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By Raon Richo -

Buying gold coins online today is fast and easy. However, you need to get to know the company that you are dealing with. There are some out there online who offer gold coins and make buying them a simple procedure, but the coins they offer may only be gold plated coins. They'll say so and maybe they'll use a different term other than "plated", but you need to make sure.

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Some online companies are more regulated than others. Research into their credentials, and check up on them. See to it that you are dealing with a professional coin dealer with years of experience in the industry. Find out if they belong to any groups that would ensure good quality business dealings in the company.

Are they members of the American Numismatic Association or the Industry Council of Tangible Assets? How do the stand with the Better Business Bureau? Inquire about these things, and do some digging to make sure their credentials measure up before you decide to begin buying gold coins with any company.

Another thing to look for is authenticity - if they provide any official documentation which authenticates their products and guarantees that they deal with the genuine article. There are some very good establishments out there with long-standing professional reputations... it's all a matter of knowing what to look for when you seek out an online source for buying gold coins. Once you find a good candidate, ask around among those in the coin collecting community what they may think of the company you've found. Once you've found a good one, you've struck gold.

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