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Parichay B-Schools





strangers meet and know each other in

traditions run high in B-Schools. When

these 10 days. Sometimes they even wake

you are a B-School with a legacy of 50

up at 2 a.m. in the morning in their quest

golden years, these traditions hold a lot

to know their batch mates better. It's not

more value. The first two days in IIFT, pre-

just about knowing each other but also

registration were dull and illusionary.

about realising how fortunate you are to

People thought seniors don't care much

be a part of a batch which has people with

and probably you are on your own here.

such diverse qualities and enriching life-

Life seemed so relaxed with plenty of time

experiences. During these days the new

on hand to do your daily chores and

batch learns the importance of the

explore the area. It's at the time of

naming conventions, punctuality, dressing

registration that you feel the legacy for

and making your voice heard. All this

the first time. Each one of us proudly

while you enjoy playing treasure-hunt,

flaunting the IIFT bag with 50 golden years

business games and ad-mad.

written on it. Post registration is the customary speeches where the Director makes you realise that each one of the 226 individuals here have competed against 70,000 others to reach here. After the interaction with the faculty is the first time you interact with your seniors. This is where all myths bust, traditions kick-in and your b-school life begin in true sense. The 10 days that follow teach you what lasts for your stay here and even after. Each and every moment of these 10 days is made use of. It is used to inculcate into you the IIFT way of






You also learn the traditions in these days. "Go IIFT Go", GAS and "Top of the World" are ingrained into you. You are also assigned your buddy's towards the end. This is when you realise how cool the Life@IIFT is. Your buddy's are also your mentors and help you sail your boat in the first year.The official ending of these 10 days of extravaganza is also a long tradition. A tradition that baptizes you as a B-Schooler. These 10 days are a roller coaster ride which creates memories that last you a lifetime. Ten days that feels like ten weeks. By the end of it you are a part

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT