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Multi-Trex introduces healthfriendly cocoa powder Abeokut.


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naturol cocoa powder. Frangada. or health· conscious consumers. especially diabetic and hypertenSive patients, has been unveiled by Muhi·TreJI: Integnued Foods pic.. rrangnda Narural Cocoa Powder. a sugar-free and highlymedldnal beverage. Is made from purely raw cocoa bean!. that contain medicinal lind mlUilional elements like anti-(tJidant and others lhat can perfecdy subdue high hlood pressure, high sugar lTesence. sleeplessness, fatigue and depression. Introducing the new product to government officials, the media and members of the public 81 W~OgunStatetecently,

Dlmeji Dwofeml. Ihe Muld·TreJ: chief executive, disclosed that the product


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South-South Fadama 3 disburses N2.3bn to 5,250 person; in L~ yea rs lORIS UMAR MOMOH




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Wednesday !9September2012

uth - South zonal office ofFADAMA III rome sa)'S it hi! disbtmied N2.3 bUlion to 5,25OpeBOnSsmce20D9mdale. Isaiah Foby. Ihe 20nal roort1Inaror of the programm!, gave thr hint on Monday at a two-day sensltisation

The Offh:ial Launch of Frangada Natl.lral Cocoa Powder




;oumallsa In R&ln Oty Fob)' lisled the beneficiaries groups to Include Fadama Communlty Asax'Jarioos(FCAs)-4SO, while Fadam.a Usrrs Groups (ruGs) 4.800 benefinM. adding that 85 a result of the successful Implemenlation of the programmes in thecuunrry, the programme due 10 tenninate by 2013, hadbeen eneoded to2015 by World Bank. The zonal coordinator said additional $150 mUlion granlS from the World Bank for the Implementation of the agricultural trandormadon programme of the Federal Goveroment would be coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and


l-R: a.yo AdenoiIa, o-m., J.Ui..TID' lntegrat«l Foods PIc; Segun Adesegun. ~ ~, 0g!II SWa. Ab!WInTiAdelN, MRstel' 01 AgricuIla'e MIl RunI ~ ..:I 0Imaji Oworerri. CEO MutiTIUIn&egr.IledFoodI.PIe"Iha~-..:holF~f'IIII1nIaxoapowder~at~O!PJn

PIe Raaq Ayinia


will prevent and cure hypenension and diabetics. Owofeml said thal Frangada, which contains some medicinal and

nutritional elements 81 a result of many researchl!S, would work. perfectly for health·amsdowoonsumers who suffer from any of the

condidons mendoned and also good forchlldren. saying the natural cocoa powder had brought the 'hope of IongUfeto manyconsume~

September 7·142012 Nigeria Commodity Index

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He further disclosed that the lapanese government

had (,r~ 54 million lOr the ImpleP'lentlltiolO oCinfonnadon tech, 0108)' l:ommunlcatlon Ocr) tclteme Infourpi101statl'S -lagc: f, CJog.. ~ SokDIoand Yobe lILIes.

T If' f/.DAMA 111 coon: ir ator who pointed out that Ex, Slate ~ilS the onJy5llJle in thel.Cnel~lhadmelupwuh the PlY'l1ent ..Jl ill aJUIlterpart fund oblJ~atlon, however, deCfletilhe none payment of co Irterpan fund by loca! gover 11ICIlI c-.amnen. lil'sakl ,;inet 2009 to date. none olthf' I,~ ~m~1 In Edo Stale had paid its N:.. milh II CGUnl,:rpan funti 5lIjlpl$od II he paid annual}as thl' !oral( f,m-emmall ha.:J paid l.blOt '1112. 8 million fOr tile plopnmnle. CI:M!ring 2011. Tt.e co.ndlnator noted that lie wo.;bhop was geared 10wa'1is e'lluring that the bendloariei ''n:Jr' em~ and HlflDVllI'd to parddp;ue In th ~Ir own developmenl, build Oln Inleractive and parullratOI'} culture as well as erlute Information flowei ...;tl-lr. the projea and outside smb!hoIden, pointing out the .tch6evemenu of the p'OgnUlune could not be analnJd Ifthejlopulaoewerenot pmpt dy eduClted.

AFISUN boosts fish supply, agricultural development heAssodatiOnorRsh Suppliers of Nigeria (AFISUN) Is laking steps II improving lind providing good fish on II sustainable basis. in adequate quantities 10 Nigerians. The association which Is the umb~la body of aU fish suppliers in Nigeria U}' thiJ is pan of hs conlributlon in bridging Ihe demand and supply gap In food securlry and national development Fanned by the deparnnenl of fisheries of the federa l mlnlsuy of agriculture lind nanual resources in Augufl, 2003, the association n!Cently Itemised lu connlburions to the growth of fish supply/ agricuhunJ devrJopment In Nigeria since Its incepllon.



to chan Ihe way forward in the IIgrlcultural sector with representadves of lenral

govmunent ~ such a, the Nigeria Customs Services, Siandard, Organlsadon of Nigeria. Nadonal Agency for Food. Drugs, Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Nlgerl. Pons Authority, Central Bank of Nigma and the Federal Department of Fisheries, among other

Source: Esoko Nigeria



AI1!ilTh in collaborlltion with maj lr government statutory badies through a S1aletl{nt flrl5 il has set: new high ;tu,danls on lhr quality of IiS-I being supplied in the coun 11', a1 in order 10 meet the ' ·"C:JmlOended intake of the Q1 mndtl· II fish per person per a 1Jlum loy the Food and Agrh ultu,a. Organisation (FAD. lhebody mostated that It hast'! IaWlshed I goodnerwork.' ofdis rlbuoon ouIfib;in all the 36 statel of'Jigeria in addldon 10du!p~lTIofrdiigmlled

verne e.1 fOI tran5poning fish 10 all ;)3nsIIflhecountrywith cold 'OolfUlwith capacity of over 100,000 metric IOns fot pru;t v.uioel wei lIorageolfUh ID meet the health standant 01 mnSUf"jt'Rn,e Itshlngseaorcunmdy rmpllYi: mer 1,000,000 (One

Millicn]wo:tters [n ths variouJ

depa! Inlerlls9JCh as5h/pping/ de3Il~gl!:nl5' relanell, admI.1 IOrs,. fish mongas,l Jtn and so on.• agenUI In ddltlon AFISUN merrb U Ife involved In a'lu culrore in other to gI\~ ,.tli:lng 5uppon for the dem,lpOleU and prodUClion of nih In keeping with govetmnmt (Iireaivc&.


South-south fadama 3 disburses N2.3bn to 5,250 persons in 4 years


South-south fadama 3 disburses N2.3bn to 5,250 persons in 4 years