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hosllng of Iql'lIech 2012 • • n Igrlcultural

forum that wlI1 dlIlWCUe!leW

IKhnologi6 In producing food CO" elfefllvely for

Wednesday 07 March 2012

tour of Israel transformed our farm' ~gricultural

Investors all O\'ft Iht world, In Tel Avh. I~r.el, In May this year. Illende<>s will nation In the sll~ forriront inllrid -Land 1Ipicu1tun..15rael uses this 5ef:1(>f :'\01 only 10 feed its popubtlon. bul also

upon food III earn loreign 6Chlngr.. TherefOlI!'. an 'Iricuhura! IQIJr of Imu" h; hKomillgrne oppununlty larners. l&fO .1IIrd busin~~p"nons Ind

olher relaled .Inhholdeu need 10 du'ren theh knowledge and e~nd thciJ bu!inencs for pronllblllty or promOIt' their Interests. 1his l5 ap,,.renl ,oing by the u:perience 01 Eno Akpllblo ofVisionagr A&ro tech Farm, "no l!tended Alrllt.'Ch 2006 nddinlsl~oJ


The Akpab60. family farm.

Vlskmage Apuwch Farm In ",'hIcta CU'Tt'fltiyrmpkrys five permanent snff. guc It big boost. acrordlnllo him, ..


of his auendallce II the forum.. LdoNlll Akpablo, EnD', wife, whu runs Ihe farm. said ~ tht·te were many Mnefils (rom m) hllSbllnd's

• rmUl

YlSiIIO Apltel:h 2006 in l5fitd.

whkh ha$ heilled to Iml)luWl our business profil.blli ty IhlOUgh "I)pllcadon of Ihe


·Onl!' I, Ihf' fllCl th.t WI!' bH.n abl~ 0 dlJCOVl!'1 Ihl!' USI!' of .omf' Improved ~s. whkh Increased our

yield pel hf!tI.u.' Before wn. we used to buy seeds fTOm government f!ltlenslon agt'fl1J. 1hoUJh cheaper. Ihe ylf!ldJ that rf!sultf!d wele uJuaUy Yery 10... BUI with I'ooduftds planted on ff!rtUe land. one m..y not even need fl!l1illzft to get a plOd hao"I!'R. ·11 Is nOlewanhy th.t almost the enllm I.nd area In ~'ge:ri. Is fertile. lust mill some crop, can do betll!l in

Allhe exhibition v.!nue, I met nlany Nigerians. mostty guvelnrnenl ornelals and govel nment . ,pollsored parlldjJanl5 11 was all mllginenln,l!1pI!riellce u I INlbed quickly that UesjJIle our mlny b1euings In IIo'1ge:ril htood welthl!r, fl!rtile soil, la"e population, elc), we we~ yet 10 dl!plO)' resoun:es and st'rloullnl!'ll 10 develop agrlcullUrl! " I encourase as many farmers IS ca n aUold h, alld suvernment official, 10 allend Ihl! year's Agrllech Eahibition. Your ~. ~Ire, and krxrwledie will bring the much needed deJ1re

for chilllge In the nil lon's agricu lt ural putlult," Eno uld, reminiscing on the





that mll.e II unique, For added valut!, apall ('0m Agritech. in"'ellOts In the awricuhurlll M!CIOI', retearehen, government officials should COflskief timing lheb trIll5 10 Iw..ei 10 coiockIe with one of Ihe agrlcullural fesliviis Ot peak st'ilJOllJ in IJnII!'I; nle Olive Fesll",,1 In OClobel, ~Je-pid::tnw in lhe ~ dll!'fries in !he lal~ lIJJIInA and

.. on:

llrael 15 proud of its agticullura' achievemenlJ,

a world ~ expert In -en and M aIup ..... uwoglhe ~ 01 mooem


1O.a- ut1f1Y-.:t ptOCIlICe In


Highlights of e1hibition and tour: 2d1y1.,........ ()aJ

'"""'*'" on . .


CDltgmg proU:b

g 0

HawJlla*;liIdWIOID!lrfl . . ""-'1iJItUInI""~

Agric:!Anj nctr.. s.-..., .,.,..


~ .... IOIII'III_



Tcw.n.owG .....

mmm'I -PItIdudIon d308t'11'}5 PI' btu n" 1·r- d Iaym degg -25% of sewage water recycled and reused in Agncutture Im\1 l1li i!A 1~"16" Dis tr ibutors . Admtnistrators . ' nlllnillona' technoklgists, Practising & AspIring Farmers,

I I ;~;;;:;:;~


JJOOd yirkIs pe ItKtare on the

Oopl_pbnl: 1he coupll! also old the forum h.d pw"lded them the opportUIlIr'l 10 gel 10 know le..dlng OI)l!'fU In the aru of '8fkuItwe as well u policymUelli In lind outside NIAeril Eno lellerlled• • , l uende<l thl! AAtltec:h 17th Inleroatlonal Allh:ultural F.xhlbiUon, May ') • II, 2006 In Tel Aviv, IJn.. 1 II Will I wonderful t'llperience, The 10gistJc. WI.S handled flawleul)' by the appointed consul lin I Ind Ihe Inaeli Embas.y ome'hds here In


Tours, a flrm Ih ul "acbges Irill5 to lvId. noted. "israelis Ilathu Tmvehl and pank:ularly rkh In his(orical,

becaute despite Its .mall dimeollolll , minimal waler l!!'.Soulces and olhel

common langu"ge W1th Iheir counterpallS somewhere In IsraeJ. whl!ther it 5 the well watered nordl. tit!!' .ubtropla around Ihe 'tell of Gllllee, Ihe arid lands In Ihe Nqev and !hi! ArlIn, Ihl! COilSI. or nsh breedetl (e"en Ihal is done In W dl!'Sl!'rt). Many of i5me)'1 Illfmeu are memben uf coliectl\'f!S (klbbutzim) or coopefalilie. (nlOshavlm). willi Arab Cannl!tJ in the rural sector ..'ho SIH!Cllli5e In Ihe raisinlll of '"Iall livestock. vegetables, neld crops Ind olives. Therl! ate also levl!ul ! 11lI. thrllltng 11rt\'l1t' velllure farm s e.. ablhhed In the 191h Century C;elllnlll 10 know the peopil! behind Ihe produce and malung laSllnlll connectlonl ate unforgettable IJpl!'CU of an allltlcullure lour of lmIel

-Peak 1amIIoes)"ettrNd'nJ 500 Ions per t.dare -Mull rna ~ I*' aM'e.u::eedWIg 12 CXOIhI

J(K1le areas thall olhen. Since


opponunlry pnJ\kkd by Ihe UlIvet asency for lIS clients 10 visilemtlc slleJ In l!t'IIcl. Olufunke T"lwo, chief

challenges, Ihe agricultural OUlpol ls 50 much mote than COUlltrles thai are lIalUrally mdowed III Ihe 195Os, one israeli farmel cou ld unly feed 17 people: a lillie ~r 50 yearllall!'(. thai number ls up 10 95! Israel is conJllnlly reseal ching new plOducls anc!lechnologies. whkh tun'!!' alluwed II 10 successfully cultivale 20 percell! Ih"l is the only anlble part oflsr-....!'s 21,000 square kilometreL Israelis Ilke to thin" that the finl -agro-tourlsts· wete the biblical loshua Ilid c.~ who lugged a hugf! bunch of gtal)I!'J loshowtlleclilldrm of 1JfM!llhumazing fruits of this land iJnIeilfilmll!flldeUst'llln l"IlChanging ~'Iedse with special inleresl visllOl1 lhe nriety of lIS produce means Ihal farmers hom around the wotld find a

Coopefatrves SocIeties, UOIvel'S'tieS etc _ Gel .. rO)illlreilllo Israel - - Register lod..y _ _ U",lted spaces





""'" U . B. G<an!_. Alausa ShooI>ng ..... AIausa ....





~co ...

Yisil. htlpJIlra.... halbtmsaALnet • I I

O"U\ "', UIH b refe"" to Ihl\ advert when ou re "Ier


Agricultural tour of Israel transformed our farm'

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