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6 INEWS Monday 12 November 2012



Idedovin Idowu Owol!


11I1'H WlIJS to effediyely communicne your vision "1D.m- . Don'~'"

soundinC Ub • MIbn I!UII'd

",U It rw.-w.y. .,.,." pI(l .... IIWIIphoIw It U't Ia ~ _ dillopM IN'lWIt



• tNt ptOCJIt IINf • MId uncIftPwt _0-. .. IICd.L Don' lInI~pfI:iIIIrf""""'-.nt

lor tilt Mutt. III kif Ihfw IwIp in . . . . . . . IUIItJ If soedi< .oout 1IIIIIfI JIIU ••111 ptOCJIt ID

......... KAOCCIMA, BOA to stage worksh op on post harvest management l~ IUrodun.. Clamber of Comm~rc~, Mill~" In ·




pntMient. and PatliCk ChiboAkutobi. chuman. lCAN, lagos dlapter, 48th tCAN pre!MJent In l.apo!

Aba international trade fair kicksoff today

"' " "' " """""""""' ' -..,. A N,,-_. -.......,......


bllt'flYlbonll Trade

eel in the commerdal

The fill; put kJtI!CIxI" bf dte AbII Q\ambft of ~rc:e

......,., .........

(ACX»IA) in ~ with o\IlTEX c.or.ortbn. Is mtiIed

by the NigerWl ~ 01 Olamben: of ComlMf«, InduIUy, Mines and Apiculn.ue (NACOMA~


AOOMA. HJHained thaI the AIM Int~ultional TI3de FaIr _ IicmKd by NACOM... 10 promoce the Cft!ilUriry 01 dte ~.-.t

IJIIr11'I'1I cbtm 10

lhewotid, nodr« 1hM.niw\S In !hr;mnvnm:illldly.ekncMllilll IJIoIII:I' theworld b dlCIr.nbuy In the pnd..Ittion 01 q.aIiry .--.

. . . o..".....a. I~ ~i'Om IeMhu

aw:IlfIIIT1ll'!I1I. the fair toQJId abo Oft'l'I'odJe'~cI~ and ecooomic KtJ\,beI in the cnnryaldAbaln~ald w.:dd oIb I tUque ~ ror manufaClurtn, lUpp!.ier$,


bu)oen..t lIIIDot. wide f1IflF 01 FOCh atd .IC!f'Mca • wei. ~


k \I\IOl..*t *pmmoII:!he reo ,~ndt-a ·5 . •at 1heaanry'·~1JPIeIlII

.nd AbI ~ etMI'OIlIl1efJl In pamcuIu. by ~ the councry'l non-oD $I'ClOr, .,w:u be and IIpU t..ed ~


Ou:b ~ ftI aJra.II

WlIlOdter.,dmtdlNlOlm ~hJrnOhSoulh Kon..!~ to~dWpn:duas.dlr


and dinner In t1onout of the Pic by Pius ()I(eosIst

FG set to roll out flood recovery food production programme


~!he" kJ be host-

dustry alld Awlculture (KADC[JMA I has IIIid II h p-" WIth the Bank. 01 Asrf· culture (BoA) In CJf'IIIlI*l« an empawennenl WOfbhop rOl' Ilab:hokIeBIntpirult\ftvalue chlfnoltheeannr_ lhe ~ II tchI!'duIed toldd&om~ 1310 16 M the ~ and II1YMment Centre. "-duna. Ulman G. SMMwa. dimdlJl" smeraJ of the chambn. who made Iftb known In. IlMI'n'le1I 10 ~, AMi thai the

Mlnlsleof of Agriculture and Rural

hal the Federal


is Jet to mlI out the Ibxi RecoYey Food ProAdesln.. who made this


mcftins wlm

c:ommIss6onen and IWr d1redon of agrkuhure of the J6 Mitts or me federation In Ahuja weekend. said Pruiden( Goodludt )onathan had appn:M!d N9.1 billion for dtC ~oIthep&anl0


n me flood

The minbttt Aid lhat dtC

r.. phase \WUId CDfTUnma on NoYcmber 14 ";lh dtC dh· Irfbutionoi40.000lomoffexxl

wlift, Adoitvo said thai 100 tons 01 e:ttra-early mat\»'illl seeds had been secured and would be distribUlcd to affeaed rannrn 10 both ~ and plant quickly bdore !he nt 'U pAandl1J-.n. H~ said !hal 14.JOO tOM 011 a: IieItds from wiIhin and Otl Ide dtC CXJUntry had been P' .. Wftf, .tdintI: thai plant Inj, rnatmab for casrw. and would be provided for the fannen. AdHina exptHSed opd mism that the Rood reaM'!f)'


b ~ pIII'IiruIIriy, b aI ulrddtlcBln the pt* tar.... manap;ement. .. wdI as lech· fdogy ~ Ind financial Il'Il1Of pbyeB In !he IIpk:uIture


Ac:cordu1« to hk'n, !he pm-

pamnI!' I I " pI.a1nrd ID JWO"mole ~..:I robborMion ~ in


the areas ofthi!' deYeIopment

of pose hA1V'1!'51 m.an18fttH'l11, nlurchalnnr-.dns_lIfpollcy hrnI!'w!::rt. thai willUp(lOl1 the


,......,.......' .,..,.......,. bmIrion k1ilIaIfye,

~~..'::::=;:' Oil worke~ hold ~ wDI UAliplulblllhb IJood production plan wflh expanded dry RaSOn pmducdonolfood.-

Bayelsa committee brainstorms on N9bn foreign investments SAMUEL ESE. Ylffiagoa


QmtllllJftljrom pP~ I

thebralns.So Iflhis b not <kInt-, )'OW besI brain, wiI ~ Iht· oounuy~


rnisland ..~abo~

.tbe oonknn:e gjd ~

CXJUJlIJ'b IlI!'Cd 10 look bqoond CIII!'mIIl~..:Irumto


the capital rnaR;eu in SOUJOrJK

....... _ p r o j

=M.,., ............. '... this, the ~ must manha! such protKu and dwlrnld lht'


Sht! betinu Afnca's big

.... _

......... bd<'"

Ideas. but ~ and !hi!' inabilhylO~theidcMlO

rorv:me acOOn 10 fWlI JIO'o'fttY 9leabopcMnkdlOthel~

ror sevt'1t' Ancdoru against


Governor Fashola in his said . African to uade "lth eKhod'"-inordcrlDopnm;tI Iyurilise the ~ nallni raoun::es In dtCaJI~ll, and plII her on the path 01 pnl'IpI!'I iry. \\,hy(2l1'1 we ~ a poJk:ylOcorl1pdAfi1cana-l II'iI!'s to ndr ,,;m one anothn Inl~tion.



cocoa. C.~lan coffee.

" " " " " . . a -"'" Malian

confab on PIB

.'IegH of Pflrol~tlm

ana ,.,..,. GAs Se-

niOl' SUlJT Associa· """'"",""(J'<NGASSAN)

and the Nadon.1 Union or ~ and Nalural Gas \Yc:IrkI!'n{MJPfNG~ha\.1rcon­ duded ~ 10 hold

• stakehold~· engagemml forum """".... on ... pUym In thr mmtry'. oil and


"" """'"" ~ d~ """"""" _1liII(PIB) '''''o~lonun .. slall!"d foe 13 and 14, 2012 in CaIabat Cross ftiy.


Stake:holders exp«tcd to prac:nl dw:ir positions 81 Ihe. rorum a.qrft, from rl!NGAS SAN and NUPENG, Include !he NIgerian NaIIonaI Pmo 1t'Wll Corporation (NNI'C), Inlftnational companies ta1de-dtrlll!gisoiOd ProducenTradI!'Sedor(OPTS).PlmJ..



eo ~ In d'C flu d\lWlll

01 NiKnia (PfTAN) and MaJor Oil Marlteters AsIoci3110n 01




'AfriUl must rise above corruption ...•


and of courY

,Vhy don I. ,,~ promolt' dle UnilOO Stalell of Africa III TllIIdl!'? Why don I we sup pan IhI!' Idee 01 an Afro.ZO'lt" 11M' Inlt'gflluOn of Africa 111 tnde will no doubl impaci posIliYdyon thI!'~ oI

A&ican Ct!l.IIlb'b .1 his is wN1

we should lit' dunbr18 aboUI "


FG set to roll out flood recovery food production programme

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