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brand standards guide

branding guide introduction this branding guide is a tool which helps ensure that design quality and standards are maintained. this will strengthen the foundation of the brand by bringing a sense of connection between the business and the logo. upholding these design standards will bring recognizability to your brand. visibility, legibility and consistency of use are key to the success of the hellomellow brand identity.


table of contents identit y primary logo..............................3-8 color palet te color palette ............................ 9-10 black and white versions............ 11-12 design elements circles and fronds ..................... 13-14. logo usage

sizing for print and web............ 15-16 clear space............................. 17-18 incorrect usages...................... 19-20

t ypography

typefaces for print....................21-22 typefaces for web....................23-24

photography product and alternate...............25-26 lifestyle...................................27-28

brand snapshot ............................ 29-30

hellomellow brand guide


identit y the primar y logo hellomellow’s logo has many uses based upon need. please use this guideline to maintain consistency.


primar y 1-color

primar y 1-color reverse

hellomellow brand guide


identit y the primar y logo - no frond hellomellow’s logo has many uses based upon need. please use this guideline to maintain consistency.

this logo is for use when the fronds will be too small for print.


primar y 1-color

primar y 1-color reverse

hellomellow brand guide


identit y the logo with tagline not used as frequently the logo does occasionally use a tagline lock-up.


secondar y 1-color

secondar y 1-color reverse

hellomellow brand guide


color palet te

main color palet te thellomellow has a large palette but the primary hellomellow color is revitalize. t he primary colour palette should only be used as solid colours. They should never blend or lay on top of each other. only white can be knocked out of the solid colour. the logo can be knockout of any of these colors.


revitalize pantone = 390c c myk = 22,0,100,8

warm grey 10c (text) pantone = 10c cmyk = 0,14,28,55

uplift pantone =123c cmyk = 0,24,94,0

rejuvenate pantone = 144c cmyk = 0,48,100,0

relax pantone = 297c cmyk = 49,1,0,0

balance pantone =264c cmyk = 26,28,0,0

empower pantone = 327c cmyk = 100,0,44,17

arouse pantone =1795c cmyk = 0,94,100,0

unwind pantone =209c cmyk = 0,100,34,53

preggo/kiddo pantone = 1645c cmyk = 0,49,66,0

fellow pantone =4625c cmyk = 0,60,100,79

hellomellow brand guide


color palet te

black & white logo when printing in black and white, the primary logo may be used in 1-color black, ideally on a white or very light background. If the logo must appear on a non-solid background, the background must not be so busy as to impede on the clarity and legibility of the logo (please use your best judgement).

reverse logo a 1-color reverse logo is available to use when printing 1-color on a dark background.


primar y 1-color

primar y 1-color reverse

hellomellow brand guide


design elements

circles the hellomellow circles represent the main product line, the original stepping stones of the brand. they are used to flood the back of certain collateral or at the bottom of a page.

fronds the dandy fronds are used randomly to pepper any sell sheets or documents.


circles/ circular pattern

additional tagline

hellomellow brand guide


logo usage

minimum size the logo can be enlarged proportionally to any size, however for ideal legibility in print, the primary logo without fronds cannot shrink smaller than .75 inch. primary logo with tagline logo cannot shrink below 1.825 inches wide. primary logo with fronds only cannot shrink below 1.5 inches wide The primary logo cannot shrink below 65 pixels.


print 300 dpi







web 72 dpi

131 px


hellomellow brand guide


logo usage

clearspace it is essential to maintain the clear space around the logo in order to maximize clear recognition and visual impact. this area of isolation protects the logo from impeding imagery, graphics and page trim.


x x

x x


x x

x x

hellomellow brand guide


logo usage

incorrect uses 1. d  o not place the logo on a colored background that is not part of the specified color palette. 2. d  o not use the logo in any other color except black and white or one of the colors specified in the palette. 3. do not stretch or condense. 4. d  o not allow the background color that the logo is placed on be any smaller than the minimum white space that should surround it. 5. d  o not alter elements within the logo individually or mix and match color combinations within the logo.







hellomellow brand guide


t ypography

primar y & secondar y t ypefaces in print futura demi should be used for all headlines primarily in sentence case. futura book should be used for all body copy.

hellomellow uses lowercase type at all times.

label fonts for ingredient usage use helvetica regular


futura demi abcdefghi jklmnopqrs tuvwxyz 123456789

futura book abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

helvetica regular abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

hellomellow brand guide


t ypography

web t ypefaces headline/banners should be in futura helvetica should be used for all headlines primarily in sentance case. ariel is used for body copy.


futura medium abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

helvetica abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

ariel abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789

hellomellow brand guide



product photography individual products, gift sets or sets should be photographed on white, with light shadowing.

alternate product photography for outside of the web and for use on banners, printed materials and other collateral. these are the shots that describe the brand style and feel.


product specific shots

product lifestyle shots

hellomellow brand guide



lifest yle photography lifestyle photography is dependent on the product and blend it is representing. the photos should represnt healthy, happy, glowing people.


hellomellow brand guide


brand snapshot

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keeping the whole family mellow

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hellomellow brand guide


Produced by ( iii ) DESIGN, inc San Luis Obispo, California

Copyright Š 2012 hellomellow No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the permission of author. All rights reserved. This book was created using the blurb creative publishing service.

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