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IIJT IIJT, a premiere institute truly believes in building skills and providing in depth practical knowledge coupled with the classroom theories. The institute provides dynamic multidisciplinary courses in the field of finance or accounting. The courses enhance the analytical skills and problem solving abilities of the students. Such a teaching methodology provides adequate exposure to various situations in the real world. The institute started in the year 2006 and now boasts of 120 centres across the globe. The principal objectives of IIJT include commitment to quality delivery, robust infrastructure and a vast pool of learning resources. Strong ties with the industry play a pivotal role in IIJT’s success. In 2010, IIJT signed on to become part of the India’s No.1 staffing company, TeamLease. Due to this partnership with the placement powerhouse, IIJT has access to a vast employment network. Today IIJT-Teamlease is one of the very few sought after companies with an ability and desire to put people to work and let the best come out of their creative and intelligent minds. The company strongly believes in viewing every individual as an extremely potential resource. They believe and instill professional values like teamwork, transparency, consistency and hard work. IIJT has created a system called as the Centre Operating Management System (COMS) that leads to online management of day – to – day centre level operations. The basic function of COMS is to track every student through the entire period from enrolment, training sessions, progress, results achieved to the exit status. The COMS is linked to Teamlease’s Candidate Lifestyle System for placements and also the Customer Relationship Management System. The institute has created an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) which is combined with the schedule and COMS. IIJT boasts of partnerships with the reputed training course development and certifying government bodies to provide relevant and recognized information to the students. The idea of such a system is to supplement classroom and satellite training to create a learning experience of higher efficiency and effectiveness. IIJT also boasts of an Examination Management System for exams being conducted online. This process is centrally controlled and transparent. IIJT ensures transparent and consistent value for money on its offering for students across all the centres. The company now boasts of over 70,000 employees in 800 different locations, Such a huge network and the transparent services speak for the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

IIJT: Building Skills Building India  

IIJT, a premiere institute truly believes in building skills and providing in depth practical knowledge coupled with the classroom theories....