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Our IIFT It’s a race against time.

crossing Mehrauli Nursery and as you enter the Qutab Institutional area, there is

The first thing that comes to my mind

this sudden drop in temperature which is

these days as I am coming to terms with

impossible to miss. My friends and I have

my final year at IIFT is the 9:15 class. If I

had many experiences of chilly breeze

get up at 8-30, I’ll be ready in time and

lashing our faces along this particular

with some luck, will even be able to have

stretch during the months of November


and December when we used to come But of course, there is the luck factor

back after a nice evening out.


The professor’s voice brings me back to

As I half walk half run to my class, I realise

the class. I look around to see the faces

not much has changed in the past one

around me. Some of these bear a tired

year. Just-In-Time isn’t just a management

look, some look charged up, but all of

jargon is what I’ve come to realise as I

them have one thing in common- a warm

“deliver” JIT performances day in and day

smile as your eyes meet theirs. And why

out at IIFT- the dream college of many a

not, after all some of us are seeing each

aspiring souls year after year.

other after as long as six months thanks to exchange programs and internships that

That reminds me of the fact that the new

followed. The shyness and nervousness of

batch is going to walk in less than a week

last year when we first met each other is

from now. It seems like yesterday when I

nowhere to be seen. We’re here now. We

walked into this college with a bagful of

belong here, with each other.

aspirations, hope and luggage. Delhi seemed a little too hot back then and I

A quick question- what happens when you

was wondering how was I going to survive

create a mix of bright doctors, engineers,

the sweltering heat but that was before I

commerce graduates, economics majors,

began to appreciate the advantages of

fashion graduates, science graduates and

being right next to Sanjay Van. Sanjay Van

sailors in a plush yet green and quiet

is God’s special gift to IIFT. In the

corner of the national capital? Any

evenings, you take the first left turn after

guesses? It’s quite simple. You get one of 16

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT

Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT