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but its primary building block -- fun -- was

1972 up to modern day Call of Duty, they

motivating billions of consumers around the world. This term was then coined by Nick Pelling in 2002. In 2008, the first documented use of the term gamification was used in a blog post by Bret Terrill. In 2009, foursquare released and the gamification have had every piece of data about how

“blueprint” of badges, leader boards and

users work and behave in their systems,

points is born. In 2011, the term becomes

and they've been able to use that data to

really popular. It’s added to Gartner’s

get players to perform better. The most

hype cycle.

important elements of games that are Why and How Gamification Works

used for Gamification are competition and

Next question which comes to our mind is

reward system. Reward system is given to

why Gamification works? It works all

player for accomplishing certain tasks. The

because of people’s natural desire to

rewards are in the form of loyalty points,



filling of progress bars, badges, virtual

Gamification via games leverages all these

money etc. Competition is another way

desires in a human. Games feed our

which gives the player a motivation to

obsession with our own behaviour. They

defeat the other or to be on the top of the

give us feedback, scoreboards, lap times,

leader board

weapon selections, stats. The more we

Enterprise Gamification



understand about our own behaviour, the Now a days, many of the fortune 2000

more we want to know and the more we

companies are preferring Gamification in

want to change it. A player lives in a

achieving their business objectives and it

virtual world for some time, feels the urge

is predicted that 70% of the top 2,000

to succeed, while learning, doing tasks or

global organizations, will use gamified

research at the same time. "Game

applications for marketing, employee

designers have known how to do this for a

performance, training, and health care by

long time. All the way back from Pong in 25

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT