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Grains, agriculture the backbone of our economy, slowly waning away. Location: Bangalore Rat Snake scanning the environment - to look for a prey or the existence of any threat. Location: Hunsur

The dew filled moss of the rainforests greets you every morning, day after day after day, without a break. Location: Agumbe

This picture reminds me of the song, 'I lead a lonely life', a shot taken during a frosty dull evening on a lovely hillock called Mountside. I used to rent a one bedroom and live here with an English Family. As I write this I remember the tough times I have had ferrying groceries to my room up the hill... phew!!! Location: Guildford



IIMB Alumni Magazine Summer 2012  

This issue of the IIMB Alumni Magazine features the stories of failure of entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs share their experiences with us...

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