!ure, Ambron Alii Unlyerslty, Ekpoma . Andrew Udah. Prolr.mme Manlger, u.PO AJrIcuhuraJ and Rural Developmen t Inillative (LARDI) and George Nwaedoxl, also of lARDL

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with conunuoul IUppOrt from LAPO . rural farmen "" ere bound 10 booSt agrlcuJ lure In the lIale, addinl Ihal tbe tnming was being carried out In pannerlhlp wllh Erbacher Foundautln, a Geennan panner. Sunny Orhro , In Agrlcullure De ...elopmenl Project (AD P) ', chief extension officer, and Godfr~ Allwl, chief field oflicu. were also al the tv!:nl as JOYemfnenl oble:rven. Orltio In hi. contribution enilgtuened the partldpanu on qricullurai poJkin fli the federal governmenl which he said Wen! ntlw bq.ed tin cullivaling crop. lhal have comparative adYlntagei In Ihe different leo-political UInta 01 the federation.. He called on farmer. to key Into Ihem as th~ would be better of lor It II well II Ihe generality of lhe lOdery PanlcJpanu .uch .. Obloor Ougle and Nehemiah Obaluwa exprelled Ippreclallon 10 u.PO for melr ,uppo" ovu the yean and particularly lor the tninlng which they admitted h.ave expMed them on beal praf:lIcel to adopt 10 ac.hleve c.ommerclallyoriented rannlnl "'We h.ave learnt ao many Ihinp at tbit; U1ll.ning. I now under"and thai farming is also a bi& time buslneaa.. We have been taugbl how to ~ reavcb In DUr farmin& ICtivtties ao that allhe end of the)'eat.. one knows II one baa made profit or lou, lhey said..


He iubmllied Ihal NI£tril. whit a wrfaet area oI92J.77Ubn2 and 40 percent ~b ,~ lan( nad no ~ne'"''

bdriIl net unponer iii iOOil Simlliuly, Ihe guesl ~ilir In Ihl" forum, Unu Opl.,.., a prolusol al Siellt'nbo It ~'YtnStwthAinQ.. 1IIIid

MAY P4':' 10 2012 Ntgena Commochty Index

LAPO trains 275 Edo farmers APO • lion 10yelnmenla' organi,"ion hal fulfilled III promiR to contribute 10 the natioo', I.gricultural d~opmenl by nagina; off a comprdleMive tnllntlll progra.mme ror 27S mnII fannen In Edo 5talL ACf:ordlnglo the NGO, Ihe aim I. a pari of the efforu to upgrade them from

Ihe P.lIJI·taarYrsl lechRDIOl)' hu I' eM b:npM;t 00 the food suppt-.'chaio;eocoutagmBlhe govenment 10 deYelop Ibe presevllilon and proctSUns qpeo oIlhe aec:tot. II . hould be recalled Iha' Ihe fe.tftod ~em had ~ In !he 20 12 budgt!I that 10 un! _tI lbe of tM UCIO'. It-e federal o f fin...nce hal. amonl olber meUJ.rea, pul In place a mechanism 10 ,hare rtlu with he banling i«Cor by guarallteWlC 70 perorntol~ prindtJal 01 aU Ioan5 made b 5UppI\ oIlo111ld1 lind by !he pr-val" JIeCIor 1hi15eaOtl. In lIddalon, 10 get lhelnpuu; 10 Carmeis ... an affon:WJIe COl(, ~menth-5(II_H ..... IttwImere I rile on the5a loans 10 hrirll' 'down from ISpercem lu ioI"\':n reo cerll pet annum

Alio. comminloner for agricuIrure, nalW1ll ~ and rural devdopmenl. Oyo Stale Bimbo Kolade.. hal akI Ib.I theOyolWe~ II ready 10 offer land for _grlbUIlneR In Inleluted Investors. lie ~lllined ttw It Is v.1len more govenutlC!Ub and individuals $how greater interest,and commitment 10 apiculture. dial a pealer numbel of the population would be fed. Continuing, Awagu maintained that the government'. previoul

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LAPO trains 275 Edo farmers