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February | 2019

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Foreword When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state. Swami Vivekananda

CONTENTS Campus Events • Ms. Varija Bajaj, famous designer visits IILM University, Gurugram .............................6 • SPIC MACAY Event ..........................................................................................................8

Faculty Column • Dealing Mindfully with Anger and Conflict in your Relationships ................................9 • Workshop on Examination Anxiety ..............................................................................11

Student Column • Pulwama ........................................................................................................................12 • Visit to NEO Fusion Foundation ....................................................................................14 • Words in the Garden – A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi .................................................15

Guest Sessions • Session on Negotiation .................................................................................................16 • Session on Operations Strategy ...................................................................................16

Campus Life • JD (Job Description) Enlightenment ............................................................................17 • Antwerp - The Stock Mind Game ..................................................................................17 • Open Mic ........................................................................................................................18 • Basketball Tournament ................................................................................................19


Ms. VARIJA BAJAJ, FAMOUS DESIGNER VISITS IILM UNIVERSITY, GURUGRAM. On 2nd February, 2019, IILM University, Gurugram conducted DAT (Design Aptitude Test) for its B. Design & M. Design programmes. At this occasion, Ms. Varija Bajaj, the famous Fashion Designer interacted with the students and their parents on the topic of “Design as a Career Option.” Ms. Varija Bajaj is an experienced artist with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel, fashion and construction industry. She has strong education professional skills in Fashion, Textiles, Business Planning, Retail, Interiors etc. She is an academician consulting to more than 40 colleges across India. She has undertaken a voluntary initiative in the field of disability awareness both in corporate as well as educational institutions through “be the change campaign.” Apart from making the students aware about the career options in Design, Ms. Varija Bajaj also touched upon the topic of Designing for people with special needs. She stated that a designer can’t function in his/ her

own space and has to relate to the needs of the society. The inquisitive students listened to her address on the finer aspects of Designing and benefitted from this interactive session. This was followed by Ms. Nien Siao, HOD-Design, IILM University counselling the parents on the various options available in Designing in which the students may specialise. The parents were full of queries regarding their children’ future and the best route which may be selected by them. Later on, the students went through the DAT process, as part of which they first appeared in a written test, then prepared designs of products for various personalities and finally appeared for the Interview/ Portfolio presentation. All the students participated with full gusto in the daylong event.

6 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Ms. Varija Bajaj, famous Fashion Designer addressing the students and their parents on the topic of “Design as a Career option.�

Ms. Nien Siao, HOD-Design, IILM University addressing the students and their parents as part of Counselling Session at DAT at IILM University, Gurugram.

7 | ADVIKA | February 2019

SPIC MACAY Event IILM UNIVERSITY, Gurugram organized SPIC MACAY, Indian classical Cultural evening on 06 Feb 19 . Shri Abhay Rustum Sopori ,a famous Santoor player performed for the students and employees . He was accompanied on Pakhawaj by Pandit Ravi shankar Upadahay and on Tabla by Pandit Mithelash Jha. The programme was well received by the audience.

Brief about the Artist Abhay Rustum Sopori is an Indian santoor player and is son of famous Bhajan Sopori. Abhay sapori has more than thirty albums and releases, and he has given performances around the world. Abhay has collaborated with international musicians such as Moroccan flute player Haj Younis, Iranian santoor player Darius Saghafi and American dulcimer player Malcolm Dalgish. Abhay has composed tunes for serials such as Tabla ka Itihaas , Guldasta , Do sheron ki kahani & Kabir bani , Haft Rang . His instrumental orchestral ensemble combines instruments of Kashmir with other Indian, as well as Western instruments is a forty-member ensemble. Abhay Sopori has also composed music for documentaries and has also composed music for the international award winning film Ziyarat. Abhay won the Ustaad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puruskar. Abhay was also awarded the Jammu and Kashmir state award His other awards include National Dogri award , Bharat Shiromani award ,Ma Sharika Samman , Sangeet Bhushan Award , Kalawant Samman , Glory of India award amongst others.

8 | ADVIKA | February 2019


Dealing Mindfully with Anger and Conflict in your Relationships

How can you deal more effectively with anger and conflict in your life? Here I am referring specifically to the anger and conflict that you experience in your outer relationships with other people. Below are some pointers for becoming more mindful in this area. This in turn will then naturally start to suggest practical ways you can be more successful dealing with the challenges presented. 1. Observe the way in which you currently experience anger and conflict Ask yourself the question: What is my current relationship with anger and conflict, both within myself and into relationships? Bring to mind a time when you have been angry. What happens when you get angry? How does your body start to feel? Practice mindfully creating anger in your body and mind, and learn to relax into it, without being panicked by it or forced into a reaction. Get used to holding anger in your body comfortably, letting it flow. Similarly, bring to mind a conflict you have in your outer relationships right now. Observe how you feel in the face of another person’s anger, disapproval or

aggression. Practice mindful holding your own space and breathing with the experience of conflict, so that when it happens in real time, you are not panicked or intimidated. 2. A working definition of anger ‘Anger is a powerful emotion centred around issues of justice and fairness’. In its negative expression it is incredibly destructive and dangerous. In its positive expression it can be a powerful cause for order, justice and good in the world. ‘Positive anger’ might be thought of as simply the benevolent expression of justice and fairness in the face of malevolence or aggression. There is a lot to be gained from working to transform your own negative anger into positive anger. 3. Working with conflict in your relationships Once you have done a little contemplation around Point 1 above, here is a short exercise you can apply to any relationship you may have where there is anger and conflict. Firstly, consider the situation from three perspectives –

9 | ADVIKA | February 2019

1st person – I/mine/ours – What is happening in this situation from your personal point of view? What are you feeling? 2nd person – the other(s) – What is the other person/ people experiencing? What do you start to see if you mindfully take their perspective for a period of time? 3rd person – It’s, objective (fly on the wall) – What do you start to see if you take a more objective/detached point of view, outside of all the personal stuff? Based on your insights from these three perspectives then decide ‘Am I going to’: • Change myself/adapt to the other person/people, (maybe not worth the hassle to confront?) or • Try and change the other person, or take a stand for what I feel is right (genuine issue if justice, and or ‘worth it’)?

Finally, having made your decision, strategize! Use your natural intelligence to come up with a way of approaching the relationship conflict, communicating skilfully in a way that you think is going to give the best result! Experiment with small conflicts Small and relatively insignificant conflicts are great places to start working with the above methods. Finding ways to gently work with conflict, anger and confrontation in minor situations helps you build the skill and confidence so that when something big kicks off, you are able to hold your own and enjoy learning how to articulate your own power in relationship conflicts. Prof. Divya Saxena Psychologist

10 | ADVIKA | February 2019

WORKSHOP ON EXAMINATION ANXIETY Venue: Naval Children School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi Participants: Senior School Students (XI and XII) Dr. Megha Pushkarna addressed NSC senior students in school campus on the role anxiety and how it affects their academic performance. Session started with some Ice breaking games which helped students calm down and feel at ease with the speaker. Discussion ranged from various topics like how students experience stress or anxiety before an exam, their mental and physical reactions just before an exam and how they cope with it. While most said they can handle, there were also a lot of students for whom this was a pressing concern as they felt anxiety just before an exam, made them feel “blank”. Students were reassured that a little nervousness can actually help them perform better. However, when this distress becomes so excessive that it actually interferes with their performance on an exam, it becomes exam anxiety. From there on Dr. Pushkarna explained clinically what are the common symptoms (physical, cognitive and emotional) of exam anxiety to basically help them first identity those and secondly to understand that these symptoms trigger memory gaps or loss and lack of confidence at crucial time like examination. Once the symptoms and causal factors were explained and queries were answered, we moved on the important part of the workshop of what works and what does not for students to help focus.

Suggestions offered to students were as follows: • Try 40 minutes session ONLY per slot of your study routine • You can beat that stress by RESTING- SLEEPING • A schedule right INFRONT of you is better than something in your head • Try going off from SOCIAL MEDIA for a monthDEACTIVATE • RUN, RUN, RUN • If you like to eat well- GO for it, anything you want, but Focus on the quantity • Can you WRITE SKETCH, SING, and PLAY every day for 30 minutes? • Can you Study with FRIENDS/ Group • Review your PROGRESS REPORT- MAKE IT, SERIOUSLY • Snooze ALARM only after 8 hours of SOLID SLEEP • Face your FEARS, you have to do this for yourself • ACCEPT your weakness but don’t keep REPEATING the same • COMBINE a tuff subject with an easier one to relax and maintain a flow of concentration during the day • CALM mind actually works better Session was concluded by a visualization exercise taught by the speaker to students which was told to them will help them ease anxiety and keep the focus on their core strength that is self-belief. Dr. Megha Pushkarna Assistant Professor - Psychology

Here simple yet effective suggestions from a Psychologist’s point of view were shared that help them not only with effective study skills, but also help them calm their anxiety in their most important academic years. 11 | ADVIKA | February 2019


PULWAMA … “Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will comeback for sure” -Capt. Vikram Batra Even the life of army soldiers works on principle; BALIDAN PARAM DHARMA, BALIDAN PARAM KARMA. Protecting our motherland in the most inhospitable terrain and environmental conditions; whether at the Highest Battlefield in the World, The Siachen Glacier, 16000 feet above mean sea level with temperatures as low as -50 degrees or the other extreme of desert, burning with temperatures beyond 52 degrees in the blistering heat of Rajasthan, they never refuse to die. Its not easy to be so selfless which makes these ordinary men extraordinary. The men in Olive Greens know that the supreme level of sacrifice is, but not the least, that is expected from them. And the only way to live up to such expectations is; training and training real hard. It is said “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. It’s almost like being super humans and those who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually tough, only manage to survive. Post URI, History noticed a Dark day on 14th February at around 3:15 am this year when the vehicle convoy carrying CRPF security personnel, in Jammu and Kashmir, was attacked by a vehicle borne suicide bomber in Pulwama which resulted in death of 40 CRPF personnel of the 76th Battalion and injured many others. Immediately post attack, the news flashed wherein responsibility for the attack was claimed by Jaish-e-Mohammad, one of the Militant and Terror outfits operating from Pakistan. After investigation it was found that assailant

Adil Ahmad Dar, a 22-year old from Kakapora, who had joined JeM a year earlier, was the one who carried out this deadly bombing. It was also found that the car was carrying more than 300 kilogram of explosives including 80 kilograms of RDX (high explosive) and ammonium nitrate. Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister and the senior leadership from the Government not only condemned the attack but refuted Pakistan on this act of cowardice and at the same time, expressed solidarity with the victim’s families and assured that a strong response will be given back to terror attack. Condolence messages poured in from all over the world and a number of countries seriously condemned the attack. Many countries like, Russia, America, Israel, Nepal and Bangladesh expressed their full support to the country. Finally, on 26th February India retaliated when 12 mirage 2000 jets of Indian Air Force crossed the LOC and dropped bombs into Balakot, Pakistan. The attack was targeted at the destruction of terror training and incubation centers of Jaish-e-Mohammed training camp and post attack, Government confirmed to have killed approximately 300-350 terrorists who were at the destroyed location. This was followed by heated verbal exchanges between the political set up of both the countries and later, on 27th February, a few fighter jets of Pakistan air force violated the Indian Air Space with an intent to target some of the military sites. These were successfully chased out by the fighter jets of Indian Air Force. While this chase was “On”, one of

12 | ADVIKA | February 2019

the IAF fighter, a MiG-21, shot down state of the art war machine in the arsenal of Pakistan, F-16 however, in the process of engagement, the said MIG-21 was hit and the pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman ejected out and landed in Pakistan. He was captured and taken as prisoner of war. After a lot of persuasion and through global diplomatic pressures, he was finally released on 01 March 19. He displayed the bravery and valour while in the custody of Pakistan and did not divulge any classified information. India, since then, remains on state of alert. It is very easy for us to forget the sacrifice of our soldiers, just put a thought for a minute, close your eyes and think about what would the family go through: a mother, a newly married wife, a son who expects his father to come back home holding toys, those infants who have lost the love of their father… What goes on when they see a coffin wrapped in the tricolor been delivered to their home? It certainly is not an easy job to be a solider.

Serving in the army is not a job. It just cannot be a job. Army officers are well qualified to get any top-ranking job in the world but working in the army is about love toward your motherland. It’s a passion, they do it for pride and honour of our country. The one rule that they follow as they live like “ONE MAN ARMY”. One simple question that I will leave you on; “These Braveheart’s sacrifice their life for our protection, what do we do for them and for our nation as youth, as the society, as human beings?” Think about it ……. Jai hind

Image copyright - Ashutosh Mayank

13 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Aditya Pratap Singh MBA (2018 – 2020)

Visit to NEO Fusion Foundation

A visit was conducted on 26th Feb 2019 to the ‘NEO Fusion foundation’. The NGO works with adolescent’s kids, school dropouts and the unemployed youth of India helping them to live their dreams of uplifting themselves with the weapon of education and visual and performing arts. Students from the department gave wonderful performance to the kids which the children performed back by singing songs and dancing. NEO Fusion Foundation through the medium of activities creates interests among these kids for education. This is innovative way to develop desire of education among the kids from under privileged families

14 | ADVIKA | February 2019

“Words in the Garden – A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi” Old is gold, few phrases don’t just live in mind but in hearts too.

The students of IILM University went for an event – “Words of Garden” at IIC, Delhi, an event to pay a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbander Gujarat. He tried to adopt English customs but after some time he wore traditional Indian dhoti, shawl and used Charka. He read Hindu, Buddhism Literature and read Bhagwat Geeta. Not just the reading, Mahatma Gandhi has tried best to imbibe the teachings into his life. The event started by a formal introduction of Mahatma Gandhi by various characters who played the role of people who used to exist in his life. Followed by the introduction we had a session in king’s garden where the young minds portrayed how one can contribute their individual minds to eradicate corruption. Further, the event was taken ahead with a panel discussion focussing the topic on the usage of khadi. The discussion was taken by 3 entrepreneur, one of them belongs to organic farming, one was a designer and the third panellist was a garment manufacturer. It was a healthy discussion laying stress on usage of organic products

rather than artificial one. The day ended with a bhajan dedicated to Bapu. The bhajan gave each one of the audience a peaceful feeling within their hearts. It provided a sense of feeling to be a citizen who always work for betterment of society and motivates to work for right by following a right path. A poem dedicated to our BapuUdh jayega hans akela udh jayega hans akela Jag darshan ka mela Jag darshan ka mela Jaisa paat gera taruwar pe melna bahut duhala Na janu mai kaha geeraga lagya pawan ka rela Udh jayega hans akela udh jayega hans akela

15 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Sonakshi Singh MBA(2018-2020)


Guest Session on Negotiation

Guest Session on Operations Strategy

“Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate” One such session was held in IILM University, where the students were given a chance to interact with one of the industry experts, Mr. Rohit Agarwal who is working with wheebox as a sales professional.

Mr. Amit Kumar Das, AGM Operations, Air India on 16 Feb, 2019 was invited to talk to students of MBA students on the topic of Operations Strategy - Capacity building - Catering arena of Airline industry. The Speaker talked about the operation strategy being adopted by Air India for its catering operations and services, especially foreign routes and how they are optimizing the capacity and enhancing their operation performance factors. Mr. Das educated the students on the strategy being adopted and savings done in service arena. The lecture was well received and students got connected to speaker. Faculty Coordinator Prof. Kesavan Bhaskaran

The session started by laying stress on one of the key skills of negotiation i.e. communication skills, if you cannot interact, cannot put your point forward you can never negotiate. And if you are willing to negotiate know worth of your product. It won’t be a successful nor a healthy negotiation if it doesn’t justify with the value of your product. It is not always necessary to win, sometimes you can take the risk of losing by focusing on maintaining relations for future prospects. Maintaining relation would help you to generate more revenue as the customer is repetitive one and you don’t have to invest on convincing new customer. The session was an interactive one where the students too were involved and questions were put up.

Ritika Bhatia MBA (2018-2020) 16 | ADVIKA | February 2019


JD (Job Description) Enlightenment

IILM, Gurugram believes in student driven club functioning and integrated club activities. Marketing club of IILM organised a very insightful activity which we called JD Enlightenment i.e. Job Description Enlightenment. The purpose for which we thought this could be a very interesting activity is because a MBA student should be thorough with his knowledge about the company, for it leaves a very good impact on the interviewer. We shortlisted some of the companies that are regular recruiters at IILM -for instance: Aditya Birla, Zomato, WNS, Tommy Hilfiger, Big Basket, Knotty Tales, Data Bridge, Way to online and etc..

were expected to come prepared for the same. Three teams were taken forward from the first round to participate in the final round which were based on situational questions. Our objective was to give in depth knowledge to our budding marketers about the company that is an active recruiter. Our activity aimed at preparing our students for their future internship and the final placement.

8 teams participated with minimum of 2 members each from across PGDM and MBA. Round one was based upon very important questions- more like a rapid fire on the JD’s circulated amongst the participants. They 17 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Karan Ranveer Singh MBA (2018-2020)

AntwerpThe Stock Mind Game

What would you do if you were given Rs. 1, 00, 00,000? Would you spend it all at once? Would you think about putting some of it in the bank? The market element that fascinates the financiers most is stock market and Dalal Street. For finance enthusiasts IILM University’s finance club - Fundwisers organized an event named Antwerp which dealt in virtual trading. It’s a virtual stock market trading game where they learned and used their tactics for gaining maximum profit from stock trading. Each team was given an initial investment amount of Rs. 1, 00, 00,000 and several stocks and stock prices were given. In between, the game had news flashes which replicated the fluctuations in actual market and according to player’s wit, risk and knowledge players had to invest. 14 teams of 2 participated and brainstormed heavily for trading. The competition in the game gave the different edge of learning to the participants. The ultimate goal is to walk away as the team with the most money at the end.

This game exhibited the fair play of stock market and its bullish and bearish trends. This is a great exercise that helps simulate the real world stock market because of the fact that real figures are used and data used to make decisions in the stock market game is the same research that is used to make decisions by real investors all around the world. Students here learned how the stock market works using virtual money and real stock market statistics. The students really enjoyed activity based learning. This is the best exercise to help teach responsible and appropriate investment strategies without having to worry about losing actual real money.

18 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Mohit Sharma MBA (2018-2020)

Open Mic Aawaaz - The Literature Club at IILM University, Gurugram organized an ‘Open Mic’ on February 4th, 2019. The event saw the participation of students from across different universities including Hindu College (DU), North Cap University, DTU, IILM Lodhi Road Campus and our very own IILM University students. The platform provided all the budding poets and writers to open their heart out on a theme of their choice. Renowned Indian poet Mr. Dinesh Raghuvanshi, the guest of honor graced the evening and showered words of encouragement on the students for their creativity and endeavor. The stage at IILM University reverberated with the energy and cheer as students from different colleges rendered self-composed poetry and prose in Hindi and English. Recitation of poetry by faculty and students created fun and laughter among the audience and added to the ever so exciting day.

end of the event, top 4 participants – Prashant Jaiswal, Bhavesh Jain, Nimish Agrawal and Shivali Neeraj won gifts and were appreciated with certificates by our honorable guest. On behalf of the club members, we look forward to welcome participants for our upcoming event at Mosaic 2019 titled “Alfaaz”

The segments of the event began with Just a Minute which was followed by two other segments Main Shayar Hi Sahi and Speak It All. The show was kept buzzing with the wit and talent of Rajat Sood who tied the audience into the thread of joy and laughter. At the 19 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Shivali Neeraj MBA (2018-2020)

Basketball Tournament

What comes to your mind when you hear the names Kobe, Durant, Jordon, and LeBron... basketball! Basketball tournament is not just the sport; it’s a lifestyle, a community in itself. People are very enthused by the idea of playing basketball and IILM hopes to do everything to keep the excitement alive. And this time IILM University’s Sports Club- PARAKRAM organized most awaited basketball tournament on 22nd February, 2019 at campus. The action began soon in the afternoon, with massive crowd thronging at basketball court, loud and proud to support each other team. There were 6 teams who played the match; each team comprising of at least one girl. As all the matches were knock out, the competitive level was quite high. The ball was soaring towards the basket, flying all the way from half court. BANG! What a match it was. Both postgraduates and undergraduates showcased their love and passion towards the game. The crowd, groovy music, awesome weather and the liveliness of the audience made the whole setup noteworthy. All teams showed lots of energy and enjoyed the sport.

The final match was between PG1 and PG2. Some of the player played at national level which gave the other team tough competition. All the players were playing with intensity, it was crazy. During the game, we were going back and forth and back and forth. Defense from both the team was amazing. It was neck to neck match between both the teams and PG1 did great job but in the end, PG2 rode to victory. This basketball match was just the warm up for the major event at Mosaic’19 and we hope that people will carry forward the enthusiasm to that.

20 | ADVIKA | February 2019

Divisha Agarwal MBA (2018-20)

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