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Course Timings Registration and coffee will be at 07:30 on Day One. The course will commence at 08:00 and conclude at 14:30 with lunch. There will be refreshment breaks at approximately 10:30 and 12:30.

Course Outline

Day One Day One sets the scene and gives an overview of the current social media environment and how this impacts customer service. Social Media And Customer Service In Perspective • Social media in perspective and the latest trends and challenges • How social media has changed customer services Case studies and examples • Social media success stories • Social media disasters •

Social Media And Customer Service Management Tools • Tools and customer service process • Review of key tools • Workflow management • Scaling up the process Social Customer Service – Policy And Process • Social media policies • Elements of a social media policy • Risk mitigation • Channel usage • Escalation policies • Work tracking • Tone and style

Day Four

Risks and opportunities

The Key Social Channels In Perspective • Social networks • Twitter • Blogs • Review sites • User generated content • Search and social media

Workshop – Building Your Social Media Customer Service Plan • Strategic planning exercise • Create a social media customer service plan • Scenario planning • Policy and process creation • Content planning • Crisis management approach • Social measurement exercises and planning • Tactical implementation challenges

Day Two On Day Two, we explore the key tools and processes that are needed to achieve a successful social media customer service approach. Using Social Media Monitoring Tools • Social monitoring in perspective • Key social monitoring tools • Setting up an ongoing social media listening process • Identification, sentiment and escalation Challenges Of Social Customer Service • Planning and process • Social media buy-in • Team structure and skills • Resourcing Social Media Measurement Approach Social Measurement Ratios

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Analytics And Customer Service • Google analytics for customer service

Day Three On Day Three we build a practical approach to social media customer service and look at the tools, policies and process that we can use in practice.

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You will learn how to use social media effectively, making best use of the wide range of tools available. This will include use of social me...