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Nigeria.u Tribune

Abandoned Babies A onc - ~car - o ld boy . Shiloh Dlvlhe Adekera. was found at Shiloh Church. Ola. Ogun State on Dca:mber I I. 20 I I .

Ko la Oyclen, Kana OMMERClAL sex wo r kcrs In somc parts cl Karo Stale an: now Iamen~ 0\I'eI' kJw patronage. sa~ that they may be fon::ed to ~te. because the orgotng Ramadan has fUJ'lher ....'Or.lOlCd thdr buslness actMtJes. It was obsc:rved through a swvey conducted by the Nigerian Tribune In some an:as wllCI't: bustness was rca.lly good fOf" the oorruna-daI ~ v.ukers Ilke. Enugu. Abbedle. I Aba.



sex workers


Sanya O lu a nd Onltsha roods In SaboG art. since the commen cement o f the Ramadan. that many c:ommerc:lal sex ....-orkers were scat, but there was noaAStomer. unilite before thc eommencement of the Ramadan. AlIthc: abc:r\.~ areas and other pfaces Uke Club road. AIrpor t road. which used lo be bchlvt::s d acUvlUes. MostofUle sex work ers. when IntervIeWed. a t tributed . t he low to Ule 30-day Muslims .


lo a lady. who simply ldc:nt.il1ed hc'seIf as ~

Gladys, -my brother. J Crult continue like this. If this contlnues. I wID not mind rdocaUng lo anothc.- place where my business \\uuJd ilourtsh.-

Whlle anoUler woman. who IdenUfled herself as

said II was saddenlog Umt the fasUng peI10d had driven away those AJhaJ's thaI used to patronbe her. Hajlya Btnlu. who said she was (rom Maldugurl. stated thaI -because of the prevailIng security c hallenges

'Kwara's status on agric, recognition for govt' -tE naming of Kwara Slate by the Federn1 Government as U1C most agrtcuJturnUy developed statc in thc COWlIIy


and recognlUon of U'IC ser vice lo the good people of the slate by Ule Peoples Democratic Party (POP)· led admtnlstraUon under I orGO\I'eI"

A onc -yea, and e lg h tmonth -u ld boy. David Dlvlnc Adekera. was found at (sale Oja. Ola. Qgun Stllte )11 March 19. 2012.


A two -vcar and flv c month-old boy. Jcrlcl Divine A ekera. was fo und at Osl Round · about. Ota ogull Statc on March 11. 20 12 .

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Ahuja. onSatw~au.

Cocoa farmers' complaints over agrochemicals, destructive -ro CoWns NnabuHe, Abuj. -IE Federal M1nlstry of Agriculture and Rural Dc.\.'Clopment hasdcscrixd UlC mxnt(Ullplablls d a facttln d UlC C0coa Fanners Assodatlon d Nigeria (CFAN) comprising


S1lth-Wcst, Kwara and


stales. 0'0'C" Ule m:znt UfYU" chemicals procure by Ule mlnistJy as cIestrocttve.


were reglStcred with NaUonal Agency for Food and Drug AdmtrustroUon and Conu-oJ tNAFDAC). while It was screen ed a nd approved by thc Cocoa InsUlule of Nigeria (CIN), as wcll as Ihc Eu r opean ~11IJ\buja. UnkmtEU). TIle mlnlster said Ule . According to him. -1n(Sagrochemlcals which Ule sence. UlC ('JJIT\(:iafn1s d Ule farmers claimed t o bc c::.;.:,;nFarmcrsAssoclaUond harmful to cocoa trees N!go1atCFANJaredlsntpth~

and Rural De,;dopfl1eJ1L Or Akbll.l;umlAdcslna. .""tlO ....-as ~ted by U'lC penna· nent sccn:Iary d the minisby.DrE:zeldelOyemoml.saId this m:enUy durtrg a press ca'lference at IIle ministry's

Police interrogate traditional ruler over alleged rape Y1nka Oladoyinbo. AkuR

Irtl: the traditional

ruler to

tD.II1. b- a1Im1pk:d rape. slle


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nor Abdulfatah Aluned. ThIs was the submission of the rDP publicity sceretary. AlhaJI Mas'ud Adeblmpe, who staled that thc recognF Oon by Ule f'edernJ Government was a deartesumony Ula l the PDP admtnistralion In th e state not only meant well lo Its polldes

and programmes. but was


Anybody v.1lh userul In · formallon abo ut Ih e whereabol!w or Ule parents l r eiailc ns of thcsc children sn'I uld contact lhe neareil pollee s la LIon o r Ihe DIrector or Social Welfme Servlccs, MInIstry !If Women Arfairs lind f.o : lal Develop' menl. Ab ~(kuta. Ogun S tate .

In Malduguri. I deelded to movc to Kano.becausc ou r norma l bUSiness was no longcr casy to opcrate. but look what we arc facing. the fa sting period h as alrcady put snarl to our buslncss an d Is no more n o rmal patronage.-

ONOO Stale palla: corumnd has ~

!JIkdthetradilb1alruhof Su~ Akoko. In Akoko SouIh-WestLoc:alG<M:rrn-l:nl area dOrm State. au Kasal Adc;Icro ~ (Mf" an ailegauon of attempted rape agD:G by one Mrs Comfort Awogbaml. S h e had aro..r:a:I h lradllJonal rulerdallfn1Zld~ CIlMay4.20I2. A\~whJls~ lrtlIat~MIgIstrn.Ir;Q:ut.

akrgsIdc a wife d IR:: tradJUonal rule r. Olori Sha1Iat /ld:de.:J. ir 0"§IgIrg h p.i:iI: ~ltW"danJud.likdytoc.ruse

a 1H3dldpeatthas. tD.\~~. pdItXnxt tilt: state (;ann&st:n:rd~ ~t:.m h UlC ~dtJlC case.

Awoghaml compWned H131nsttaddihepiUdEg-

"'85 dnrjJd"1lh


sIdr: h15 "~ Sle. U-.:n:aI\a-. wroI£ a Ietler of protest lo the poUoe ~ him 10 Intmme In tllC matter. ~ U181


Ule t.radltlonal ru ler al· tempted to mpe her at his wlre's aprutment. According to her. -the IIadJIIonal ruler hadsell( 10 n.'lcmelDhls\~apartm01I

on Ule said date al aixlul8. OOp.m . On gctt.Jng to Ulal hruse. he was able at Iune. He asked nle t I C'o'a" knew my I~ wa91~ an aIiIr \\1Ihhtswli:.anaJlcg1tbl\\11til I denUi CYCI" 1av.1.1r-g "lie. Ux;n1cie. infonned me U181 IlC would Ilke to 00 Ult:Stll1lClh!rgwtthlne.lhlnkhlg he \\"dS only joking. UIC kabI}~ CIl to hold me anda!iSluJted ,ne.~me

1l8kl:;d until I r.:llscd an alarm. wl1lch drew the attmtlon d the netgbboUB who laler trooped In to n:scue me rrom h1s hands."

dlstrncUve and destrueUve and meant to dlIllcrnle the laudable programme of Ult: Fcdcr.lI "'1ln1s11y d Agl1cuIture and Rural Dellelopmcnl In ~ Ule Nigeria cocoo Indusby.Dr Adcslna further explalned Ula t the cocoa fanncrs were Involved in Ule decision to roll oul the four agroehemlcals In GrowthEnhancementSupport IGES) thts yea r. He said so far, 200 sachcls cl appf"O\lOO fUngiCides. wonh N45.400 had been given 10 each regJstered farmer for N22. 7OO.whlchwa550per· COltoflh e prtceat Uleopcn ~k ...

also committed lo promotIng good governance and beUer Uvtng condJUOn for all, through honest and purposeful lcadc:rshlp_ According to him . It has also confirmed Ule sinecrity of the state government In Its commitmcnt to thc slogan o f -shared prosperity mantra. - which had become a leadUl8:gulding prlndple In Ule actJvlUes of Ule governmenL -As a party we \\'Cn:: not swprtsc:d that the (nCUIIIbent a dministration has continuously sustalned all Ule good legacies and also brokcn new g ro unds In variOUS scetor s of th c economy aimed allmprovtog the well-being of Kwara citizens. beaJusc the governor has been pan and parcel of the succe:s.s story and an acUI.-e parUdpantin the enthronement o r thc good Icgaclc:s. - A5 Ule party rejoices with the people and t he governor on this oIDdal recognlUon . Ule pronouncement by Ule Federal Govcrnment h~ vindicated PDP. whldl always malntatned Utat the Ume has comc for a ll progresslvc mInded -cItiZens at home and Indtaspora to oome and jotn hands with this pmgresslve admlnlslraUon in her gtant str1dcs to take the state to the nex i level.AlhaJI Adeb lmpc s lated.

Gov Aliyu, others, receive leadership award in UK Adclcnro OladJpo. Minna

Vlce-Prtmc MInIstt:r of the Rl:p.JbIk: dMauriWs. Xin1crlu:: Dlli"al ~nd thc Niger State gcMnD". Dr Mu"alu Allyu. ~ 3I'J"D1!: the \\a1d Ieadas besw",~:d ....1th awards by the UnIted K1rlfkm (UK)-tnscd


n:t:enUy. ~-

TIle awanls came as a resultof Uleirgoodstewardship lo Uldr peopJe as public oIIk:e holder.;. Speciflcally. Governor A1lyu. who Is also thc chairman. Northern States Go-.u-~ Forum tNSGFJ. was

honoun:d with the Afr1can L.t:act:rst1lp Award b" mal-

iIll:anh\-esbnmlsfi1endlycltmate In tile s la le since h19 ~ IrlaDoe in 2007. at hls 1bst~3Sthe execuUve governor or thc s lale. 1hfs was contained In a nev.~ b.llIet.ln obtanxI at tile ....u:kcrd bythe N.gerIan nibune In !\tlnna. Ulkllng Ule award w.n ra:x:MxI III his bchaIf by the state Canm15sloner for Sports. AU18JI Hassan Abdullaill. at Ute Landmark tlotel UK. alon elaborale ceremony by Ule

AI. the~. which wassaJdlotl3\-ebcmaumded by somc Ntgenans In the dlaspaa.the~\\~

said Ioha\-epralscdGcM:nu-

A1lyu'S ovcr th e IndUSII1allsaOon and ceonornk: dc\.'CIopment of the state. Go-.-emor A1Iyu. whOe ac~ UlC a ....wtl CXJRSSCd watttude to the ~ lOr deeming him lit lOr such an honouT. \l.i1lle assurtrg that he \I,'OU!d C01tlnue to ptmiUC poIIde9andpng-ammcstha1 \\uuJdJeadlothesptt.'dyeconcmk::transbmatlmclNigO'" ;1

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Cocoa farmers' complaints over agrochemicals, destructive


Cocoa farmers' complaints over agrochemicals, destructive