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SUNDAY Vang....rd. MARCH 4. 2012. rAGE 7

.15 years after: SjCourt frees self-confessed cannibal 8\ I"I( In .\\\1 ' "OC "IIiRI

, , , nIER EAS an al·

YY leged cannibal confessed during the heanng of the case agamst him at the Lower court, the SUpl'ClD'! Court set him free o f the charge ofmurdcr. ~. I ate the Desh of the""""""" though I dKI DOl partiapate 10 the Irill· mg", the alleged canru· bal, M r. Edet Obeten Mbang. was quot~ as leUmg a Cross Raver State

High Court. Ugep DlVl""'"That was 15 )-ears ago . It was on the bailS of theconfession Ulat the l-llgh Court sentenad tim and three other peRons to

death But Mbang appealed The Supreme Court ac-

quilted him on l1ltU'!iday. The victim. Saba OkOl, wa~ murdered and the Oesh allegedly eaten by the q uartel on October 7. 1989 The three others CODvicted by the High Court were Obelen leila EssieD. Mbang Etoli Mbang and Fidelis Onen Cb!ten.

The prosecutor laid Okoi was murdered and tus " human meat" was "1mtchered" and "shared" by the accused penOI'll. The quartet. were. on

Ju ne 19, 1997. fou n d gwJty by the High Court and okayed for the hang-


The prosecution had

told the court that the &Ccused persons and the deceased. attended a bunal ceremony on the day of the murder when- It '111ld the Enyun War dance. also

VACANCIES A repulable Hospltallty Outfit locatad In the

called KOJo dance. was perfonned.. It alleged that Mbang witnessed and participated in the ki.1ling of the vic·

tun. 1b prove the allegabon. Ule prosecution called six witnesses and tendered 17-exhibits at the court. The accused penons made a 'nocasesubmissian' on the mlltter, an action that was overruled by the High Cowt on January IS, 1997. Upon conduding hearing on the cue, the accused persons W8"e found guilty of murder lind sentenced. to death.. Dissatisfied with the verdict. Mbang pleaded the Calabar Dtvislon of the Court of Appeal 10 reverse tus doalh penalty, a swt that was dismissed for want of ment Howevet when the mattcr was taken to the Su-

qualified, young, sociable, a rtlcJlale, a taam playar. Ability to ach{nve rasults w!lh little Ot" no supervision is u must and e ~pe rienc:e in Ihe hospital' t l h d ,;stry .....iII b. :In added odvanta~ .

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lheu polloes The former presIdent lament~ that, rather than promotmg food secu· nty and self·suffiClency, some government officers were fond of corrupt pracbces to the detnment of agrtcu1t ure sector.

Ple5ldent Olusegun Obasan)o yesterday talSed the alarm over lood shortage in most Afncan OJuntnes, predJctlng that U:esltuabon may persllt unless succesSIve goverrunents continueWlth the poboes and programmes of then predecessors ObasanJo stated Uus m Ius speech at AfrIcan Re· BY SI\to, glonal Forum orgarused ECBfGBll1 \1 Bf 11,11 by the Center for Human c·~ Secunty of lhe Obasan)o PreSId ential LI brary OVflRNO RSlliP tOOPL) ,Kuto,Al,E'Okuta, aspirant of the OgunState. SpeakJng as a speoal Peoples Democrabc Party (PDP) In Edo Stale, Mr guest of honour on the theme· " Best P,..ctice m Kennet h Imasuagbon . Fostenng f"ood Secunty yesterday. SIIld what hapm Afnca".Obasa!lIO Stm- pened at the Just can· Imlled that the only fac· dud~ govemorsfup pritor that can rescue Alri- m ary in the state was can nabons from food cri- "sClenbhc riggmg" pe.rpenated by th4!!' leader· SIS was fo r them 10 ·contmually and mdJ>ed con- ship of the party The bnuously mamliUn food fraud, ftccordin g to fum, secunty" and stop pa- will not stand Imasuagbon. who came trolUZlllg ·cheall' i.n all


the appeal on Thursday, the 1lpe:K court agreed. with the appellant's counsel that Mbang .... not guiIty of the oHence as charged even though he partido pated in the eating of the deceased. Consequently, Jus ti ce Mahmud M o hammed, who read the lead Judgment, dlS clwged and acqwt1ed the acrused person.

He however expressed the hope that Afrtcan countnes wt1J get It nght If leaders can dernonslnlte good will that will sustain programmes and poboes of thell predecesSOt1 in office Also speaking at the

event, thechauman. Govenung Board of the Center. Ahn Mabogun)e de· scnbed the forum as an allempt to facthtate exchange of expenences to confronlthe challenges of food msecunty Ul different parts of the conb.nent

Edo PDP guber primary: I was rigged out - Imasuagbon


second 10 the contest wruch was won by the former Commander of the Army Finance Corps. Gen C ha r l e s Alrhiavbere, declared that the leadersrup oUhe party had mUTdered democracy m the state. de· cJanng. "We will make sure that no matter what they do, only the people of the slale and not the leaders will determme who WUlS the July 14, 2012 governot1rup eleclIon in the state" But reacting . the Edo PDP ctwnnan. Quel Dan Drbili, who commended

Appeal Court affirms Akinruntan as Olugbo BY DAto JOH~S()' . ~\k!,Ft'


Supreme Cowt on June 12. 2006. Canvassing reasons why the death penalty should not stand, COWlSeI. to the accused penon. Mr Adekunle Oyesanya. argued that though hJs cli· ent parUClpated 10 the 'Oesb eabng ritual', the Vloctim had already med before Mbang bad con· tact with ius body DelJvenng Judgment on

Obasanjo raises the alarm over food shortage in Africa

heart of Ab la has vaconc:iel for tha following


preme Court. it remitted the case-file back to the appellate court for re-tna1. In a unanimous d eci· sion o f the appellate court on March 16, 2006, it also chsnussed the appeal. just as tt affirmed the verdict of the lower court. Not saltsfied Wlth the proceedings of the appellate court, Mbang filed a notIce of appea1 before the


swt challengmg ~e UlstaJlatlon of Oba Frednck Obateru Akmruntan as Ute Olugbo of Ugbo In Da)e local gOYemmenl arei1 ofOndo State has been d...srru.ssed by the Court of Appeal Slttmg lfl Ature Justices Kudlrat Kek-

ere-Ekun. Qu.nwe Eugema l)'lzoba and Moore Adumem who presIded over maller predJcated theLr deoslon on the fact that the suit filed by the ousted monarch of Ugbo. Prince AdebanJo Mafemlsebi, amounted to abuse of court processes Atinruntan was lruILalIed as the monarch of the oil rich Ugboin Uajecound.l

area of the state followmg the rem<7\'al of Mafimisebl as the Olugbo by the Supreme Court havlllg reigned for 2 4 years Mafumsebl, who was not satisfied With the lruItallatiOIl. through his counsel. DrOlumJdeAyeru. asked the Federal High Court Sllllng 10 Akure to set aside the lIlStalJation processes.

Imasuagbon for trung second m the contest, mSlSted that the exerose was tree and (ilJ.t adding ~e exercue was conducted by a SeJVUlg Mloister of the Federal RepUbli c and we aU ob· served that the process was transparent more than we have ever Witnessed In th4!!' s tate be. fore" 1n order to calm the aggrieved Imasuagbon down, the forme.r Chauman. Board of"llustees of the PDP. Chief Tony Aneruh, VlSlted hIs residence yeste.rday And to WlD Imasuagbon back to the AC N where he was a me.mber beforeJouung the PDP. Governor Adams Ostuomhole. the South South Vice-Cbauman of the AC N , Pastor 05agle Ize-Iyam u and former Ii ouse of Reps member, Mr Patrick Obahiagbon. have urged 'lmasuagbon ('The Rice man as he II popularly caUed) to come back to theACN


Obasanjo raises the alarm over food shortage in Africa