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Boosting food sufficiency with new pasta plant Food insecurity is one challenge African countries are unveiling measures to combat. With the policy thrust of the Federal Government hinged on self-sufficiency in food production, creation of jobs, and increased industrialisation, ALEXANDER CHIEJINA wriles on how the SUA Group intends 10 boosl its pasta production and creale more jobs.


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physical and economic aa:aI lO IUffident. ale and nutridoui rood 10 meet their dietary need. and food pref~ for an IIII:dve and hcahhy"- ""'" N romumpdon piUlerns continue 10 chance in tandem with puwm of the middle class. producdon of lNftd flour has continued to expomd as brad ls cons6dered • ~ rood for many NJpriallS. The ~ growth In the quick Ift'Vk:e rntaUrmll industry offering puuia in recent yean hal aIIo contriboled 10 the Increue In


Whh the CJ\I'rnll poUe)' thrust of the Federal Goyernment 10 boost the economy hinged on Rtfluffldency In food production. cn~.don of }obI, and increased Indu5triaIlzado 8UA Group has c::onduded P'ans to __ byd)e.finl .....

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Aa:ordlnl to h1m. • prodlK:don Ine 0( the plan!: wu c:omp'eted In Februa.rywhDe the IeCIOnd IinewUI be oompleud before May2012. Givin8 deWlI of the new bwea· mena In !he po-.. plant. Maduekwe

New ~ produdion . . . . ~ lAp. (lnMt) AM ts-.d RatMu, ~ Chairnwl,



1.5 hectare iand IpIU. which CXIIDprisela 5000 ronnescapaciry 1iIa.. semolina producdon tine and t\W lines for the prodllCdon of Pasta. lie poImed 0Ul tNt the pImu has • capKirylOprodua! lOnneIof ~ ta and 500 tonneI 01 ~ per month on completion. The investment. worth DYe!' USDSSOmllUon currmdy pnMdes emp&oymft1t foe .... 500 ...........

"'When the pLanl Is c:ompIeted

by the finl q\W1ft, we are PIlI to

have direct employment of abom 1,000 people Bln&ln8 from uuck driven to Joadm; Uld disttibulon amonpI olbers. In addition. the. newplantwill.nopnMde IndbKt e.mployme.n! and lIir economic .aMdes ror M Ieuc 50.000 people; I"&DBinB from food ftndon to ocher ondIWy ..................- .....


With BUA! raled as one or comuuctJon', belil qual. Ity ceme.n! and 8UA ,ugar. Dour and oil. Madukwe noted ttw the. pa5lII piaN. has been built to main· lain the ~ qualilY and Good Manu(acturlnl Pnctlclt.S (GMP) as requited by Narlonal AgftJcy lOr Food AdminIwadon and cOOttoi (NAFDAC) and the StandardI Or pnloadon "'_ISON). A &dIlty lOUJ by BusinessDay ~ thai the 5()00.lon capacity JiJo accompanies the. structure lor the Iforage 0( wheat, which Is the main raw malfflal. From a 5000

The plant has a capacity to produce tonnes of pasta and SOO tonnes of semolina per month on completion. The investment, worth over USD$SOmillion currently provides employment for over 500 workers. capldrywheat IHo, the racsorytuml out 360 tonnel olSemollna and 2.eo lonnaolpasudaDy. AJre.prdlthe IlOntF 01 flni.shed pxts. the plant hal VUl MOf1I&It.IpIICft br finlshed pnxturu befoce they a.fll channeled to the varlow marlds acrou the ~uy

AIkIe lhiI. !heR:" rnasaM w.l:er planllOlUpplytheenure (aaory wim pure and who&eiome waler to ensure ttw the food prod. UClI meet all rwionaI and IntefM00nal food...",."Buslneu08y pthered that the tn!talJnenl

plant would be IUppon.ed by the company', Rout mWlna planu In Lap and Kano with MCh havlnl a producdon apKiry 01500 mm1c tonneI per day, _ dIoru are

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olbochcompanie&. On d.eGroup" marudnllnlegy, GCOO e:qJlainrd pot~daJt or the Local rnarUt It enormout u the Group inlends to forus on the local marlr.:et ror now and ezp'ore opponunltlel In Ihe lWion't VUl economy of over ISO




Wblle ~Il& plant 10 devdop the producdon ofl'1lW l1\li terlalI JocaDy, Maduekwe dbcbed Nt 8UA Group it aJrer.dy InYOtvc!d In bedward Intepmon 10 ensender"the~oI1ocaIcapIC­

~ country - • deYdopmmt that &eel to the ac.quWdon or a local atgar piantadon farm at I..&flajL M.dukweoplned that theawn party_ poised to entUre tt produced

fry In

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II had t'Slabll,hed with lit other producu U~ IlIga4 vegetabl!: ou. and cement amonpc otheR. The viewt expreued by the companyt GCOO appear 10 ay5lalliu around the Olalnnan. AI · hajl Abdubamad RalMu -. v1J.1on of


buUdintla Nigerian manu!.ccuring con&,omer.le. Having identified the lnsuurnmlaUty or Pula as a rood Item In the fighl 8plM1 the

hunger ICOU.I'Je cutT'entJy rang-

ina the Jiobe. Abdulwnad Rabiu.,

ExecudYe 0Wnnan. IJlIA Group. has InYesIed ove:r SSG mUUon 10 tel up the: pMb planL The planl which is iocaled in the JariJari area ol ApaJM,. J..asoI.


ove:r 500 workers; and on compledon 01 the plant by the end 01 the Ant quarter. wtu ptoYidedlred em-

pIoymenIkI ow:r 1.000 people rareIn8 rrom truck dr1w!n 10 loade.n and diarfbu:ton amoopt Othcn A cwsocy view 01 Pata 5hows that hit produced from Ourwn wheat. hard wheat. which II alto milled Into semolina and mixed with WIlier 10 ronn douJh. The douah It th~ kneaded and cut InlO dllrermt thapes. dried and pacIcaaed. 1bday, ~ are mOfe than 4OOdltf,e:m'a1 bpe.s produced worldwide, lOme of which 8UA Inlmds 10 IntrodI..lOe 10 the Mgerlan


Coruumed in 1M! continaus or the workl Puca Is Italy't culinary

Rag embna!d PobaUy - no wonder BUA hired re.nowned Italian company, FAVA 10 undertake the construction Or!he Pula planL While. mOil people are ramilla .. with the&esh rype. ofpau. the BlJA Group illIkdy 10 inttoduce tt InIO

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When uk.ed If there It enough

Puta produ«tJ In the. country. Madukwe noted that even wllh otherPastaPlod~ themarbt is KIll 'o'aY Rnne.,ound 10 c:uh into. He opined that wldl a populadon oIove:r l_50mDlkln""~aboul

20 perunl haW! pu:ta u. A.apJe In their da.Uy meal :.chedule. With NiW:talleCOnlin& I.ocrH.sIn&fy urban. Palm a ttandud way or coolant;. whJch Involves qukil: bc:JWng in WIlIer ror. couple of mlnult'S and t is ready lor contumption aIorll\v1th di&rmtl)'pel of .uca, otI. ttm. and spiI:eI. is thewaytogofor . "000 becomIna increasingly mou De. It Is nOlewo Ihy 10 Slale that 8UA Group I:, one of the Leading


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aiel in NlFia w th loea! cspItaIhadon in ~ or USSSbillJon The

Group is C\II'm\.ty mpged. In the manuraaurlna of Cemenl from itt Cement totnpany or Nlceria (CCNN) in Sokofo and the Edo Cemenl planlln mpella.lllt abo into the manu(aaunnll of tupr. flour mWIn&. edibi,. ou as "'-eU .. pons operadonI. propen], development and Oil and Ga 1he~l andCEO.AbduI ·

umad Rablu tut abo expanded into the manufaaurlng of reftned -..prWllhthetSl.JbliWnentolBUA SUpr Refinery a _ld the IICqWAdoo

olUfiagl Susnr (ompany


Boosting food sufficiency with new pasta plant