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Tu " day, 14Aug ust,2012

Feed students with' eggs, Ogun poultry fa rmers urge govt

YOIll are not sincere,

co,c:oa farmers tell minister :'




in su prort of the as..~oci.atlon'~

struggle with the fedcrnl g<l\'CI11-

atanc wsconf~ncein Aknrelhal


It is not haI11lfuito our land. Its acti\'tJ1tM Is mo~ than a mo nth. • We Want 10 ttll the go ...ernment

dation of Nig:na (CFAN) has

wmers should ignore the claims

accust.-d (h I' t..'lmislc!rof Agricu!.

of the mlnisl!':t.

·\~re were nOl consulted before the Minislry uf Agricullure emb,ukrd on purchasing of agro· chemic.1ls meant fo r the farmers. Those chemicals acqUired by the govemmentlikc ~ Rido mi1. Fun· guram. and Champ DpMare no t ac lll'e e!lough. TIleir acth'enw can onh-Iasl fo r two weeks after bt'ing applied to cocoa Irees. • Bul we arc: demanding for · Ultimax Plus- chemical because ...u a~ fimliliar with this dlemical

Ihal .....e are the ones using th em; we know the best of all these chemicals. "We cannot be paying 50 percent for tllese chemicals while the f«leral and slale governments are paying 25 perce nt nch ; he stated.. Fidtlix. however ad\'ised the minister to accede to the demand of the farmers or else ther. would mobilize to protest against th e m inistry al the National Assemb ly.

From Ue\Vl.le G wa " \:ure




Kwara states we re complain ing,


the cocoa faml!~;rs as.sociation said

F.armcrs Asso-


Spol:.tsmilflo(CFAN,~ l r.Sun.

nol being sine,·ft· OVer his comments Ilullhe l' S bWion agn>Chelll!cah pur ±~ for Ih!IU ",~rcgoo.j -m ... ~ Reacli t1~ to a report by th~


day Fidelix said at the press conrcrc~ncc thatlhe minislcrwas on1r IlXlking for ways to (Ol'er up the a[]~"oW atrocities he had commi tled with the farmers loan ... . dd -

minister I/he c he descri~ the rejectiun "f the chemicals by farmC'n as destructive ami

ing, - the allegation orlhc min-

lure. Dr. AdClumi

is ter tha t o ur complaints are destruuive is ... ery laughal?le. I am from the South -Sou tH a nd all th e states In th e region are

thai only a fa(1 icn ohh e: group fromlheSllull l-West, Kogiand



MP cornrdemn s e -wallet distribution of fertilizer From Aliyu IiolHamlcam, Minna


FOlLQWrl'G Ih e failure of newly inlrorlucttl e-wallet fertilizi r Jisl ribution in Niger Stale, the member repll!Sl!n~lng Rajau/ f.,bgama Feder.a1 Conslitu ellLl'. Alilw Shamak!, hal Inter\'e n ~ by di.stri~uling 6,000 bags of usortrd fe rlUiz.ers 10 peasan t fa rm ers in his constitu ency free of ~haf~ . Spewng dUli ng [the di stribution of the commodity in Rijl.u, Shamaki said Ihe newl y introd uced scbtme o f distributing fertilizer through GS" i b) tile federal go ...crnmen t had failed in hil ,;on ;tiluency, hen ce his decisio n for the quick mt(C'oention to ensure that farm -

ers in the area arc: nOI left out due to lack offertilize r. -It Is unicceptable for our &r mers in the rural arus to be forced. out of farm beca use: they don't line access to GSM that wi\1 enable them to benefit from the e-wallet fertilizer distribution. TIlat informed the re ason for ou r quick illtervention ~ he said. He further condemned the faleral ga!"' · ment ror introducing the policy o f sel1ing fertilize r through the use o f GS M saying. it is a policy deliberately conceived in order not to fa ...our th e peasant rur.U farmers. I-Ie, however. appealed to the federal government to review the poI.icyas doingso ....'OUld enable the targeted

farmers 10 benefit The Na tional Assembly member further lamented th at th e int roductio n of su ch policy by go ... ernment was capabl e of cutting off th e o rdin ary pwple at the grassroo ts from gove rn menl programmes and pol i c.i~s, a situati o n he described as worriso roe. Sham aki, while warning the officials of h is party. Cong ress fo r Progressi ... e Change (epC) nol to Inlerfere wilh th e dist ributio n p rocess.oftbe fertilizer. also chouXed th ose that were saddltd with th e respo nsibilily for dist ribution of the commodity to ensure th ai all the pwple in his constitue ncy. irrespec tive of party affiliation benefltcd.


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from KehlndeAkinyemj. Abtokuta PO ULTRY f.inners in Ogun State have urgtd the stalt go\-cmment .10 consider the possibility of feeding students in the state with ~ while.i.n sch.ool und er a pilot ~ school feeding programme it rccommended 10 the p~Yious admin istrallon in the state but .did not implement before it expired. A document from the nate Ministry of Agriculture titled 'Ogu n Stale implementation plan' mad e a...ailable to Daily Tnt.St in Abcoku la. indicalCS that the stale go ...ertlment is revisiting the idea 10 incrcase th e nutritional conIt nt In the sc hool child ren and also boost poultry business in the state. The Adm inislr.lll"'e Secretary of the Poultry Association o r Nigeria (PANOG). Ogun State chaplcr. Temitayo Ogun tola. urge;d the state gOI'ernment to review the pilot egg school feeding programme in the state for Ihe progress and de,'clopment of nol only the associatio n but also the state. adding. ~ Ihere has been such proposal rrom PANOG but it was not imp lemented by the pre... iow administration. "So. when the present government camewith the irnplcnlentallon of areas to urgt:ntly address. the egg feeding prograrnme is among the three ,,-c plckm We are, however, waiting for tht implm-Lentatlon~ Ihesecretary sald.


~~±.:O;;;;::st cocoa produ~t!on ""11n f , a Ii'nn the country 0 " P~od ion, ensu~ tha~N geriallo 'OJa the best hlghesl fla...{> and 1 !e:S safetY ta nd.trd orc IlSUmptlOn. lh ~1o\1 ~",a production drh-\: 15 part o( a, ricultural

production by re-daimlng the top position. And to show that it means business, the Fedeml MinIstryo fAgncul tute.ha.uet iliegoal of raising ourpuUo 1.000,000 metric tons of cocoa beans by ZQ 18. The government has rdeued T~s~rrmatlon J, (~TA), elght new high yielding. fast 1 Ute Nigematurin g COC03 hybrids 10 farmwhich !'S <itsi « 1$ nan! aILilil:,ftti \0 once again crs for planting to transform the maic!e the l-bun .sufficicn"t cocoasub-5t'Ctol The hybrid variin (clod pnxl uc 01 and dh-cnify elles yield five limes more than an d:onom, th A.ii~ heavil)'on Ule existing varieties and mat}J~ nuduatin@ ctU ~ pon. in two years Instead of4-5 of peC$Onn ~1 in lndonesi:l, Nigeria It i:E m porta t \ 0 thaL in Ihe old varieties. tI il the leadSo far, 3.6 million hybrid pods and the Wodd Cocoa r-ounda the J' tions (WCF) Cocoa Livelihood dUo:t'r 0 ~ beans in or 114 miJIion cocoa seeds, wh ich Project Team ha...e agreed to train arc resistant to black pod th e ,v<t1d. ~'t ,t ing 42 percent 100.000 cocoa Carmen in the next ofwurWs • uiUlatlon is and "ave high bean quality and differdll tcaay. 1 unmatchable flavour, are being three yean: in modrrn techniques Th<ilalt51 'x -and Agrtcu1- I distributed to farmers. free of to improve their producliYiIY. " Improving productivity also lural Oq:l.· d.>nj statistical charxe, across the 15 cocoa growmeans impro ... ing the means of Ing states for planting to establish data inUicatcs 11':urrentlyCute livelihood of 100,000 cocoa farm · d'IVOir~is the ""l..-ld'JIa.rgcstpronew plantations and engage in duccr oCco~la, i laL20lOoutput phased rehabilitation of old piau en and cocoa income by USS450 yearly in 250,OOO fiu-m households of 1.24Z.3CO m tnc ~ns, or 29.3 oflow-yiclding ancient Ira'S. pcrccn oflO/od o\L ul;follow~ MAltSlncorporatcd,ooeofthc in cocoa producing 5ta.tes over the by lodoneib", th a production largeSt chocolate manufacturers next foor yean,- Dr. Ezcldcl O. of810. 100 til Ii. tons or 19. 1,istrainingfourstalT Oremumi, the Permanent Secpercenl of wurl "s .>UIpuL Ghana of the ministry on cocoalehabill. . rc:tary in Ule federal Ministry of is the thiN lart e:! t rroducer o f lation techniques in Indonesia.. Agricult ure m d Rural Devclopcocoa in th l! ~>lld al 632,037 The rehabllltation effort involves menlsaid. W).th expected increase In 200,000 hectrcs of cocoa planta mettic tOIl!', ..... I~. e liigeria's output \'13S 427.8 ' metric tons in tions ill the ada Cocoa Estale cocoa production o n olle hand, 2010. putting i in the 4th posi. in l\kure, Ondo Stale and lkom !he ministry is working on th e tion. ahc:ae: tJ f un eroon, whldl Cocoa £..stale, in Cross Rh-cr State. other hand townrd the incorporat ion o f a private: sector-owned prod~ ?t--I.O j i metric tons In In add ition t? training some


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Maximum Residue Umits (MRJ..s) remains in force. This is in line willi the ministry's policy ofensurIng that Nigerian cO<.oa meets the highest safety standards.. Co~ qucn tly, the f~eral go ...ernment issued the list o f approvtd for appl)"ing on Nigerian cocoa plantations. The chc:mials arc: Funguran O H. Ridomil Gold Plu.s 66WP and Owup DP which -are fungicides md a pesticide, Aaara25WG. -They arc pesticides. that ha\-C been screened and registered by tile Cocoa Rc:search Institute of Nigeria (ClUN). They arc: also reg istercd by the National Agency fI Food and Drug Admlnistratlo andControl(NAFDAq. The chemicals are also appfOYed by t Cocoa Marketing and Trade CorEuropean Union. They have no por.Ition (CMTC). This instilUtion been ddisted by any organizalio will guarantee minimum price for ' either locally or internationall}'. Dr. EtekJ.d O. Oyemomi said at cocoa in an assured markrl. It will pre5S briefing m:,ently. . protcct. thefarmer from thevagaiies .' The dri ve by the governmen of the world cocoa market To ensure a miable markn for _ to ginger up the private sector t increase cocoa production ca Nigerian cocoa,. a Cocoa Qualgenerate a m inimum of 390, ity Impro"'c!llent and Bmliling new- jobs in the Nigerian econ instrument will soon be released by 1M Min istry of Agrirulturc:. It omy through incrca.sing the is very Important to get the quality . processing capacltl es of factori establisbing and slKllgthening 0 of our cocoa right to .save it from small and medium-scale enter beingsold at discount in the world market 10 ,dlie\'e that goal. some . prists to produce fast mo ... in 2.500 bales of hydrocarbon-flU COIlSU mer products from cocoa and by impro ... lng cocoa market jute bags enough for 46,875 M:r dried cocoa beans will be provided • ing in the states presentl y produc iog or with the polential to pro 10 cocoa farmm in 20 12du cecocoa.. The decision of the ftdc:ral gov50llSlI Na'inntl D/JlrlbaJw is Dirrc ernment to comply with Eur0tor lnJonllalioninlheFtdtmlMillis pean Unions m:ommendations rryoJAgricullure on ban ning pesticides with hlgh




Nigeria moves to boost cocoa production


Nigeria moves to boost cocoa production