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421 ENTREPRENEUR TODAY Monday 12 November 2012


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How to set up a rice milling plant


NIP( working with states to establish LEAP Africa celebrate youths pusion of Ind one stop investment centres - Aganga dynamic )'Oung pnJpIf' while he Nigerlln Investment Promollon Commission (NIPC) II world"l wllh Alles 01 the ledention to tnJW'e!hal !hey I:IlIbliIh thm own One s.op lm'eltn'lml Cmua.


Otusqun Apnea. minlstcr ofTnKle Ind Investment saki


I Pre·ln~n ts


2 Accommodatio n

NJOO, 000 (Rent~)

3 P1anl & Mai:hinery 4 Utilities/Working Capital: lOTAL



to UIl'ftnp6oymml in Nlle,t. I, I~ encdunlcmenl of the enlbtl.hmenl of ,mllllQle indu$uies. The elllblished Imlll lule Indullrh: •• hOu td he the ones tNt R'adlly utll~ r malnials thai can belOUn:ed k>aIIy. Rice consumption In

Nisert. I. oye, 20 million meulc 10"1 per .nnum Imporled rice con.titule. more than 85,. of the consumption level The Imount of forclgn ndulngc tp('nl on ria Import.tHln In NIseriII h in millions of dollan Innu.Uy. En,:olllljJlnl 10Cll1 production will save the (ounery • 101 of foreign

",Iw>... The lovueil"ty of .n)' nation dtopends 10 • 'l'ft'YW&e tttmt • on !he Idf IUffidenq of the n.tion in term. of iu: IbUlIY 10 feed ttl Icern!nl popull'lon EneGu •• glnl rice produclion will • .ulsl the country to .chleve uU .uUiciency and a .. ertlon of h' sovelpry Relyinl on other counlriel fol lood Is an Indw:ation of a failed IUIIe. LouDy produced rice it more palilible Ind more nUllhlous Ihln polished Imponed rice. In thb: rep«!. demlnd Is luallnleed EtllbUshmenl 01 rice mill

Nl,OOO,OOO Nl,500,OOO NZ,900,OOO will eneourlle flrmera 10 grow more rice. Other pcMitM contribution. of the project Into lheeconomy are,lobl and Income ereillon, increued lood producllon. lIemmlng 01 hunger Ind IIIrYllion. rurll development. povel1J erldlullon Ind reducllon In lOcial vlcu. You will III 'Ifee with me th.1 Ihue Ire III ingredlenl' lowards economk ~opml!nt .nd emancipation ol.ny country The beauty 01 Ihls project Is thMI no ponlon of lhe rice II thrown FWry_ Rk::e Is now used to feed lrvesIock sucfI .. chkims, pip.nd canie TeU.nkaJ Info nnaOon Rice milling Involve. gelling I medium .bed wire house where Ihe mlchines .re Inll.lled. On Inlllllitlon, p.ddy rice I. procured from rice productng .reas of the country Rice milling procenes Ire


p.wgtnl- Serious minded InvesioBcan bc.sslsled toW'( up Ihls project. Profh .hW,y Analysh The hi. up.clty of mnli", 250 ml!tric Ions of rice per annum Nee profil of NIS, 000 per tonne of milled rice has been compuled. Thb ITlnsllles 10 Annual Nel of Income al N7.5 million. 'This Is one of the projects Ihl! can po.ltlvely conllibute to Nigeril" economic


News Brief

Ihit IllhedoMngCrmnonyof the 11th Nltional Conference on II1W!SlTMnI (NO). tnAbuJa.. The Nel WflS inllilled in 2004 10. among OIhel things. plU'Vide a" _nue for sens.!· lisinl the iOYe5til'"ll public: 00 opponunilies and lnanrivct availatwe In the various lIales. and .I!IO serve al I plldorm for Ilakehoiderl 10 iAlencl .nd evolve SlJ1Ilegin thaI will mike Nigeria the preferred 1m.'elJ'M01 destinatioo Il1"IOOI Ihe emCTJ1ng malkeu.. iheTe I.s ongoing collaboration ~Iween the Nigerian Invntmcnt Promotion Com ~ misI:6on and tome stiles of the redenllion. 10 wabJIsh OneJlOp Invatment Centra and InvatlMnl promotion oudlts In the diHercnl JUlia. 1his blo crnu~ that OSIC ladlitiel are lvall.ble al the grua rooft,; Ihe min ISler IIld Apnp obIerved that !he NCI since inception, hid made remlrkable propcss., especially by ensuring thll h'rmonyexiSled between the Federalandltal e~


In Ihc am of Invcsuncm In~

lie added thaI the FedcnaI Ind IIlte poemmenlS were vmr~nglor;l!ther to d~lop a seclOf·.pedfic InvestlM:nl policy documenL as pan or eflom 10 provide ale¥d playInl field fOf rmne Inweston. "&anp said. "I am particularty pkaJed 10 be a.uoc:\aled wilh this noble Inillative for very cielr reasons Prior 10 2004 when Ihc NO _ Intd

ated. there was liltle srneTIY .nd collaboration In the In-

ycsunenl promotion Jlnlllqy of Ihe Federal GOV«'rnment IndtheJ6JU1les lhbwasnol In the I"I~ oItheentire HIgttlIneconomy, .. an ~of g<l'YCmml!nt were worldfllil cna--pwpo!!e whh confIX.-dJlI stpaIs ~",,"IIO invntOB lboul Nigerll's readl_ 10 IlInct Invntment. "For', while Ihe FedmII~onlheone

hand was rudy 10 waM the cotponIIew for industncs wtth pionca 5UlUI. lOme llatcs AiII Introduced myriads of lUt'.J, """"'......,.,. tho ........ 01 pIonea JUlius incmtiva 10 Invesron.. II _ ~ the need for roBaboration 1Jcn,.'eCf1 the Nlre (the Fedcnd ~ for prumoting Irwestment) and Its counlerparu In the IUIICS (~ such CDSI) 10 fashion OUI polides wilh lhe same obfectMs and pb that pvc birth 10 the NCl: lie added. ~ere .re ongoing efforts al developing a SKtor-speclnc InV'CSlmenl policy docu menl, which I,. .Imed II creatin,a ~I play1"1 6dd for IU InYUlan and, ellmln.t1ng disclellon.ry Irani of concessions Whh theR modestbul keyllChieve· menlS, I won't be wrong to lIy thai the N<II II aJrndy In ongoing JUCCUJ SlOry-. And I would describe lhe choke or theme for ltals 8th edition, -Creat1ng Jobs Ind Wealth Ihrough Increased Inye,tment In Small and Growtng Enlerprlsu In Nigerll, "IS IpL pankul.dy with rcprd 10 the 'oeusor lhe Tnnsrorm.don ~ of MI. Pt-eskienL GoodIud: Ebele kJoa,ho." Spntdnsdurlngtheew:nt. t he Secretary 10 Ihe Govemmenl of Ihe Federation, SenllUf ARyim Pius Anyim. obseryed thll Ihe Feder.1 CoYcnuncnI was commllled to pruvidlnB the enabling CfIvironmcnl for the growth Ind development o r Smlll Ind Medium Scale Enterprises.


~'dershIP '


Errecllven~ss ,

Accounllbillty snd Pro leIS Ion III s m (LEAP) Afrlcl, I nonprofit org.nllallon commilled 10 developlnJ dy""mlc, Innovallve .nd principled Alrkan leaders. Is $t'l 10 hold its Ikh Annual Nigman Youlh ~1p"wardslllhe~U

lilli, MUSON C~ntre, Ind lqoL 1hcmed 'Youlh Bulge: Ride Ihe Tide Ihe aw.rd. achcduled fOf November 15 ,2012 Is LEAP's allempl 10 reward !he commilmml Ind

inspiring other yuuth 10 upire and I'!rvt as c~ avnu In Ihdr kJcal corrunurutie1The youlh bulge has become I malor concern .cross Ihe world wilh )'tllIlh population rising llpitkantly In _ral cOl.rnlrJes. AgurC5 show thai Ippnmmaldy hiIlI of the population of African countrlel " made up 01 youth. With I YOUlh popubIrion 0141.9 pcn:em. Nigeria hal the 171h hJ&hcsl youth poputalion OUI 01 Z29 counlJic5 In !he world.

Outsourcingseen as great job creator... ~ WfI5 a

lelecom company that ubd 101 I ridiculous downwlld levision of feet hom NBO. 000 10 N26, 000 1hc company dkllhit beaus.c II knew II couid do II Ind gt'l some olher complny 10 accepc !he offer. BUI If ""'! ~ I ""lon.1 body Ihll could IClivale labour laws - if we him • body WOtUilg ""th the liboul ministry, Ihey would not daft Il" And for the prC5ldent of AOPN, AUSTin Nweu. "The ~.for


comp.nles 10 reduce costs Ind concenlJ1ltt' on thciJ core ~ - on thciJlft:lalCOfC canpecencz.lf theydon·t.!hcy are nOI lilety 10 achiC'Y'C the )em of quality dctimi Is the UJC of a company bavi"l • Occt 01 10 trucks and uslJlI only IWOT So h "noc a mlrter al cheap labour, h Is dotnB II bellet. OutJOtlrcing " I win wtn Ihlng If done wdl" lmoqate's uperit'n« Emml Imoegene, IIR director of Cadbury Pte said oUlJoumng opponunhy In N"1SCria b huge "bul we need 10 putlnfrasuucture righl our educalion rlghl our skill. b;lsc rilhl- "If these Ire noI put fi&hL we will not be able to mMke NI~rla a preferred dWlnation fOf oulsourclng." he said lit' rec.lled thll In the past. Indlan depftI were considered worrhleJJ. nOI compa~ to MgttiiI.... -Bul lodar, the case b differcnl with Indll now. rnajot' oul5Ollrdng counby to !he U.s: lie Mid when he gOI 10 Cadbwy m 2008. !he company had its own JCCUriry, dl'iYen, medical outIll, etc_ ~We h..J In Irmy of Kcurlty gulrds. pialoon of dllvers. And IMy Wt'n! he.vtty pakl1hc problem In N\p'rII is NI we are he~lIy unloniKd. 1he union culture driveJ up labour aMt. A driva·. 10lal p.y - salary, medic.I, housing. tranJPOTt, IfItwty Is NS million CO!It on payroll beause: he has been I drtYer for 20 yean. -But If!hejob lsoolJOUn:ai. you will gt':1 levd of competCf"lCe beuerdedK:arion for leu th.n I mlUlon naira. Vou w.nt 10 focus on core prodoction and In ciolns thaI, yuu SiloV!' money, )"DO reteaK moncy lhal you can plough Inlo othet areas. gDeS

for canteen We had • YnY biK caRleen. l~ Llunp become dlstnlClion. Bill I!! )"OU mave up the value chain, you WVlI 10 do Iht' hiKhcr value -addnl

-' I

He aid lhe divide! betwftn whit Is cort': buslnen Mnd

.ma, Is not. Is setting blurred

lie p~ 1M eumpJc of [)ell which O!.IISOurCed .11 its call centres globally bUI found oul Ihere was • drop in the quahlJ of service Ihey were gelling "They had to move In 10 In source Ihe M'rvlce when Ihey found OUI II was Ktually .. core .. any othet ttu..,. Bul p8r(; it bqinn1nc 10 oulJOl.lrt:eJOmCoftuV't'rfc::ore


"Wht':n In Nigerian 8reweties. wt! contt'mplaled co-parldng - to make Star In another ~ - In pliInb!hat ~ n()II UliJlIlheir capacity fuJJy If you can male bftr In 1OOChet~, then wNlls )'OW cure buJinessl Vou bqin 10 ihtft the t.r becwrftI wha! Is core and wMl " not COfC You thcrdore have lOme Rmbility In the V!'f)' kxl« run. aD cosu arevariabR. Ouuaurdngpva )'Ou lht': nUlbilhy 10 manlge

,.,.. ......

CondJllons pr.nitloncn

m ........

There lie Immenle opportunities for OUUOUn:ln1 In Nigeril We hive nOI KJiltched the ~ of these opportuniria.1&Id Irnoccmc 110 1'*1 prKIlOOncrs who we.e panidpulll al the \\ednnday CV!'I"Ilihere.recondlUomlhcy

mUSI mCl!t 10 do oubOUrcing ,uccesdully The 1151 Is as ",""",

. \'endors In ouuourclng must be YCf)' profesUona!, . They mUll never abtindon their job 10 I TIl-las placdtiOilel , .(itw- job to someone who can do h II I COJI you CIIln04 IchlC'Ye - !IOmcone you can 8M! a job 10 and go 10 Iiftp, .~n.ynt'l!'d~~the



.1hc ~ yuu p~ thai you an do II, the more )'OUr company will expand t'Iplalned thaI u Ihe practitioner S Kope ellpands. so allO will the t"mironmCflt bnp~ and this will m.~e the p,..ctilloncl I better pnMde- to hs diem and become I ptdmed dc5tinadon In Africa fur OUlsoutdnl-


How to set up a rice miling plant