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the many eclectic mixes of batches to

have a doubt, they’ll say so. Having good

have studied at IIFT.

professors certainly helps.

It’s time for a five-minute break before

In the International Trade logistics class,

the class resumes again. Ask any student

the students are watching a video about

here about these little breaks and he/she

the nuances of loading cows and buffaloes

will tell you how important these five

in a Livestock carrier. They are in awe of

minutes are for them to refresh and gear

the size of the ship and the sheer scale of

up for the next hour of the intense class


that’s going to follow. A coffee or chai

“Did you ever load cattle?”- One of the

combined with a little chit-chat is all they

students sitting next to me asked.

need before they scamper back to the class. What makes these breaks all the

“No, only containers”, I happily replied

more precious is that they’re subject to

feeling good about them seeming to

the professor’s mood. You certainly

appreciate what I did for a living before

cherish such things more.

coming here. The






One of the students has a query. It’s about

unwavering focus on their international

the assignment problem in derivatives

aspects is one of the best things at IIFT,

market. He’s probably unsure about

apart from the dhabas out front and back

whether it was the buyer’s option or


seller’s in the case being discussed. The

international dissection. You can’t just

professor is a veteran. He smiles even as

afford to keep the world out anymore. It

he listens intently to the doubt.

is how the world is out there. It’s how you





must learn it here before you’re launched

This is a quite familiar scene for IIFTians.

out there.

The questions range from asking the rationale behind the new commercial of a

It seems like one of the good days as I

leading soap brand to understanding the

don’t have an evening class. “What are

pricing for currency futures. Students are

the options?” -I think. Well, for one, I

never tired of asking questions. If they

could go to the gym, or, I could play table tennis or go to the nearby sports complex 17

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT