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...--------------------------------~----------------Aliero: Where bags of onion go for free ANNUALLY. at the pea ~ of harvest, farmers and traders in Aliero local 90vNnment area o f KE'bbi State 9 ive their onions for fl ee. You won:ler why? Read on, our correspondent I eports. fr_11II ,JiIMMashIr,BIndn IetW 1,~cntnn'c"IA1wfQ,.


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il. All yuu n«<1 00 IS lu ltd \chl dc thl! "'-ill comic)'mg II '0 your dntlnatlon,- be .."td t...dO(prItKrVlntt t"qUlp· mrnl is 1M mJjOr Impccilmltnt • nJ o;.h,Ultntte to the onion fumcn Jnd lraders ,1IkeWhen out corrrirondent vh ilco..l 1M Alicro omon market fcw dJya .go, thC' plue wa. nnr emply u the o;.ommodity wal ~rce peahnlton the kJrLLly, thc Slrki Albau illd, ·Wec.. nn", pre~rvc II btc,UK thC' omon 'poth and rots eoully duC' 10 of Itand ard prleKrvlnl t"qulpmC'nt We UK !ocalallos to preKrVe thC'm We IIC' yeilO ltC'1 .ny oUsistancC' from thlt aovcrnment \\'C' need • mooC'rn market &lid Onton procculnl comp.ny 10 boott our trade ·The busineu" nourishing at. very low p.~e bec.use of of 80vcrnment uslltancC' Fifty yean ago, when I Uloumed



Er.pbllling further. on how (loion!J pllontcd. tht' 8S'rar-01J l.o.rrtI"!'t yYS. ·You Inr 40 I..IYJ,tMn rC'f1WV1:' II and r?--rM 't'ouarP'ylonJ fertiltur (>n Jafta60 to 70 chrs. d 1'CCQ II "Src~yfor lhcmMUt,· h)f 1 )2nuuy to lul\' annu .11), he Aid thoC' buJlnes.s o( l'ruoll '1'UUld be' at III peat.. O& tilC "" 1-Ahcro told whKh howel the OIlton nlilrkt it bu.5y. !-ccu~y men, who coru.tJt o(


the 1C'IJerohfp po,,"on ulth .. markel we were urrylnlt (>\u produll~ 10 lega on d"nk.c)',; from Ihere to leba In Kwara StatC' un WitC'f Trlden meet Uj there but no .... we Ih~nk Alilh . tradC'fS tomC' herC' ttl m«t u. for hU)lne".- he nfJ GIving Imlght Into wh)' oOlons are nul preK",·ed In Alieru, In onion larmer. MalJIII SulelmJn Sani $lid the- '~lC'"I of Alieru·$ on ions unnol bt prC'~rved, .dding. ·Our I)-PC of onion here In Allero .hun~ and rots wllh time Wlul ... e w~nl from the government illhe ellablishnlenl of uOIon pro...C'u'"l planllhat "'III be bUYing .nd<Jn. from us,- he .dded An onion uJder, MuhJm med Hello said the buun"1 IS luu-alive but thai ·u.. 1r. 01 modern muns of ple~rut,nn II their m1tot problem Ue said IheLr lpeo::lO ofum.,n Iloneof the be,t

Experts to design research framework for a9ric development THI Jlrica Research lnSulWnabk Inlen· ,t&..t\oo Col the: Ned GtnenUon (Africl

RlSIN::J) team com~ of prognun and pto}«1 .taIJ, donor reprcKnblJV'CI., and rart~ IS met III the lnlanation"ll IruthUIC for1i1>p&caJ. i\irlculture (UTA), INcWi to desl:po • retCUCh Cnmc-work for the pro-

gnm. T" h •..,..chymClCting rcv~an C.II' lief renrch framework~brl

wit force coordinattd by USAID, klmu Bcd Pi" and rw. of JMf1nn$ WOJbn&on the proJC'cla, pinpoi nted J"Oiect 5itcs and • portioUo of Interventions ro.- thor pro. 5f11m. and design motlltorinaaoJ C'YIlua· lion (M&.E) .y&tcm Afria RISING was lnrtDled In Octoba 201 1 IIld ls funded by USAlOas part oftbr u.s sovnnmml'. Feed Ibe·Future lnIt~tivc 10 sddro. aJoba! hunger and food security In sub·Sahann Mric.a.. The program focuses on nluc chaW lOr

maiu &lid IlftStock. and .plemJ InlenA· nation resu.rdl Currmtly the pro.I«U covn retCUCh in three Scop11phkallocalion. tlw include Sultainabk lntenslfication of Cfte:al·bued F.rorm ing Systems In the Guinea ~nnnah 1..oot'o(Wat Mngled by UTA, Sustainable intenlirJCIUon of crop-lnulod S)'IlC'nu 10 improve food K'CUrily .nd fum ilKOnKdtftnifJCllion In the Ethiopbn hlgllianw - kd by tl.R1, ;;and SwuJnIbIe Inlensif"\ollion of ma.J.u

legume.llvestock rntC'"8fllC'd .rmlng sptemJ In EuIeJ'n IIld Southern Afnea abo led by lITA. According 10 Jerry Glover rrom USAID, the multi· stakeholder prog!'ID With rundingdi rcctcd to the CGIAR is cnrisioncd 10 deliver inteTnatlon.aJ public gooch where they ~ needed. The pam is being undertaken Wllh ~rtncn


!lw indU<k ICRlSAT,lCARDA. Alrtca Rice, IFI'RI, AVRDC, Kipe,&nd nuny otMr orpniulions


Aliero: where bags of onion go for free