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A 9-year-old Custer girl falls 20 feet from a tree resulting in a severe head injury. Leukemia is the diagnosis a Merrill family hears about their 7-year-old son. An expecting mom from Woodruff learns her unborn little girl will be born with an opening in her spine. These are three of the five stories that will be shared during the 27th annual Children’s Miracle Network Celebration. The message will be the same, but the format will be changing. There will no longer be a live 19-hour “telethon” broadcast the first weekend after Memorial Day. Beginning this year, the taped two-hour show will be broadcast from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, April 19, on WAOW TV-9 and from noon to 2 p.m. on The Central Wisconsin CW.

The moment a child arrives at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, a proud member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a miracle is in the making. With your support, we can give more local kids the miracles they deserve.

that programs like Child Life and Music Therapy will continue to support young patients at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Other programs like NICView cameras, the Snoezelen Room, safety programs and specialized equipment would not be possible without the continued support of donors, national partners and volunteers throughout north central Wisconsin. If you are unable to watch the celebration, contributions to support these and many other programs are accepted throughout the year. Online donations can be made by visiting

This year’s theme, Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are, will showcase how donations benefit local children. Viewers will be able to watch all five miracle stories, check presentations, miracle matches and special reports during the two-hour show.

Please tune in on April 19 and also hear about a Loyal baby born weighing only 14 ounces and a 10-year-old little girl from Wausau who must endure countless surgeries due to scoliosis. Your donations have made a tremendous difference in the lives of these five families as well as thousands of other local children who face medical challenges.

TV-9 personalities and celebration hosts, Melissa Langbehn and Nate Barrett, will be encouraging viewers to contribute $20 a month so

We invite you to put your money where the miracles are— Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.





Each year, we select five children to represent the thousands who benefit from the funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network. The following are stories of those children whose medical struggles and triumphs have touched our lives and will touch your heart.


Leah Handrick, Woodruff For Eric and Carissa Handrick of Woodruff, a Christmas season ultrasound held a much-anticipated present, the gender of their new baby. Instead of the routine appointment sending them with joyous news for their family, they were greeted with an unforgettable look on their doctor’s face. He explained gently that their unborn baby had a severe case of spina bifida, club feet, and other possible issues that could not be identified with just an ultrasound. After a whirlwind of follow-up appointments, meetings with an experienced team of doctors, and explanations of future surgeries, the Handrick Family finally learned the gender of their baby. They were expecting a precious baby girl to be named Leah. Mom, Carissa, recalled the moment “like the world had stopped for a moment. It was all real now. We were officially parents holding and seeing the little life we created for the first time. She was so tiny. I whispered, “Hi Leah,” and she opened her little eyes and she looked at me.” The following morning, not even a day old, Leah’s head was shaved to prepare her for surgery to place a shunt and repair the opening along her spine. She spent her recovery in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) while her family traveled daily from Woodruff to visit her. After thirteen long days, Leah was able to go home. She required a special car seat to position her so no pressure was placed on her back or her shunt site. Changing a newborn’s diaper is a challenge for any first time parents, but Leah’s family had to learn to change her diaper and clothes on her belly to allow her spine to heal. Her first year was filled with appointments, surgeries and hospitalizations.


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Leah is now five years old. Despite the numerous surgeries on her spine, correction of her club feet, hip flexors, catheters and PICC line placements, she is constantly smiling. Leah is a fighter. She loves singing, playing with her dolls and riding horses to strengthen her trunk muscles and balance. To the Handrick Family, the word ‘miracle’ means the gift of life. Seeing their daughter do something great for the first time; learning to crawl, roll over. It is seeing Leah drive a handmade wheelchair for the first time or doing ‘donuts’ in her power wheelchair on the sidewalk. It is the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment she has in herself. Leah is their miracle. Parents: Eric & Carissa Handrick


Ayden Schoonover, Loyal August 31, 2009, was an extremely special birthday for Lindsey Schoonover of Loyal. After months of waiting, she was able to hold her son, Ayden, for the first time. He was already 2 ½ months old. Born on June 11 (25 weeks gestation), Ayden weighed just 14 ounces and measured 9 ¾ inches long. Since he was 15 weeks early, he fought for every breath and faced daily life threatening challenges caused by pulmonary hypertension, bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), retinopathy of prematurity, cerebral palsy, neural developmental disorder and chronic nonspecific lung disease.

Ayden spent the first five months of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. After the NICU he was moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Although Ayden was showing improvements, he was still battling many health issues from his premature birth. He had multiple surgeries including a tracheotomy and gastronomy tube. At nine months old he graduated from tube feeding and was finally able to be fed his first bottle. After 515 days at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Ayden was able to go home. Although he was discharged, around the clock care was required for Ayden. His devoted NICU and PICU nurses went above and beyond to become certified and formed a home-care group. At home, Ayden was oxygen, ventilator and gastronomy-tube dependent. Children’s Miracle Network provided a wheelchair that was able to push him, his equipment and tubes. CMNH Education Funds allowed Ayden to be transported from home to his doctor visits. Today, Ayden, is a five year old with the energy of a firecracker. He is in his second year of Pre-Kindergarten and loves school. He still struggles with growth and must endure daily shots of growth hormones, but he still enjoys being outside, playing with his little sister, Macy, and going for 4-wheeler rides. Endless support from family, friends, nurses and doctors has allowed Ayden to thrive. His Mom, Lindsey, says “Ayden has fought so very hard to be where he is today. I have no doubt he will fight through anything else that may come his way. He is our miracle.” Parents: Ryan Smith & Lindsey Schoonover, Donny Storck (deceased) Sibling: Macy

Wyatt Olivotti, Merrill Shortly before his sixth birthday, Wyatt of Merrill, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). An otherwise healthy and physically active child who loves soccer, Legos and giraffes, Wyatt started experiencing intense pain in his legs. At first, his parents tried dulling the pain with Tylenol but Wyatt could no longer support his weight because of the inconsolable pain. They knew something was wrong. They received the shock of their lives on September 5, 2012, when they received the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). It was supposed to be Wyatt’s second day of kindergarten. Wyatt was admitted to the Pediatric Unit of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. It had been six days since he walked, played, jumped or ran. After a series of painful procedures and administering medication to his spine, he was finally able to sit up in bed and walk in minimal pain. Wyatt spent 30 days in isolation to protect his vulnerable immune system and not be exposed to any illnesses. Despite the weekly spinal taps, bone marrow aspirations, steroids and placement of a central port to deliver chemotherapy medication, Wyatt remained in good spirits. Hospitalizations were brightened by Music 3

Therapy Services, his Child Life Specialist, slushies and the Peds Toy Room. He even asked to hold his 6th birthday at the Hospital. Bi-weekly trips to Marshfield for appointments and hospitalizations became monthly trips. Despite the challenges, the Olivotti Family have been able to experience kindness in others and feel that the experience has pulled the family closer together as a unit. Wyatt’s Mom, Heather, shares the message about the experience, “One day at a time is always the best you can do. Cherish every minute and celebrate even the smallest of successes.” Wyatt completed his active treatment in March 2015. He and his family are looking forward to establishing a new “normal.” Parents: Tom & Heather Olivotti Siblings: Zoey, Kole




Lindsey Krueger, Custer 10 year-old Lindsey Krueger of Custer stood alone on stage to bravely share her story in front of a crowd of 200 people during the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Kick-off in March. Parents: Duane & Cindy Krueger Sibling: Lauren

Lindsey’s Story … My name is Lindsey Krueger. I am going to tell you the story of what happened to me last summer. I was 9 years old at the time. It was Sunday, June 8, 2014. Summer vacation officially started the next day and I was VERY excited. We had a FUN afternoon at the beach and had come home for dinner. Our neighbors stopped over unexpectedly and my sister Lauren, my neighbor Makayla and I went to play behind our house. I had the GREAT IDEA of climbing a tree that was growing out of a rock fence. I was about 20 feet up in the air when it happened. The branch broke and I fell. I hit the back of my head on a big rock. I was unconscious and when I woke up I was dizzy, throwing up and bleeding from the back of my head. I was VERY dizzy so Lauren and Makayla tried to help me walk back to the house (about 200 yards). I couldn’t keep going so Lauren ran to our house and told my Mom that I was hurt. My Mom ran to me and carried me back to the house, then put me in the car and rushed to Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital. At the hospital, they put a stiff neck brace on me that was VERY uncomfortable. I had to have a “cat” scan of my head that showed two areas of bleeding on my brain. The doctor stapled my scalp and then I went for an ambulance ride to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. I was very queasy, dizzy and had a HEADACHE! I don’t remember much until about Wednesday. My room was kept dark and quiet or the room would start spinning and I would get nauseous again. My sister Lauren was very upset about what happened and cried all night. My Dad brought her to see me the next day, she cried REALLY hard when she first saw me. She said she kept seeing me fall and seeing the blood when she would close her eyes. A very nice lady from Child Life came into my room (I was still out of it) and gave Lauren a book called “I Saw a Terrible Thing”. The lady’s name was Jaurdon. She really helped my sister. She read the book to us and then took Lauren to talk about what happened and do some crafts. Lauren had a lot of fun with all of the Child Life Specialists! The Specialists Jaurdon, Lindsey and Taylor spent a lot of time with her. She felt a lot better and wasn’t so upset. I wasn’t able to go the activity room until Thursday. Once I felt better we went outside to the play area twice and also made some crafts! I had to wear sunglasses when I was out of my room because the light bothered me. The Child Life team checked on me often and asked if I wanted to have them play a musical instrument or just talk. I felt very tired all the time and lost seven pounds in seven days! Dr. Fernandez was my doctor in Peds ICU. He was very nice to me and SUPER smart. He checked on me a lot during the day. He was funny. I was moved out of Peds ICU on Thursday. I was able to go home Sunday, June 15. It was Father’s Day! I was in the hospital for a week. All of the nurses, doctors and Child Life Specialists were very nice; they took great care of me. What “miracle” means to me is that God is watching over me, He keeps me safe. I think it’s a miracle that I am perfectly fine now. I know that life can change in one second! When I was better and Dr. Fernandez asked me if I was going to climb anymore trees; I said NO WAY! He smiled and said, “YES YOU ARE, JUST DON’T FALL OUT OF THEM!” S

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Abenet McIntyre, Wausau Three years ago, life changed dramatically for Abenet. She was born in Ethiopia with congenital scoliosis and without treatment; the curve in her spine would have progressively increased. After 7 ½ years of searching for appropriate medical care for Abenet’s extreme scoliosis, her birth family relinquished rights in hopes for proper medical attention. Abenet moved to the United States to be adopted by the McIntyre Family in Wausau and began medical treatment immediately.

Although Abenet was terrified of doctors when she first arrived in the United States and screamed through her first appointment she began to feel safe and comfortable the more time she spent at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Abenet’s congenital scoliosis was severe as she has several fused vertebra in her cervical and thoracic spine with two curves—one more than 100 degrees and the other more than 90 degrees. It was recommended that Abenet undergo halo traction and spinal release surgery. Those surgeries were followed by a Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR) rod implantation. All in August 2014. As Abenet grows, the rods are lengthened through a small incision in her back. This permits her spine to elongate and stretch a little bit at a time. This curved metal rod also helps separate her ribs so that there is enough space for her lungs to grow and stretch with each breath. Abenet has come a long way the past three years. She has become comfortable in the Hospital and turns into a “remote control hog” during her hospitalizations! She asks for her friend and Child Life Specialist, Heather, during each stay. Although she will require continuous medical attention, she is living life like any other fourth-grader and keeps her family busy with art, swimming, soccer and bike riding. Her parents stress that “children are resilient and stronger than we give them credit for!” Parents: Hilary & Jim McIntyre Siblings: Sean, Brittany, Maggie, Claire, Conor, James

Snoezelen Room Funded by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals The Snoezelen room is a multi-sensory environment allowing patients to reach out and explore their surroundings in a relaxing setting. The Snoezelen Room at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is the only one of its kind in north central Wisconsin.

Fun Facts about the Snoezelen Room • Snoezelen is a wonderful environment filled with sights, sounds, textures and aromas, used to stimulate, calm, relax or energize. • Snoezelen can be used as a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus, simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds and textures to the needs of the patient at the time of use. • Research has shown that Snoezelen rooms decrease stress and anxiety, provide pain distraction and increase overall happiness, often affording the participant and caregiver an opportunity to improve communications, enhance their understanding of each other and build trust in their relationship. • Snoezelen is not bound by specific professional discipline or therapy, rather it is a concept utilized as a resource to improve quality of life for people with disabilities and other limiting conditions. • The philosophy of the room is to give a non-directive approach—allowing patients to freely make their own choices.





Y106.5 Radiothon

2014 Campaign …

Brought to you live on Y106.5—it’s the Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are Radiothon! Get ready country fans, Y106.5 listeners and everyone who wants to help kids! The 2015 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Radiothon will take place December 10 & 11, 2015. Last year’s two-day broadcast was an incredibly inspiring event. Y106.5’s morning DJ, John Harry brought the NRG studios to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. The Y106.5 listeners pledged more than $51,280 toward helping kids in north central Wisconsin through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Throughout this year’s 13th annual broadcast, hosts will share stories of courage and triumph of the brave children who face medical struggles each day at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. The driving force behind the event is to help meet the needs of these children and their families. From the tiniest infant born months too soon, to the teenager battling cancer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is there to help make a difference. The live broadcast, which will take place in the Mother Frances Streitel Conference Center at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, features interviews of staff, children and families who have personally been helped by the outstanding medical care and equipment, provided in part by support from past Radiothon efforts. One hundred percent of the funds raised during the Radiothon will stay in the north central Wisconsin area to help meet the medical needs of local children. Tune in on December 10 & 11 to Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are!


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The 2014 Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Celebration is now a wrap, but the gifts given and the stories and memories shared are miracles for everyone involved. The final total raised during the 2014 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals campaign was revealed at the conclusion of the 19-hour live broadcast of the Celebration at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital on Sunday, June 1 in Marshfield. With great anticipation, hosts Melissa Langbehn, Bryon Graff and Nate Barrett announced an exciting sum of $736,097! The 2014 campaign theme was “Miracles on Saint Joseph Avenue.” During the Kick-off and Celebration, the Mother Frances Streitel Conference Center was transformed into a live telethon broadcast studio. Fitting for our “movie” stars. Cameras and lights created a glamorous atmosphere for everyone who attended. There were five miracle children introduced. Each one an unforgettable star. Harlie Pehlke of Merrill and her family recounted her journey as a preemie, born with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome and Hirschprung’s Disease; Hannah Vakoc of Wisconsin Rapids shared her devastating news of a Leukemia diagnosis and her triumphant fight against cancer; Matthew Freese of Marshfield showed us that Cerebral Palsy does not keep him from riding a specialized bike or driving a power wheelchair; Alia Rogers of Tomahawk, born with Down Syndrome and later diagnosed with autoimmune encephalopathy, continues to confront any challenges that come her way so she can enjoy her favorite activities of downhill skiing and snowmobiling; Garrett Hoff of Thorp loves to make people laugh, despite more than 19 surgeries to correct an injury to his leg after a lawnmower accident. For the past 26 years, thousands of people in north central Wisconsin have been inspired by the hundreds of local children who have been featured through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. During the 2014 campaign, we celebrated the storied lives of these amazing children, who continue to overcome medical challenges and show us that Miracles do happen on Saint Joseph Avenue.


Supporting Children in Our Local Communities

$2,500+ Donors BMO Harris Bank, Marshfield..................$2,500

Walmart #1828, Plover............................$5,899

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a national organization, founded in 1983 through the Osmond Foundation in Salt Lake City. Children’s Miracle Network is different than most national organizations because the local CMNH hospital controls how the funds are raised and distributed to help kids. With guidance from the national office, each of the 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals in the United States and Canada manages the funds that are raised in their CMNH area and maintains the fiscal responsibility of distributing the funds within their local hospital and community.

Security Health Plan................................$2,500

Valley Communities Credit Union............$5,935

Walmart #5444, Ironwood.......................$2,740

Walmart #2510, Minocqua.....................$6,209

Dairy Queen, Marshfield..........................$3,036

Land O’ Lakes..........................................$6,332

RE/MAX American Dream........................$3,100

Members’ Advantage Credit Union.........$6,385

Dental Clinic of Marshfield, S.C..............$3,250

Walmart #1672, Ashland.........................$6,656

RE/MAX New Horizons Realty................$3,275

Udder Mudder..........................................$7,939

Park City Credit Union..............................$3,282

Macdonald Family Charitable Trust.........$8,000

Walmart #3643, Medford........................$3,380

Walmart #2127, Wausau.........................$8,058

North Central Classics & Customs..........$3,500

Walmart #3245, Hayward........................$8,136

Boogie and the Yo-Yo’z Spring Fling ...................................... $3,534

Walmart #2813, Marshfield....................$8,418

During the 2014 fundraising campaign, north central Wisconsin businesses, organizations and special friends donated thousands of dollars to benefit children in north central Wisconsin through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize those organizations that donated $2,500 or more:

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals program at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital helps children by funding programs, services and treatment for sick and injured children as well as support programs that seek to prevent injuries and promote healthy lifestyles. In addition, CMNH programs help children regardless of the type of disease or injury—all children are important and can benefit from your gifts to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Finally, all administrative costs associated with the operation and production of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are underwritten by Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital as well as local and national sponsors so that 100% of your contributions can be used for the purpose you donated it—to help kids.

Family & Friends of Shannon L. Hall ................................ $3,568

Counties that are included in our north central Wisconsin CMNH area include: Adams, Ashland, Bayfield, Clark, Forest, Gogebic (Michigan), Iron, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Portage, Price, Sawyer, Taylor, Vilas and Wood. If you would like more information about the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals affiliated with other Wisconsin counties, please contact the CMNH office at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital or check out the state map at


The Lure Bar & Grill – Polar Bear Jump..................................$8,476 Woodruff Ace Hardware........................$10,000

Walmart #3268, Antigo ..........................$3,628

Ministry Health Care..............................$11,250

Walmart #1366, Merrill .........................$3,734 Solarus .................................................. $4,000

Wisconsin Valley Chapter of Credit Unions.....................................$11,950

Dairy Queen, Wisconsin Rapids..............$4,080

Log a Load for Kids...............................$13,160

Mary Stahel Memorial Pool Tournament..................................$4,100

The Samuels Group, Inc........................$13,289

Lonely Few Motorcycle Club...................$4,255

Credit Union Miracle Day......................$17,667

Wausau Academy of Dance....................$4,500

Robert Gwidt – Junkin’ for Kids............$19,600

DQ Grill & Chill – Stevens Point..............$4,554

Walmart #1202, Wisconsin Rapids......$25,432

Papa Joe’s Snoopy Pole Classic.............$4,568 Central City Credit Union.........................$4,823

Kolor for Kids (Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids).............................$27,062

Partners with Saint Joseph’s Hospital....$5,000

Chill Out at the Thirsty Whale...............$31,006

Pioneer Bank............................................$5,000

Ronald McDonald House Charities.......$33,000

Walmart #1931, Rhinelander..................$5,210

Y106.5 Radiothon .................................$51,280

Extra Life Gaming Marathon ..................$5,646

Miracle Fest 2014..................................$65,707

Sam’s Club #6535, Wausau..................$15,860

Boogie to the Beat – Thrivent Financial.................................$5,775

THANK YOU … From all of us at the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network




2014 CMNH Fund Disbursement The following projects were made possible due to the many donors to our 2014 Children’s Miracle Network campaign (January – December 2014).

Child Life Program ($307,830) The Child Life team focuses on the emotional and developmental needs of children and families in the Hospital & Clinic setting; using play and other forms of communication to reduce the stress associated with being a child in the Hospital or having invasive outpatient procedures.

Pediatric Nitrous Oxide Sedation ($30,000)

Peri-anesthesia Care Unit Pediatric Rooms ($9,295)

Pediatric Sedation Services provides children and families with pain relief, sedation and prevention of trauma for children undergoing diagnostic testing and invasive procedures. The use of sedation helps reduce the anxiety of these procedures.

Pediatric-friendly remodel for the PACU.

Music Therapy Program for Pediatrics, PICU & NICU ($58,016)

Colposcope for Pediatric Sexual Assault – Emergency Department ($21,170)

Board certified music therapist skilled in pain management and assessment through musical techniques.

Specialized equipment for examination of sexually assaulted children.

Special Needs Fund ($40,000) Financial assistance for individual families with special needs children with medical requirements.

Supplemental Disease Specific Restricted Funds – Marshfield Clinic ($37,000) Providing funds for pediatric disease specific research.

Child Life Program Supplies ($35,000) Supplying toys, activities, distraction and educational tools for the Child Life team to benefit sick and injured children.

NICU Transport IV Syringe Pump Replacement Project ($34,995) IV syringe pumps to be used while providing transport of critically ill neonates and infants less than 5 kg.


p r i n g

2 0 1 5

eImagine Preparation App for Electronic Devices – Child Life ($17,200) The app incorporates a child-friendly interface with multimedia to help children better understand the process of being diagnosed and undergoing treatment, while giving parents an educational foundation in the child’s disease.

Child Passenger Safety – Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital ($12,500) Providing appropriate car seat restraints for infants and children, while educating and supporting the community car seat check events.

Rental Assistance for Families – Ronald McDonald House ($10,000) Assistance for families unable to meet the $5 a-night stay at Ronald McDonald House.

Pediatric Surgery Equipment ($8,568) Retractor system, pediatric laparoscope set and high definition camera.

SWANK Movie Channel ($4,346) Age-appropriate movies for children on the Pediatric Unit at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.

Airway Manikins for Pediatric Simulation Programs – Marshfield Clinic ($2,975) Gaumard airway trainers. These trainers used to teach providers airway management skills for the pediatric population.

Child Transport Restraints – Marshfield Fire & Rescue ($1,080) Pediatric restraint system used for transporting pediatric patients safely in an ambulance. The system attaches to the ambulance cot and provides safe control during transport.

Breast Pumps – Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital ($1,000) Providing breast pumps through a rental program to encourage the use of breast milk for infants.


The board and staff of the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital Brian Kief, President Jerry Meissner, Chair Jim Weix, Vice Chair Pat Wesenberg, Secretary/Treasurer Layton Anderson Jim Banks John Baur Roberta DeVetter Sister M. Barbara Hollweck Melissa Kampmann Kevin Koehler Jill Meilahn, DO John Przybylinski, MD Athanasios Soskos, MD Jody Day Angie Guralski Iilee Pederson Patti Shafto-Carlson Amanda Vandehey

You can now support the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) by donating online. Visit and click the Donate Now button. 100 percent of your donation will go toward supporting CMNH programs and local children in north central Wisconsin. We truly appreciate your support!

Stay in the know! Want to be the first to hear about upcoming Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals events, promotions and miracle stories? Our local CMNH Facebook page also features pictures from events and more. Like us on Facebook using the title: CMNHNorthCentralWis Sign-up for our local CMNH eNewsletter by visiting


Events Benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals There are many events scheduled throughout the year that benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Thanks to many businesses, organizations and sponsors, the calendar fills up quickly with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals activities. Please check the CMNH website at on a regular basis for an up-to-date calendar of events. If you are planning an event, or wish to plan an event that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, an application form must be submitted and approved. Please keep in mind that all events benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals must uphold the mission, vision and values of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital. The application and guidelines are available at the CMNH website or call the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals office at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

715.387.9965 or 800.428.5000 (Wis. only)

Leaving a Legacy Many individuals give gifts annually to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These donations are greatly appreciated. Another easy way to make a difference and at the same time leave a legacy is by making a contribution through a bequest or devise. A bequest is a gift of cash or stock and a devise is a gift of real estate— both of which are made through your will or trust to a charity, such as the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In addition, a bequest or devise can be a way to reflect the individuality of one’s life—a testimonial about the people and the values that they have come to know as important. There are several ways in which a person can make a bequest or devise, such as a cash contribution, stocks, real estate, life insurance, annuities, etc. Each gift type has different financial ramifications, so it is important to seek professional advice from an attorney or financial advisor before making final decisions. There is also a specific way to restrict your planned gift to ensure your donation is helping children in north central Wisconsin. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a part of the Foundation of Saint

Joseph’s Hospital of Marshfield. As such, donations need to be stated as follows. 1. For a specific dollar amount. “I give to the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Marshfield, Wisconsin, restricted to Children’s Miracle Network, (“$amount.”) to be used for its exempt purposes.” 2. To specify certain property, “I give the following (identify particular item of real estate and/or stock) to the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Marshfield, Wisconsin restricted to Children’s Miracle Network to be used for its exempt purposes.” 3. To give all or part of the residue of the estate, “All (or a percent) of the residue of my estate, I give to the Foundation of Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Marshfield, Wisconsin, restricted to Children’s Miracle Network to be used for its exempt purposes.” Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals welcomes financial bequests to help meet its mission. By providing a planned gift to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, you will help children in the north central Wisconsin area lead healthier and happier lives. For further information about making a bequest or devise, see your financial advisor.






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